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QURREX - First Hybrid Crypto Exchange To Integrate Industrial Infrastructure With Traditional Stock Exchanges

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Greetings Community,

What is QRX Qurrex?

It is the first hybrid crypto exchange to integrate industrial infrastructure with traditional stock exchanges on fully decentralized networks. There is a whitepaper you can see on the company website.

How Does the Qurrex Work?

The company has been made by professionals for professionals. They are looking to share their unique and deep experiences in creating and running high-loaded platforms on the old school stock exchange for years.

There are some key features that make the Qurrex stand out from the crowd. When it comes to performance, the system can handle as many as 70,000 transactions per second. There is our 650 latency (99%). And there is also regular load testing with the participation of the clients.

In terms of social commerce, the community of Qurrex platform traders has demonstrated to provide effective management of each user's trading account and be evaluated and verified by strict standards. Any trader who enters his own trading account in the Qurrex ranking system can easily be confident that they will receive revenue through a trading signal. There are private markets as well as advanced training portals and databases containing complete knowledge with forums and messenger chat.

The company's liquidity has been compacted thanks to contributions and cooperation from major liquidity providers. With the Qurrex, there is also said to be a large liquidity fund for security. And they only use best practices to ensure the launch of newly developed instruments effectively.

The functionality of this system is also governed by an algorithm-based trading embedded within the GUI. This includes automatic copying of various trading signals for the company. And there are various tools and analysis charts. High-speed advanced APIs using fast binary built-in web sockets and fast and persistent REST software.

The company promises total transparency by revealing in complete detail to the client the maximum formalization process or the rule book. There will also be regular disclosure of annual financial and business audit accounts.

Companies will use blockchain technology to ensure safe storage and eliminate intermediate processes collected from all network nodes, and this includes centralized nodes as well. Centralized Node or Exchange (CEX), works for performance comparable to the modern stock exchange in functionality and speed.

What is ICO On Qurrex?

The tokens symbol is QRX. They will use the default token ERC2o. With type of utility token. The total token supply will be 70 million with 55 million ready for initial token sales. The pre-sale token is 17million with a pre-sale public period starting on February 27 th and running until March 7 th. The entire actual sales period is 19 th March through April 7 th.

Who's behind the Qurrex?

The founder and CEO of the company is Mathhijs Johan LEK. And he has worked in finance for over twenty years. This includes investment banking, brokerage and business development.

Not only that, but he leads an excellent team of merchants and advisers with verified education and experience in the FX market. They are specialized in trading strategies, algorithms, and trading robots. Over the past few years, teams have devoted their time to study and work in the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Token symbol: QRX
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token type: utility
  • Total token supply: 70m
  • Total token for sale: 55m
  • Total token for pre-sale: 17m
  • Country of incorporation - Cayman Islands
Token Sale Structure


2001-2014: Legacy Product
NOV 2017: Qurrex prototype
FEB-APR 2018: Token-sale
JUN 2019: Qurrex trading functional
SEP 2019: Social trading services
DEC 2019: Hybrid platform

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