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SINT GLOBAL - The Fastest Crypto & Fiat Exchange in The world

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The fastest Crypto & Fiat exchange in the world


Asset transfer immediately

Sint is the first platform that provides instant exchange transactions: Cryptocurrency to fiat and fiat to cryptocurrency.

It's entirely based on blockchain technology. It's created by a team of experienced developers and managers. This allows for a smooth FIAT transfer or any cryptocurrency from any worldwide cryptocurrency exchange to your account.

How the platform works

can be explained in 4 easy steps When you need to fund a purse with cryptocurrency

Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive.
Specify the wallet address where you want to receive cryptocurrency.
Deposit the fiat currency of your credit card or bank account with just one click using the instant payment system.
Your cryptocurrency address has been funded.
When you need to withdraw assets, and transfer them to your credit card or bank account

Choose the fiat currency you want to receive and specify the bank account number in which money should be transferred.
Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell.
You will be given a unique wallet address where you will send cryptocurrency.
The money will appear in your account as soon as confirmation issued by the Blockchain network is received.


Centralized vs Blockchain
Find out about the benefits of Blockchain technology. Decentralized models are superior in every aspect.

Deposit Delayed
Funding your crypto exchange account with fiat currency takes a lot of time or is not possible at all.

Instant deposit
Transferring fiat to cryptocurrency is fast, no delays are associated with third party agencies.

Pending withdrawal

Pending withdrawals Cash withdrawals from crypto exchanges are often impossible or time consuming.

Instant Withdrawal
The money appears in your account immediately after submitting the request.

High Commission
Online money transfer fees start at 1%.

Low cost
Sint cost 0.1% commission. When a transaction is made using a SIN token, the commission is 0%.

Limited access to your assets
Deposit and withdrawal of assets is restricted due to the working hours of third party agencies.

Access 24/7 Access
unlimited and smooth to your currency and fiat assets.

Technical instability
The standard solution is subject to DDOS attacks, and failure of one module can make the service unusable.

Due to the decentralized nature of the underlying blockchain technology, the platform will still work correctly even if individual modules fail.

Market potential
  • 400 + crypto exchange in over 45 countries worldwide
  • 100 million + investors and traders listed on crypto exchanges
  • $ 500 billion + is the total value of cryptocurrency
  • No limit in transfer between users worldwide


Everything you need to know

SIN tokens is our cryptocurrency designed to provide security and unify the market for fiat and cryptocurrency transfers.

SIN token: ERC-20
ICO date May 1 – 21 (23:59 CET)
ICO price 1 ETH = 250 000 SIN tokens + BONUS
Token supply: 10 000 000 000 (all unsold tokens will be burned)
Exchange listing: Main exchanges by June 2018
Token distribution: Smart contract will transfer tokens right after contribution
Team: Professionals with substantial experience
Payment options: ETH Smart Contract
Fiat: USD, EUR
Referral and bounty: Referral program with 10% bonus and bounty program on BitcoinTalk.


Who we are
Get to know the team of enthusiasts who are responsible for the project.

To find more relevant details and join Sint Global social media, please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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