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STORWEEY - Platforms Made For Buyers And Sellers Worldwide

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For most of history, humans have used commodity currency. Fiat currency is a more recent development, first used around 1000 years ago, and today it is the dominant form of money. But this may not be the end of monetary history.Cryptocurrency is neither commodity money nor fiat money it is a new kind of money. Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are exchanged over the Internet. While  these alternative, decentralized modesof exchange are in the early stages of development, they have the unique potential to challenge existing systems of currency and payments. As of December 2017 total market capitalization of  cryptocurrencies is bigger than 600 billion USD and record highdaily volume is larger than 50 billion USD.According to latest statistics data, the current number of cryptocurrency users isestimated to be around 22 million. Thus   the utilization of cryptocurrency becomes an important matter of concern.

Can Cryptocurrency Be Used In Day To Day Life? As more  and biggercorporations  and  retail  marketersare  accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment in exchange for goods and services. Those who have bitcoins or altcoins still cannot use them in day to day life. The major objective of this ICOis to create a retail ecommerce marketplace where  buyers  and  sellers  can  commence  trading  activities  of  goods  and services for payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency. The  global  retail  ecommerce,  one  of  the  largest consumer markets in  the world,  is  forecasted  to  reach  4.5  trillion  usd  by  2021.

Total  global  retail sales in 2020 are projected to amount to 27.73 trillion U.S. dollars.


The main issues faced by business owners when getting into the global market are as follows:
  • Absenceof consumer’s trust in an unknown sellerThe   consumer   prefers   verified   sellers   who   offer   goods   of confirmed  quality,  while  the  unknown  sellers  with  no trust  have to compete withthem; 
  • High costs at the current platforms and various charges of payment systems.The current platforms withhold a considerable part of the cost, let alone payment system and conversion charges, transaction fees and taxes.
  • Absenceof profitable “online sales pitch” for products. Each purchase, especially the one made online, is based on manycriteria’s. The lack of the product details, standards, superb-qualityphotos, video overviews and consumer reviews negatively impact sales;
  • Absence of product description. Sellers are not able to translate theproduct descriptionsandfeatures taking into consideration the specificity of variouscountries which impacts the launch to the international market.
  • Competition with GlobalCompanies.International companies have a hugerange of tools for marketing quality products acrossthe globe at theirdisposal,which local manufacturers and sellers do not haveaccess to,making it impossible for them to go world-wide;
  • CashInsufficiency.Businesses attain money from sales only after a certainperiod of time, and increasing sales without factoring this into theequation will sooner or later prove to be an impossibleeffort.
  • Absenceof Customer Support24x7.Selling your productsglobally means being able to keepthebuyer-seller feed-back line open at all times in order to be able to assist customers in various time zones —and the absenceof live customer support makes communication much less efficient;


Absenceof appropriate “Online Sales Pitch”

Because of the lack of skilled presentation, the consumer cannot get aclear overview of a product and as a outcome declines the purchase;
Absenceof Honest Reviews.Without any way to confirm the authenticity of reviews posted on custom-madesites of online stores, consumers are unable to form a true-to-life impressionabout the item;

Product Description

A great deal of unique products made manufacturers hasno adequate descriptions or photos, which hampers the search of the desired product. Besides,many good-quality products of manufacturers cannot be purchased onlineat all; Absenceof assurance.Many online stores offer products on an upfront fee basis, but not allconsumers areready to risk sending money to an unknown online store which can turn out to bea short-lived website.

Market Analysis

Under  conditions  of  global  economic expansion,  the  online  retail  is gradually  taking  itsshare  of  the  international  market  of  retail  and enlarging  the  number  of  e-commerceplatforms  users  both  among consumers and among sellers.The  global  e-commerce  is  getting  a  hike,  with  the  turnoverof  $2.2 trillion expected by 2018. Rate of increase is 20%.

Each   year   the   number   of   people   who   regularly   shop   online   keeps expanding.  According  tothe  Global  E-commerce  Report  marketing  study, the  number  of  online shopper’ sincreases annually  by  an average  of  16% and now it amounts to 1.66 billion globally.

