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TRADELIZE -Your Laser Sword In Cryptocurrency Trading

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Your laser sword in Cryptocurrency Trading An ecosystem where ProTrader gets a unique trading toolset and investors achieve the same investment results as the best ProTrader.


Regular cryptocurrency holders will be able to produce the equivalent of adult pro.

Tradelize Terminal
Direct Market Access software solutions with easy and accessible interface for trading on major global crypto currency exchanges

Tradelize Web
One good environment that offers investors the opportunity to follow the strategies used by top-class professional traders

Tradelize app
A simple app that can make a layman a successful crypto investor with just a few beats

Our business model is to allocate 80% of the funds collected through ICO to engage the most successful traders and create the most effective investment and asset management approach. During the ICO period, the top Tradelize.score rank will be filled by the best ProTrader, which will be awarded up to $ 500K to be managed in order to develop the best strategy and trade and provide the best opportunities for future investors.




Tradelize.Terminal is the first revolutionary first DMA (Direct Market Market) self-contained software solution with an easy and accessible interface to trade in the world's major crypto currency exchange, providing all the crypto economic liquidity it offers. Made by merchants for merchants with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING


Arbitrage finder
Simultaneous tracking of the preset crypto price pair on all major exchanges

Level 2
Display the depth of liquidity for all major crypto exchanges in one place or separately for each exchange

Portfolio view
Observe all your trades, profits, and balances in your preferred fiat or cryptocurrency

Complete interface customization
Set up a number of tools, scales, or groups and automatically save your layout

Risk management tools
Various risk management arrangements for individual use
and company

SMART order
Be sure to choose the best execution price and liquidity offered by the main crypto exchange

Comparison table
A comparison table for pricing on the main crypto exchange, across all crypto currencies

Sorting function
Sorting function for all crypto pairs (based on price, volume, and number)

Filter internally
Internal filters HIGH, LOW, The best% change, with volatility and by liquidity, allows traders to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market

Multi-screen terminal
Spread your work across multiple monitors

All news feeds
All news feeds in one place, with filters for a particular pair, allow the trader to focus on a single trading terminal

Connect wallet
Connect a wallet from a different crypto exchange, or have one account at Tradelize.brokerage

Tradelize.web one of our neighborhoods offers investors the opportunity to follow the strategies used by top-class professional traders using Tradelize.score - a unique database and ranking system that contains 100% verified performance results.

ProTrader database and ranking system with verified performance 100% encrypted in blockchain

Web Trading Platform
Designed to attract curious investors and provide instant access to crypto trading from any browser

Trade & Investment Report
Extensive toolset to monitor one's trading and investment statistics

Portfolio Management
Summary of Crypto asset allocation and extensive toolset for risk management.

User Lay

Tradelize mobile apps here to give you access to quick and simple trades on the go. You'll be able to manage your accounts easily, browse ProTrader, and quickly replicate their trading strategies - all with just a few taps on your mobile device. Easy and effective.


Daily Volume
Crypto Market Volume: 35B
NYSE: 100B
Foreign exchange: 5T
There are many crypto market participants who will greatly welcome the opportunity to use professional toolkits, which are based on mature market strategies and that give ordinary people an easy way to enter the game.

Taking into account the current market dynamics and infrastructure development, experts expect the crypto market to reach the $ 2 trillion limit by 2018 and grow further in the coming years.



To charge:
Fees on profits generated
by copycat trades
Trade fees
Other trading related services

To benefit:


In referral system, users can earn referral bonuses by inviting other users to Tradelize. 10% of all commissions, fees and referrals bonuses generated by new users will be shared with their original inviter.



Funds will be allocated among the best ProTraders based on Tradelize.Score designed on blockchain technology.


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