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Friday, April 27, 2018

SHARELOCK - Bridges Between Traditional Bicycle Shares And General Bicycle Industry

Foto ShareLock.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Share Lock, based on some of the following criteria:

Our vision

ShareLock - Cycling Revolution

The ShareLock platform provides a simple interface and serves as a bridge between traditional bicycle sharing and the general bicycle industry.

Extensive service offerings from ShareLock will provide some of the key components of the bicycle industry, including sharing Peer2Peer bikes, markets, own products and own cycling fleet. We plan to offer a variety of services that are not yet available.

Through user-friendly but user-oriented environments, we will enable our customers to rent bikes in a short time while we also provide the possibility of renting their private bikes safely and at a cost to meet the needs of both personal and commercial customers.

Our vision to provide an all-in-one option encourages the growth of cyclists, personal health, lighten the city and promote better climate protection. And offer new possibilities to our customers.

Peer2Peer Products
With wheel locks in our home, we offer unique possibilities! And we give you the function to rent your bike!

Peer2Per Marketplace
With this service, you can easily rent and rent a wheel through personal contact!

Own Radbestand
We also build our own stock! From e-bikes to standard wheels for hauling wheels!
Made in Germany: in your own production!

Smart wheel keys
ShareLock is the smartest bike lock ever. With cycling this product will change as we know so far.
Built for maximum security!
Designed to dissolve inefficiency!
And it was created to ensure your loyal service for life!

As if, your personal ShareLock will always protect you from theft, improve security and significantly reduce effort. But it will also make sure your wallet is filled.
Because ... offered by ShareLock you are the first in the world. Being a private bike divider, for example, when you are working or sitting at a university - your bike not only has to stand around, it will make money for you!
Product features included

Token distribution

ShareLock token is distributed to the following levels: 75% or 375,000,000 SHX is available for sale. It is broken down into 5% pre-sales and 95% of the major sales. For internal use, ShareLock reserves 25% or 125,000,000 SHX. It is divided as follows: 20% is available for 30% team intended for consulting, law and marketing. 40% is for our loyal supporters who support our sales by sharing referral links or participating in Bounty campaigns. 10% serves as backup.

Money usage

We plan 40% of revenue for the development of our castle and our platform. 10% is used for own wheel production, so we can offer our customers the best quality. 25% is planned for our extensive marketing, which will include TV ads among other things. For possible acquisition of competitors, we plan 10%. Another 15% is available for future management, employees and employees.

Bonus structure

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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