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ROOMDAO - 3-in-1 Online Travel Platform

Greetings Communities, in this new post I would like to introduce about RoomDao Decentralization Project, Travel, Marketplace, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


ROOMDAO is an online 3-in-1 travel platform. Its three basic elements are:
  • Rent-lease-exchange of real estate
  • Travel services marketplace
  • Cryptocurrency earn-and-use platform

In other words, ROOMDAO is the place gathering tourists, hospitality-service
customers, amateur and professional financial investors as well as anybody who wants to be in line with the latest market trends.

ROOMDAO is the place which enables the sharing economy to happen for its clients. Nowadays globalized society needs places where supply and demand can meet without intermediaries, where hospitality and tourist services can be provided with no fees and where communities can be created easily. On ROOMDAO platform facilitating connections with their customers is possible for all related service providers!

Companies like AirBNB already proved that traditional hotel business
became out-of-date. ROOMDAO goes further and unites the areas which have never been united before. Indeed, finances are integral part of any market and the rent-lease-exchange of hospitality premises is very close to the tourist marketplace field.

In addition, based on the BlockChain technology, ROOMDAO incorporates the latest standards of user-data security.


We combine our ready-to-use market idea with our deepest expertise (experience) in business and market analysis, software development, and BlockChain technology in order TO our customers benefiting most. 


The following list of services introduces the ROOMDAO functionality:

Free registration :Free registration for tourists, real estate owners, tourist and by-tourist service providers and all interested persons;
Accommodation rent: Rent and lease hospitality premises;
House sharing: Exchange / swap (barter) hospitality premises;
Tourist services :Buy and sell any tourist and by-tourist services, including tour guiding, transport tickets,insurance, entertainment, etc.
Services rating :Travel services rating;
Wish-list :Wish-list creation;
Direct communication :Direct communication with real estate owners and travel service providers;
Car rent :Rent and lease of cars
Advertise :Advertise tourist & hospitality business;
Financial management :
  • Buy ROOMCOIN cryptocurrency;
  • Spend ROOMCOIN cryptocurrency;
  • Get BONUSES and exchange them to ROOMCOIN
  • See full history of transactions

Smart contract :Smart contract signing;
legal support :Conflict assistance and legal support;

In other words, the key distinguishing features of ROOMDAO BlockChain platform for travelers are:
ROOMDAO offers NO-FEE (FREE) hospitality services;
ROOMDAO ensures safe contracting and amp; secure data storage;
ROOMDAO provides opportunity to get BONUSES;
ROOMDAO can be changed to ROOMCOIN;
ROOMDAO inspires to travel by browsing, creating Wish-Lists;
ROOMDAO help you to discover the BlockChain Technology;
ROOMDAO supports cultural exchange and encourages new experience.


For a new participant, ROOMDAO works as simple as follows. It is possible to
receive ROOMCOINS as soon as one registers in the platform and makes his first actions, such as registering his properties for sales or exchange, his travel services for selling, etc.
The BlockChain technology-based platform ROOMDAO is designed to implement principal BlockChain characteristics for its participants to benefit from using their propeties.
The ROOMDAO platform enables direct instant transfer of property between peers (tourists, owners, service providers, advertising companies, etc.). It creates general – almost instant – agreement around these transfers. A blockchain is a single unique source of truth for all types of activities conducted on ROOMDAO.

For details on ROOMCOINS see dedicated section.

ROOMDAO Blockchain
ROOMDAO BlockChain Application

Competitive Advantages 

BlockChain and Travel & Hospitality Industry

Today, a number of market specialists as well as business owners recognize the potential of the travel and hospitality industry towards adopting BlackChain technology.

Here are only some sources that recognize the importance of BlockChain technology in this industry:

“Blockchain technology has payments promise for travel companies” by Sean O’Neil for TNOOZ (September 15, 2015);
“The what, why and how of blockchain in travel” by Maksim Izmaylov, founder and CEO of Roomstorm, for TNOOZ (December 7, 2016);
“Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs” by Dan Kowalewski, Jessica McLaughlin, and Alex J. Hill for Harward Business Review (March 14, 2017);
“Blockchain Will Disrupt Expedia and Airbnb, TUI CEO Says” by Dave Montalifor SKIFT (July 11, 2017);
“The applicability of Blockchain in the hospitality sector” by Shravan Poorigalifor Mindtree (September 12, 2017);
“Is blockchain technology another Y2K for hospitality?” by Frank Wolfe for Hotel Management (September 21, 2017);
“The Definitive Guide to Hotel Blockchain Technology” by Khalid Ladhaof Puerto Research’s Customer Success team for HospitalityNet(September 22, 2017);
“Can the Hotel Industry Benefit from Blockchain Technology” by anonymous author for NewsBTC (October 3, 2017);
“Blockchain to transform loyalty and improve booking margins” by White Sky Hospitality (October 2017);
“Harnessing the potential of blockchain in travel” by Katherine Grass for Amadeus Blog (October 18, 2017).

Invested Funds Allocation



Public 66%
Foundation 20%
Team 10%
Bounty, Advisor, Partnership 4%

Quantity :60 000 000 ROOMCOIN
Token :ERC 20
Description :UTILITY TOKEN 


Project Stages & Scheduling

The following table outlines major project milestones and the date of its IPO launch. The current progress as of November 30, 2017 is as follows: stages “Technical Research” and “White Paper Preparation” are finished.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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