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TIHOSAY - Allow Customers to Purchase Around the World With Confidence

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TIHOSAY leads the world of cryptocurrency into the future by solving a big problem for the user: turning their cryptocurrency into a spendable capital. Using TIHOSAY debit cards, consumers can convert their cryptocurrency to local fiat and withdraw from ATM, or they can conveniently use their debit card at the store or online. Along with the ease of use associated with TIHOSAY debit cards, consumers also have other benefits. These include inheritance systems that generate unique code for heirs that are registered in unfortunate events of user negligence. TIHOSAY has an established network of trusted merchants and affiliates to enable customers to purchase worldwide confidently. All of these benefits, and more, are available at industry-leading low cost and available by creating a TIHOSAY account.

The intended purpose for this information is to construct the TIHOSAY project. TIHOSAY is a token that meets the ERC-20 using the ETHEREUM substructure. The benefits of TIHOSAY from the many advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem. Here, all details such as Card, Stock Exchange, ICO Request, Trusted Traders Credits, Affiliates, Inheritance, ICO details, Team, Street Map, and Terms of Use for TIHOSAY are described.

Token TIHOSAY is the first ico project connected directly to the exchange, so we can easily make a purchase and sale of tokens after ico is finished and not waiting long And feature quite nice feature that you can see by yourself in web https: / / And also has a unique paper:

Buy and sell transactions can be realized instantly at TIHOSAY EXCHANGE with TIHOSAY VISA® DEBIT CARD. You can make direct transactions by transferring money on your card to the stock exchange or you can use the money in the stock exchange directly in your cash and shop online / offline by transferring it to your card. PTHOSAY liquid pool actively used for all transactions take place quickly and smoothly.

Cryptocurrency has all the prerequisites for being a viable replacement for money over the Internet, allowing millions of customers, including merchants, new companies, businesses, charities, etc. And individuals who do not have a bank account to gain access to the most technologically advanced payment method. For this reason, at TIHOSAY we have designed the Eco-Life concept, a seamless digital economy system suitable for cryptocurrency users. The Eco-Life aims to eliminate the challenges faced by the online payment industry through:

You can convert your ETH / BTC / ETC / LTC / XRP / NEO / DASH / XMR / ZEC assets safely, quickly and easily to FIAT with excellent interbank conversion rates. You can easily send your assets as local currency in other countries.

Serving goods and services in e-Commerce and Trader Platforms; Enhance a merchant community that accepts crypto as the most preferred method of payment through TIHOSAY; Develop a living market with related services and products cryptocurrency; Integrating public cryptocurrency exchange into TIHOSAY; Provide competitive payment solutions for industries such as games, real estate, etc. With direct funds deposition enabled on TIHOSAY; Cash-out cryptocurrency via TIHOSAY prepaid card. The list of potential industries, which can take advantage of TIHOSAY is literally unlimited and can not be fully defined. Just like the internet, which can not be closed, the TIHOSAY Platform is likely to be a 'live' project, or 'smart contracts without expiration dates' that can withstand many technological and social changes.

TIHOSAY Exchange allows all users to participate in the affiliate system. It shares 50% of the fees earned from the purchase and sale transactions of each new user signing up with a custom created invitation address. (50% of the total cost paid by invited users is provided to invite users at no additional cost.)

Initial contributions will be rewarded with a more favorable level of tokens exchanged than ICO. Pricing and bonus information below:

1 THO = 0,0006 ETH (fixed price)
Minimum investment: 25 ETH

  • 10% for 35-100 ETH
  • 20% for 101-200 ETH
  • 25% for 201-400 ETH
  • 30% for 401 + ETH

THO maximum for initial investor = 5,000,000


All users downloading the TIHOSAY app from the Windows, iOS and Android marketplace can control all transactions with a single wallet. - You can buy and sell on TIHOSAY Exchange in the same wallet. - You can transfer money as FIAT to your card.

You will make your Exchange and Card transactions from one wallet and one app in 3 steps. You can give instructions for automatic transfer when your card falls below the limit you set and use it online / offline whenever you want. You can make transactions on TIHOSAY Exchange by transferring money to your card with wire transfer. You can access many features like Card Holds, PIN Changes, Detail Sharing and Automatic Payment Orders through the TIHOSAY app.


Token Amount 10,000,000 THO
March 25 - April 3, 2018 Bonus Max 40%
UP TO 50
THTH + 15% 51-100 ETH + 20%
101-150 ETH + 25%
OVER150 ETH + 40%


Token Total 35,000,000 THO
Dates 9-18 Aprl 2018 Bonus Max 30%
UP TO 50
THTH + 10% 51-100 ETH + 15%
101-150 ETH + 20%
OVER150 ETH + 30%


Token Total 7,000,000 THO
April 19-28, 2018 Bonus Max 20%
UP TO 50
THTH + 5% 51-100 ETH + 10%
101-150 ETH + 15%
OVER150 ETH + 20%


Token Amount 13,000,000 THO
29 Aprl - 08 May 2018 Max Bonus 10%
UP TO 50
THTH + 5% 51-100 ETH + 10%


TIHOSAY Ideas Created Q1 2017
Research and Formation TimQ3 2017
Card Design TIHOSAY and Pre-Agreement Q4 2017
ICO begins Q1 2018
Rapid Growth From Entire Platform Q2 2018
ITHOSAY's Exchange and Applications is OperationalQ3 2018
VISA® Fund Liquid Pool FormationQ4 2018
ITHOSAY CardsQ4 2018 Distribution.

For more information and join Tihosay social media please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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