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SYNTHETICS - Project To Develop AI Artificial Intelligence Solutions

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What is SyntheticsAI?

Potential Chatbot Market
According to market research information,
  • By 2023, automation saves more than $ 23 billion in annual salaries.
  • 80% of businesses plan to automate interactive systems by 2020.
  • The chatbot market is expected to increase by $ 3 billion by 2021 and the industry grows at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 35%.

What is Synthetics AI?

SyntheticsAI is a project to develop AI's artificial intelligence solutions to serve the company's innovative and market-leading automation.

SyntheticsAI provides instant communication between brands and users, provides better interaction and provides a more personalized way to serve customers and create awareness.

Built on machine learning and natural language processing technology, SyntheticsAI creates experienced virtualis and dialogue assistants for your company, no matter what industry (fashion, ...)

SyntheticsAI uses the best technology to enable automated attendance, training and customization of chatbots depending on the needs and business characteristics to address problems and anticipate customer actions.

SyntheticsAI Structure

SyntheticsAI has 3 main parts:

TradePal AI: Provides instant information about the best opportunities of the crypto market and the Synthetics ecosystem. More broadly, users will have an always-on algorithm assistant for the latest market analysis, trends, and social market psychology.

AI Project Marketplace: The best and most reliable AI & Automation project in the world. Find creative projects that are professionally tested by trusted members of the SyntheticsAI community and only invest in your favorite projects.

Data Acquisition Training: Find trained conversations, develop and use the most advanced car mechanics.

Free Token Registration Guide
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SyntheticsAI currently offers free token donations to anyone following the steps below:

First click on Register Tokens button below:

Subscribe Token
  • You will now be logged into the SyntheticsAI Token sales website. Please register your account. Just fill in the required information in the box: email, password, country, public address, Ethereum. Do not forget to check the Legal Term and confirm "I am not a robot". Press the Sign Me Up button.
  • When done properly, the system will successfully forward the registration page and ask you to check the confirmation email from SyntheticsAI.
  • Open the email and click the Enable My Account button.
  • Done.

What is a SYNT Token?

The SYNT Token is an ERC-20 token and is a smart contracting system built on the Ethereum blockchain platform, and is designed for use by members in the Synthetics platform. With this standard, SYNT tokens can be easily transferred between members and platforms by using an ERC-20 compatible adapter and can be integrated into the trading platform.

ICO Information

A total of 500 million SYNTs will be issued and 275 million tokens will be allocated to ICO.

Contract address: 0x93377717F9086eD2Df3b398267Fd96851C9503f0

How to distribute SYNT
  • 5% for team members
  • 5% for the advisory board
  • 25% for the company
  • 55% for sale
  • 5% for reward
  • 5% for the Airdrop campaign

SYNT Sell Price & Bonus Stages

See the picture below:

Harga Jual Token SYNT Dan Bonus

How to buy SyntheticAI Token?

Visit SyntheticsAI token seller:
Sign up for account creation
Wait for Token Sale.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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