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REDPILL - Digital Currencies Decentralized In Blockchain Ethereum

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Red Pill Coin is not security, security is a tradable financial asset regulated by the SEC in the United States, and government agencies in their respective countries. Buying and owning Red Pill Coin does not in any way establish that the buyer will receive any shares, liquidity, shares, bonds or investment agreements in any asset. The pill coin is a decentralized crypto currency. Offers and requests determine the value of Pilin Red coin. Buyers may use the Red Pill coins in a legitimate manner, as set out in their country of residence. Coin pills are decentralized digital currencies in the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone who buys Red Pill coins must agree to these terms.

The Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich the online community. The Red Pill can be used for various purposes. Communities can, for example, use Red Pill to reward their members for everything from certain accomplishments (eg, make a number of posts in the forum) or reward them for loyalty (for example, giving members pills to become members for this year). The Red Pill can also be used to reward customers of a product or service. Furthermore in Red Pill also give a good tip.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology:

Since Red Pill runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it enjoys all the major benefits of blockchain applications from a distributed ledger technology. The main advantages are as follows:


One of the biggest selling points of blockchain technology is its logical incapacity. This means that transactions once completed and recorded in the blockchain can not be changed or removed from the ledger. When the Ethereum blockchain grows in size, these eternities become more secure. Any changes made to pre-existing entries are seen by all blockchain and thus the possibility of successfully manipulating the system is zero.

No Significant Encryption

Financial transactions can be done in blockchain without central need a regulatory body that provides authentication and authorization. These third party removals significantly reduce related risks and costs.


Transactions in blockchain are completely anonymous and the identity of the participants is fully protected. Users fully control their personal information thereby reducing the risk of identity theft.

Enhanced Security

Because it is decentralized, the block chain has no central point of failure. There is no entry point for malicious attacks, and this makes the chain of blocks more durable and reliable.

Growth and Technology Development Blockchain:

Blockchains, in essence, are just a fundamental implementation of the full potential of distributed ledgers. Ethereum blockchain represents a significant leap in the growth and development of blockchain technology. By incorporating smart contracts within the blockchain framework, the application of distributed ledgers is being expanded substantially.

Philosophies are built into the architecture and main features of Red Pill, making it a one of a kind cryptocurrency.

The blockchain industry is predicted to grow to a higher level by 2021. The graph below shows predictions;

Therefore, Blockchain is an investment for the future because there is no possibility of inflation for cryptocurrency as well as diaper currencies like the US Dollar. The future of any economy is cryptocurrency.

Architectural Framework and Content Technology


Red Pill is crystocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain governed by smart contracts that provide support for most financial transactions. Ethereum blockchain provides powerful functionality that enables efficient operation of Red Pill as cryptocurrency.
Financial transactions of birth control pills in the form of smart contracts are validated and processed across the network. All implementation rules for the Red Pill cryptocurrency protocol are compatible with the smart contracting framework of the Ethereum blockchain.
The fact that Red Pill as a cryptocurrency is built on the Ethereum network as well provides an extra layer of security against malicious attacks on the Red Pill coin system.

All Red Pill transactions are processed, validated, recorded, stored, and distributed on EthherEum blockchain. Coin users of birth control pills have the freedom to choose from a wide selection of wallets that are available for them to store their coins. This wallet is present in the choice of online storage and cold. Our favorite wallet selection is MyEtherWallet which in addition to providing online storage for Red Pill coins also gives users the opportunity to produce Paper Wallets that can be used as offline storage options. This offline storage option (cold) provides access to your Red Pill coins on the go. There are many ways users can access MyEtherWallets like Ledger, Mnemonic Phrases, and UTC / JSON files.

Users are also free to store Red Pill in the official Ethereum Wallet; Fog. Mist available on available for download at GitHub. Cloud provides advanced security for your Red Pill coins with constant improvements and updates to the framework. It is used by millions of cryptocurrency users in the Ethereum block chain network.

Transaction Security:

Red Pill operates on a complete anonymity philosophy with regard to financial transactions. As a decentralized cryptocurrency, there is great emphasis on the security and integrity of all transactions. The vision behind Red Pill comes from a community of people with mutual distrust justified for major financial institutions that want greater autonomy and control over their finances. There is almost no way to know who owns the wallet.

Roadmap Red Pill

Launch IC ICO Red Coins Round 1 October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017
Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 2 December 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
February 2018 - Launch the Red Pill Chrome extension that enables Red Pill owners to tip their favorite content creators on (YouTube, with support for twitter, and Instagram planned).
April 2018 - Launch Red Pill Send And Accept App for Android with iOS the following version in Autumn 2018.


The Red Pill will not flood any of the received funds. Funds will be used to develop red pill products and services. Funds were released from the crowdsale contract to the Red Pill team at the end of each round of ICO. Of the 200 Million Red Pips made, 100 Million Coins of Red Pill will be available to buyers during first round ICO. The remaining coins will be available for ICO Round 2. If no coins are left after 1st round of ICO ends, then the Round 2 ICO will be canceled. 50 Million Coins of Red Pills will be saved for the Red Pill Team, while 20 Million is set aside for pre-sale buyers. The remaining coins of the Red Pill will be sold annually at market prices.


The Red Pill development team is a group of developers who have worked collectively to bring birth control pills to the public. Red Pill prides itself in facilitating the ability of users to use Red Pills securely when they select them, while following all laws, rules and regulations, as defined in their respective countries.

For more information and joining Redpill social media today please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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