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TATICOIN - Easy To Do Live Dumping Quickly, Professionally, And Secretly


Greetings Community,

TATTI ICO is here and I'm not so excited that more people find out how to have some Tatti. I think I should share some so you know the importance of it. See it may not be a big deal to you, but in Asia it means so much more than I can explain! So you can help me promote it & get some TATTI for yourself too by participating in Super bounty program! (why super? because it stands out.Also its 20%)

Just like any other project, this is a very high risk project. No rookie or random teacher is needed which means more for all. There is a 2% chance that someone will buy this coin, but 98% will have fun.

The main mission of this platform

It now allows everyone around the world to bring Blockchain transactions into everyday life to make the concept of technology more global. With TATTI Currency, users can easily perform live dumping quickly, professionally, and confidentially. With TATTI, people have the flexibility to find a suitable place to provide "gold." With the help of rogue bionetwork switch bids mergers and joint ventures that will enable them to handle large-scale transactions, which, as I know, know that every living entity knows the importance of this.

The brains behind these new features, ensuring that a greater percentage of the world's population used cryptocurrency in transactions and relationships with each other without restrictions or chauvinism. As a result, the Millennium Concept developer is represented by TATTI, which is the inventor of universal and adaptive excavations. TATTI can set an example in a book based on evacuation, because it's programmed. The usual output operation is implemented as a function module, which is abstracted from the shell responsible for the installation operation. Next, Bcash, Ripple, Verge, etc.

These can all be represented in TATTI by applying appropriate connection points to the network layer. Most importantly, TATTI supports Meta updates, which can evolve in protocols by changing their own systems. To achieve this objective, TATTI begins with a seed protocol that defines procedures for co-authors to approve changes to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself. This is unlike the nomenclature of the philosopher Peter Suber [3], a game built around many contemplative rules. Other than that,

TATTI will work on 3 principles.

First, the derivation must be really peer-to-peer - there is no need for a third party. For thousands of years, we exchange values ​​directly with the skills or services of others; a third party is a compromise.

Second, true meritocracy will provide the best experience for all users; the best providers should get the best and must charge the maximum fee for their services.

The third is that careful design can be used to fulfill the promise of quality, and the interface can provide a seamless experience between the digital world and the real world. With these principles, we invest time and money
realize this vision. From concept in 1990, development in 2015 and the success of the decline fell softly in 2017 in the form of small damages damaged, the TATTI project is provided.

The Block-Chain protocol can be broken down into three different protocols:
  • The network protocol identifies block and broadcast properties.
  • The transaction protocol indicates what makes the block valid.
  • The consensus protocol forms consensus around the uniqueness of the block.
  • TATTI implements a public network shell. This shell does not rely on transaction protocols and consensus protocols. We refer to the agreed protocols of transactions and protocols as "chain-chain protocols". First of all, we give the mathematical representation of the Block-Chain protocol, and then describes some implementations in TATTI.

PRIVATE SALE 250% BONUS February 7 - February 10th
TATTI / 1ETH: 300.000
for TATTI: $ 0.0030 [Completed]

SALE 66% BONUS February 14 - February 28th
TATTI / 1ETH: 200 000
for TATTI: $ 0.0045

Sales crowd PHASE 1 - Bonus 25% Mar 01 - MAR 15
TATTI / 1ETH: 150.000
TATTI: $ 0.0061

Spectators' sales PHASE 2 0% BONUS March 16 - 31 MAR
TATTI / 1ETH: 120000
FOR TATTI: $ 0.0076

  • January 2018 - February 2018
  • Ideas and brown paper ✓Don
  • Testing on RTN ✓Done
  • Create tokens on ETH's main network ✓Done
  • ✓Open the website
  • Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, and so on, Start building FOMO. ✓Disted
  • PreICO started
  • WasteProtocol sneakpeek FOMO Video release
  • The Bounty program is represented by ✓Done
  •  March 2018 - May 2018
  • Final ICO start
  • Tatti BrownPaper 2.0 ✓Done
  • Rebranding website
  • Main ad
  • The designation of some unacceptable partnerships
  • SneakPeak Video for POQ introduction
  • June 2018 - December 2018
  • Sending out TATTI in stock
  • TATTI iOS and Android ads
  • First Tatti Conference
  • CoinBurn
  • Remove WasteProtocol
  • Key announcements about POQ implementation
  • Brownpaper 3.0 released <
  • In the field of implementation of TATTI Ultra FOMO Video release
  • Release road map for 2019
  •   2019 Conclusion New ERA

Now TATTI is basically a slang for Shit in South Asia! I think it would be nice to create a new coin category, the worst, so it could be called TATTICOINS. These coins will mainly be present to show people how many obstacles and innovations will come. Time will not come back, and pleasure is good and healthy.
The goal here is simple: one moment giggle when the whole world speaks of Tatti.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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