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SMARTCONTAINERS - Securing Sensitive Goods And Ensuring No Compromised Products

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Greetings Community,

Executive summary

Who we are Smart Containers Group, formerly REP AG (Swiss registry of commerce, UID: CHE- 141.664.882), is a Swiss based, high tech company that provides the safest temperature controlled containers to transport sensitive pharma goods and food around the world. Our purpose is to secure sensitive goods and to make sure no compromised product is ever delivered to anyone. The unique combination of cutting edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services, propels Smart Containers Group as a fast-growing service provider and highly attractive investment proposition with a potential exit scenario within a few years.

The revolution we aim for Smart Containers Group wants to grow its business to a global standard in high value pharma and food distribution, in a sustainable way. To scale the business, the management has decided to address the cryptocurrency community for funding of USD 36 M through the emittance of a SMARC token in the form of 20% of future profits (dividends & potential exit gains).

The revolution however, lies in our second project. The management detects game changing opportunity to create a fully integrated, seamless logistic ecosystem, open to all entities within the industry and based on Blockchain technology. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN. To build and fuel this open source ecosystem, a utility token is to be created under the name LOGI token. An independent foundation based in Zug, Switzerland will be the sentinel of the LOGI token and the LOGI CHAIN economics. To fund this project, a small part of the LOGI token in the value of USD 4 M will be offered to the crypto community.

Smart Containers Group is a growing high potential company already

Why does it raise funds through an ICO rather than Venture Capital Companies?
  • Smart Containers Group has raised more than USD 25 M of investments through private investors for all its companies (Smart Containers Group, SkyCell & FoodGuardians) in traditional financing rounds.
  • It is in its company structure a highly lucrative target for Venture Capital & Private Equity investors. The goal however, is to rely on a larger network of involved supporters and investors, which do not limit its entrepreneurial activities to financials, but supports it in a sustainable way.
  • A fund raise through an ICO will allow Smart Containers Group to go beyond the current limitations, thus resulting in a wider reach of interested persons and an immutable audit trail of transactions on the Blockchain.
  • The ICO will allow Smart Containers Group to keep control of all entities and not be forced to exit in a predefined amount of years. The founders and majority shareholders prefer to scale the business in the pace that they deem healthy and sustainable. They are not in for a quick return but for the fulfillment of building a truly valuable business that helps to improve the world.

Why is this an interesting project for the cryptocurrency community?

  • Smart Containers Group is an established and operational company with revenue. Most other ICO‘s only have an idea and a whitepaper.
  • Smart Containers Group is a highly attractive Swiss high-tech company, financed by investments from high net worth individuals and family offices.
  • SkyCell of Smart Containers Group has close to 100 patents and two strategic partners, Emirates and Cargolux, allowing our Blockchain technology direct acces to the industry.
  • We will establish a powerful and profitable logistics system. We have a proven track record on the hardware. Now we focus on software by:
  • Invoicing through smart contract payments in crypto currencies
  • Tracking using Blockchain technology
  • Generating THE autonomous shipping parcel In essence:
  • Fully operative company of 5 years
  • Base technology protected by close to 100 patents
  • Key clients like Roche, Takeda, Novartis, Kedrion, Grifols, Alagan, etc.
  • Game changer in the industry in hardware and software.

How are we turning this ICO into a long term success?

Since the cofounders and all token holders will have aligned interests and incentives, we are all in a positive-sum-game. We do not want to use the ICO as speculative springboard, but as way of funding innovation and change the world. Both Richard and Nico are in for the long game and not interested in a quick exit. Our aim is to use the collected funds to continue pushing the following business areas:
  • Continue scaling of SkyCell in both B2B and B2C
  • Built up of FoodGuardians
  • Built up of LOGI CHAIN Foundation
  • Evaluate organic scaling vs. M&A regularly
  • Evaluate IPO at given time

Use of collected funds

Past achievements

Future Milestones
We have high ambitions for Smart Containers and its subdivisions:

Planned listing of both tokens on secondary markets While we cannot commit to a precise timeline, we are seeking to list both the SMARC coin as well as the LOGI coin on major exchanges within 2-3 months after our token generating event. The precise date and exchanges will be communicated to our investors in due time.
Sustainable scaling of the company The goal of Richard Ettl and Nico Ros, Smart Containers Group’s founders, is to build a global business which becomes the standard in high value cold chain distribution. It is not unlikely that part or the entire business is sold to a strategic investor. SkyCell was already pursued twice by a competitor and by a strategic buyer for an exit. 

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