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RISE HOUSING - Blockchain Platform That Provides Equity Access To Real Estate

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Hello Everyone, In this new post I would like to introduce about Rise Housing project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Rise Housing is a blockchain platform that provides equity access to real estate. Our platform creates liquidity for asset holders, on a marketplace that is available to tenants and the everyday investor. 

We make equity access a reality for everyone
  • In phase one we use Ethereum technology to bring fraud proof, smart contracts to real estate transactions. This positions us to seamlessly offer the Rise Token as the Cryptocurrency of Equity. 
  • In phase two we use HyperLedger technology to tokenize the real estate assets on our platform, creating a seamless marketplace for global investment and easy transfer of equity-tied assets on the blockchain. 
  • In the end Rise enables asset owners to access the value of their real estate by trading their asset backed tokens on the Rise network.

Rise is changing the way real estate investment works. Our tokens are tied to a tangible asset, to start building equity one token at a time.

The advantages are many. One, with the Rise network, asset owners and token holders can easily buy and sell tokens linked to their previously illiquid real estate assets. Two, tenants and people who can’t buy a home through traditional lending means can now buy tokens in the buildings that they live in, and anywhere on the network. The general process of the Rise Network consists of 3 solid steps:
  1. Once the property is appraised and approved, the asset owner signs an agreement with a Rise-certified custodian to enable tokenization of the asset;
  2. The custodian notifies Rise of the asset available for the Rise network, and Rise issues tokens that are directly linked to the property, making them available for immediate sale.
  3. Rise Token holders may buy and sell their tokens on the Rise network or on a secondary market for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Rise dramatically reduces the transaction costs of creating liquidity and unlocks the asset value of real property. The transaction fees that the Rise platform disrupts are extensive and span the entire ecosystem of buying and selling real estate assets. 

The Rise marketplace allows users to:
  1. Offer Rise tokens linked to their real estate assets for sale, creating liquidity
  2. Offer Rise tokens linked to other real estate assets that are for sale, creating equity access.

A multifamily residential property owner can sell the equity in their building on the Rise marketplace. The tenants who live in the multifamily residential properties that are on the Rise network can purchase equity in their buildings by purchasing Rise tokens. As a tenant in good standing, they can get a (1-2%) discount on their tokens.
This incentivises tenants to pay their rent on time, which further secures the value of the asset, while rewarding the party that creates that value, the tenant. As the Rise network grows, this will also provide incentives for token traders on the open marketplace to consider living in a property that is on the Rise marketplace.

What real estate should be

Never pay interest rates again because all of our properties have no debt to them. With the Rise Marketplace, you do not have to rely solely on a respectful environment because now you can invest a small amount in some properties rather than going just in one place.


The Marketplace for Tokenized Real Estate

The Rise platform makes trading safer with blockchain technology. Holders of cryptocurrency can buy and sell asset tokens on the Rise platform and manage their portfolio, all from their phone. Rise provides a trading function, access to verified asset data stored on blockchain, and portfolio analysis tools. Meanwhile, all relevant information on traded tokens is available and visible to every user registered on the Rise platform. Safe, secure, and liquid, the Rise Platform facilitates the ecosystem.
The tokenization process unlocks the equity held in real estate through the three simple steps of tokenization:

How it works

The Rise platform is the heart of the blockchain powered real estate ecosystem. This is where token holders can manage their current holdings, as well as analyze other tokenized asset offerings on our platform.


Rise Demand

Rise is a utility token designed to support transactions on the Rise platform. It will be purchased by cryptoholders and asset owners to do the following:
  • Buy asset and other tokens on the Rise platform (e.g., if you want to buy a fraction of an asset for $100k, you need to purchase Rise’s equivalent to $100k)
  • Pay transaction fees. A large part of these payments will be received by node holders Cryptoholders buy Rise to purchase asset tokens traded on the Rise platform and pay for transactions. Thus, the demand for Rise correlates with the trading volume on the Rise platform. Turnover of asset-linked tokens traded on the Rise platform can exceed $8 billion in 2022. 

$8bn Potential Annual Turnover for Real Estate.

Token Sale

The ICO will start on April 1st, 2018.
At the moment Rise is finalizing agreements with several leading cryptoexchanges to list Rise after the Token sale ends.

For more information and joining RiseHousing's current social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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