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TRUEPLAY - Platforms To Create And Support Gambling Projects

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Greetings Community,

Trueplay is a platform for creating and supporting gambling projects. TruePlay is based on the use of its own WinCoin token (WNC), which will provide a complete reciprocal completion sequence between all platform participants. Trueplay is not a gambling provider, but it only provides licensed gambling projects that have access to its software (Software-as-a-service).

Using the TruePlay platform to create their own projects, gambling companies receive a complete set of solutions: game integration, payment receipts, payments, legal support, technical support.

Gamblers get full payment transparency and 100% reliability of their games.

TruePlay offers to increase the speed of the game through storing all the logic of gambling transactions on the platform server (offchain) and using blockchain as a Fairplay system by publishing it before the game begins only from a series of previously made game games for game players.
  • Simplify understanding of Fairplay models for gamblers
  • Apply a method of random numbers that are tested on the platform
  • Eliminating the possibility of disrupting RNG operations by intruders

TruePlay-based casino revenue is generated from bets in casino games. As in standard online casinos and in real casinos, the main advantage of project owners in TruePlay solutions is revenue from game material expectations.
Platform work, which is transparent due to the use of blockchain, is very attractive to participants.


rotation is stored on the platform only in the encrypted data storage and is never stored or sent in an open form.
Approved industry standards (AES-256 and better) are used for encryption.
All data transmitted between data storage and platform is secured by the use of SSL at the network level.


Due to transparency and the fundamental impossibility to change the recorded data, In blockchain. To help solve the problem described above:
Blockchain-based solutions allow gamblers to track all transaction history and availability of funds in an agency's wallet enough to pay a victory.
Outcome independence from gamblers made by gamblers: the early generations of a series of pre-game rounds starting with storing hashes in blockchains make it possible to ensure the legitimacy of gambling bets for gamblers.
Verify every round: so the gambler does not have to rely on institutional honesty during the game and does not check postfactum results, the next round hash is available optionally for him in the game in every dozen even before bets are made
Automatic withdrawal gives the gambler a guarantee that the gambling project will not withhold payment


TruePlay offers to increase the speed of the game through storing all the logic of gambling transactions on the platform server (offchain) and using blockchain as a Fairplay system by publishing it before the game starts just a hash of a series of game rounds previously made for the gambler.

  • No need to pay to integrate the game into your project
  • Possibility to receive legal payments worldwide
  • No need to control financial flows, contracts with payment systems, provide financial support to customers TOKEN LOGIC.

TruePlay is based on the use of WinCoin token itself (WNC ERC20), which will provide a complete reciprocal completion sequence between all platform participants.

Casino owners will use tokens to form their bank to settle with gamblers, affiliates and game providers. Gamblers use tokens to make bets, deposits, and withdrawals. This collective ecosystem will allow for the open and transparent history of open and transparent payments and settlements accessible to all participants.

The plan is to integrate the possibility to purchase a cryptocurrency token in WinCoin Wallet. Going forward, plan to capitalize on the possibility of buying WinCoin for paper money. It is also planned to place WinCoin in the affiliate market.

TruePlay implies WinCoin participation in the complete completion cycle

WinCoin Wallet will be a WinCoin store, where users initially register and use at all stages of joint completion:
  • Uniform registration of all users in WinCoin Wallet
  • To ensure joint settlement rates, deposits and withdrawals at the casino will be made directly at WinCoin Wallet.
  • Instant gambling authorization at CASINO will be done using WinCoin Wallet (gamblers do not need to register in CASINO, just to be the owner of the WinCoin token).
  • Total token emissions will reach 70,000,000.


Initial WinCoin Sales
1300 WNC / 1.2 ETH
Phase 1 of WinCoin Token Sale
1200 WNC / 1.2 ETH

Phase 2 Sales of WinCoin Tokens
1100 WNC / 1.2 ETH

Phase 3 Sales of WinCoin Tokens
1000 WNC / 1.2 ETH

ETH WinCoin Purse
WinCoin Wallet Core has been developed

ETH receipt has been enabled
BTC receipt has been activated
Smart contract for the release and management of WNC and Backoffice for intelligent contract management
API for deposit and payment with WinCoin Wallet in casino has been developed
WinCoin Wallet user interface
User registration / authorization
API for authentication on external projects using WinCoin Wallet has been developed.

MVP Tools:

WinCoin Wallet (

Authorization and registration
An overview of the status of the wallet, balance, transaction history
Buy WinCoin for Bitcoin and Ethereal
Transfer WinCoin to another wallet
The API for automated authorization uses a wallet on a platform-connected project
API for WinCoin auto deposit and withdrawal in projects connected to the platform
TruePlay MVP Casino:

Authorization using WinCoin Wallet
Added an instant account from WinCoin Wallet
Instant withdrawal to WinCoin Wallet
More than 60 games can be played for WinCoin
Integrated Game Providers: Control
Spinomenal integrity uses blockchain technology.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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