There  are  more  than  1.5  billion  consumers  of  online  marketplacesin  theworld.The  size  of  the  global  e-commerce  amounts  to  trillions  of  dollars annually.  Theleaders  in  expenditure  are China,  USA,  Great  Britain  and Japan.The huge volume of the global market stimulates sellers to enterthe international  platforms. Marketplace,  help  to  solve  this  issue  and  offer’sa lot of benefits both for sellers and for consumers.Though  online marketplace  hasalready  caught  on  among  sellers  it  is  stillexpensive  for  small-scale  manufactures  and  sellers  to  set  up  a  business there:

Blanket fees of the platform and sale charges eat off a considerable part of the sellers’ receipts;
  • Applying other formal procedures is crucial for the start of trade;
  • Expenses  for  the  registration  and to  establish the  business  in  the  country where  the  platform  is  located  in  and  the  costs  of  this  kind  are  typical  for Chinese marketplaces;
  • Marketing and advertising expense which isnecessary for traffic building.
  • Additional  fees  of  the  payment  systems  which  marketplace  works  with (besides acquiring payment systems);

Three main factors which online consumers pay attention to:
  • 70%  of  consumers  named  the price  as  the  main  criterion  for  selection  of products inonline stores;
  • 80% of consumers give importance to the delivery cost and speed;
  • 71%  of  consumers  take  into  account  sales  and  promotional  offers,  when purchasing;

According  to  the  forecast  of  aresearch  agency,  the  market  share  ofe-commerce companies in global retail trade is expected to increase and will havereached  15%  by  2021.  Thus,  e-commerce  is  exhibiting  considerable impact on thedevelopment of global trade.

According  to  the  research conductedthe  payment  system  which  provides worldwide payments   for   e-commerce   market   leaders,   41%   of   the companies  presented  at  morethan  one  platform,  get  the  yearly  revenue equal to more than $100 thousand, whileonly 17% of companies operating at one platform achieve similar results.The main criteria for marketplace selection:
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Huge amount of traffic;
  • Focus on quality items;
  • Simple and reasonable rules;

Solution —“Storweey”

Storweey  is  a  platform  created  for  buyers  and  sellers  all over  the  world. With  an  online  store,  any  seller  is  able  to  create  their  own  account  to  sell their goods and services, while making use of the platform’s wide range of features for a minimal fee.Storweey  integrates  all  the  necessary  tools  for  starting  the  trade  and promoting the items to other countries’ markets. This is useful not only for first-time  entrepreneur  and  start-ups.  An  easy-to-use  platform  allows  to create  an  online  account  and  manage  it without  additional  expenses  and staff.

Our  service  offers  great  opportunities  for  self-employed  entrepreneurs, small-scale  to  medium    manufacturers,  retailers  family  businesses  and makers  of  handmade  crafts,  including  a  selection  of  tools  for  direct customer    feedback,    bookkeeping,    sales    analysis,    advertising    and promotion, as well as a convenient, user-friendly interface.Oneof the main features of Storweeyis the use of block chain technology, which  allows  to  make  the  platform  transparent,  open  and  as  safe  as possible  for  both  transaction  parties,  reduction  of  transaction  costs  and business costs, and simplification of the purchase process.Decentralization,  globalization  and  the  opportunities  presented  by  the  use of cryptocurrency in the project are our competitive advantages over other business solutions existing in the market today.

Main advantages of the Storweey platform:
  • Extensive and easy-to-use service;
  • Low fees;
  • Payment in popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC etc.);
  • Low transaction costs;
  • Precise sales analysis;
  • Tools for consumer communication and financial reporting;
  • Advertising support for your business;
  • Transparent and decentralized review system;
  • STWYtoken payment for goods and the platform services at special price;
  • International markets access;

The  key  part  in  the  system  is  assigned  to  token.  
Paying  for  a  purchase  in tokens the customer may count on the best offer. The sellers’ need to pay the fees and other platform services in STWYwill make hard basis for stable condition of token value.

Token Sale

During  pre-sale  and  ICO  stages,  the  participants  will  be  able  to  acquire STWYtokens  with  a  bonus.  As  a  reward  to  the  early  participants,  the various  types  of  bonuses  are  structured  according  to  the  day  when  the tokens are procured by them.

The  funds  accumulated  from  contributions  of  participants  throughtoken sales shall be used in the development of STWYtokens and platform. In the course  of  the  developing  stages  of  Storweey  when  the  first  tokens  start selling, the accrued funds would promptly be allocated and assigned/put to use in order to make the Storweey platform stronger. The contributions received from supporters go a long way in strengthening Storweey  platform  and  therefore  shall  be  invested  into  Storweey  and  its supportive  community.  We  shall  grow  from  strength  to  strength  thereby building a useful and valuable tool that shall challenge the status quo and usher in significant changes to the Global E Commerce platform in various Countries.

Token Allocation


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