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SWACHHHCOIN - Disturbing the existing Waste Management System

Hello Everyone,

The average household generates more than 2000kgs of waste each year. The question is, do YOU work towards a better or worse world?

Swachhcoin is here to help.

Integrating blockchain with future technologies like IoT,
Adaptive Intelligence, and Big Data, we aim to disrupt existing waste management systems.


Swachhcoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to work extensively to reform the waste management sector by acting as a technology developer and full service provider in this domain. Swachhcoin will make the waste management industry as efficient and as precise as possible so that they become technologically and otherwise able to cope with the current crisis of waste management in the world today. In addition to working with industry, Swachhcoin will develop ecosystems where individuals at the mass level are made aware of possible waste around them so they understand their roles and responsibilities and act accordingly.


Swachhcoin is an effort to align the Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet stuff with Blockchain technology so that anyone and everyone can contribute and tackle the greatest challenges we face around the world.

Swachh Adaptive Intelligence: Refers to the adoption of customized Adaptive Intelligence technology to improve efficiency in operations, especially in waste treatment to produce the desired output by making smart equipment.

Swachh Big data: Refers to the Big Data specific application to enable the integration of advanced methods during transport, collection, and distribution of various inputs and outputs as well as automated machine decisions based on past experience.

Swachh Internet of Things: Refers to the special application of Internet of Things to enable complete remote access and control of indoor and outdoor waste processing equipment and thereby enables dramatic improvement in efficiency.

Swachh Bins: Refers to the garbage collection collected by Swachhcoin which has features such as but not limited to, automatic closing and closing, user identity related databases, gift distribution, integrated waste sorting, etc.



Swachhcoin aims to revolutionise waste management by creating a token that will be used to provide monetary incentive primarily to the domestic households. The waste processing industry will be at the core of fueling this economy.

Waste processing industries will use a part of the tokens received from the product buyer to award monetary incentive to the domestic households as well as sell the other part on the exchanges to meet their day to day operation and profitability

Domestic households will be able to sell the rewards received for proper waste management on the exchanges as well as use them for various utility purposes offered by Swachhcoin.

Product buyer will be able to receive the goods and services produced by the waste processing industries at a cheaper price in tokens compared to the traditional fiat currency. This will create the demand for tokens which can be fulfilled from various exchanges.


Alokasi Token: Crowdsale - 69%, Tim - 9%, Swault - 8%, Penasihat dan Mitra - 7%, Bounty - 4%, Filantropi - 3%

Alokasi Aset: Platform dan Pengembangan Model Tanaman - 70%, Modal Kerja - 10%, Treasury - 10%, Pemasaran - 5%, Pengembangan Blockchain - 5%


Q2 - Concepts
Q3 Idealization - Study and Survey
Technical Q4 - Market Survey and Brainstorming.
Q1 - Internet of Things, Adaptive Intelligence and
Big Data Integration into the platform
Q2 - SWIot, SWaTel, SwaTa, SwBin Conceptualization and Development.
Q3 - Testing in market conditions, feedback and upgrades
Q4 - Collaborate with technical advisory partners.
Q1 - ICO Announcement, ICO Campaign targets Social Media, Blockchain Development
Q2 - Presale, Main ICO, Token Distribution, Market Introduction, and Expansion Strategy.
Q2 (2018) to Q1 (2019) - Platform development, Alpha release, Overall system integration, Industrial ties
Q2 - The first platform deployment in the industry.

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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