Monday, April 9, 2018

POINTIUM - Loyalty Program Using Points

Greetings Communities, in this postigan I would like to introduce about Pointium project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About Pointium

The world is full of points and miles. Every company we face runs a loyalty program utilizing points. These point markets are worth more than 300 billion dollars and grow at 6% per year. However, it means that there are as many different types of points as there are many businesses around the world. Desperately, this makes it difficult for customers to manage and utilize their points. Even for businesses, the unused points result in the lower-than-expected performance of their loyalty programs and increase their debt in a negative way.

Pointium is a blockchain point management platform that addresses these issues. Pointium users can easily integrate and manage Pointium tokens and their points for any company worldwide in Pointium Wallet. Users can also easily exchange their points for the Pointium token, or Pointium token for partner points. In addition, Pointium Wallet including Promotional Feeds, which provide users with partnership promotions or coupons in real time. This allows Pointium partnerships to reach more customers and to promote more loyalty programs. In addition, at Pointium Store, users can purchase products or services from a partnership.

Decentralized Global Platform for Point Management & Loyalty Programs.
Let down by a corporate loyalty program that uses too many points, we can not use it well. This resulted in immediate damage to assets to users, and poorly loyalty programs & increased liabilities to businesses.
Pointium solves the current problem with block chain technology. With the lowest transaction fees and the safest way, Pointium integrates points into Pointium token (PNT), and provides loyalty programs to users.

Accessibility is higher
Pointium lets you manage all your pointers at once and exchange them for Pointium tokens (PNT) via Pointium Wallet.

Increased Incentives
By using Promotion and Promotional Incentive Models, Pointium provides a more reasonable exchange rate and incentives to users
and their partners.

Lower Cost & Higher Reliability
With block-chain technology, Pointium ensures the lowest transaction reliability and transaction costs without intermediaries.


Difficulty of Point Management
On average, we are registered to the 29 different point programs. This makes point management extremely difficult and causes the points to expire.

Poor Performance of Loyalty Programs
Due to low utilization of points, companies cannot achieve the loyalty program's performance as intended. Such poor performance puts social costs on both customers and businesses.

Increased Liabilities of the Businesses
To the businesses, unused points are listed as liabilities. As customers' points become less utilized, the businesses’ liabilities become larger and negatively affect their financial assessments.

Your Benefits

For Users

Manage Your Points Easily
Pointium Wallet allows you to manage and integrate numerous partners’ points at once.
Get Promotions Quickly
Promotion Feed is the quickest way to check out the special promotion of interested companies.
Use Points in Various Ways
Users can exchange their points for Pointium tokens (PNT), or use their points in the Pointium Shop.

For businesses

Reaching More Customers
Pointium's partners can easily sell and market products to Pointium users.
Enhance Loyalty Program’s Performance
Using Promise Feed and Pointium Shop, partners can drive greater loyalties from potential customers.
Effective Reduction of Liabilities
The Pointium Exchange Model enables partners to effectively reduce their liabilities.


Ethereum ERC20 standard token
Total Supply: 1,600,000,000 PNT
Developer Dividend Token 3 year lock-up
Unsold Tokens are burned
The United States, China and Singapore are prohibited from participation.

Token Sale

Funds accepted: Ethereum (ETH) only
Hard Cap: 800,000,000 PNT
Soft Cap: 50,000,000 PNT
Contribution Limits: 0.2 ETH ~ 500 ETH
Total: 1,600,000,000 PNT
1ETH = 85,000 PNT
10% Discount on Purchases over 100 ETH

Use of Proceeds

Core Development: 60%
Operation & Admin: 20%
Marketing & Sales: 15%
Legal & Accounting: 5%
Sale Period: April 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
Bonus: 1 -2 weak + 30%
                / 3-4 weak + 20%
CAP: 240,000,000 PNT
Sale Period: May 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
Bonus: 1 -2weak + 10%
     / 3-4weak + 0%
CAP: 560,000,000 PNT
Disable token lock-up after KYC
KYC will go on after crowd sale ends (schedule will be released later)

Token Distribution


  • 1–2nd quarters, 2018
  • Pointium Public Marketing
  • Pre-sale and Crowd-sale
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  • 3rd quarter, 2018
  • Exchange Listing
  • Pointium Wallet Web and Open API Development
  • Pointium Mobile Wallet Development
  • Marketing for travel agencies and airlines
  • 4th quarter, 2018
  • Pointium Mobile Wallet Release
  • Pointium Web Wallet Release
  • 1–2nd quarters, 2019
  • Partnership and MOU with related businesses such as airlines and travel agencies.
  • Pointium Mass Marketing for general users
  • Gathering the users of Pointium Community
  • 3rd quarter, 2019
  • Targeting for the related businesses of North America (i.e., U.S. and Canada) and
  • Asia (e.g., China, South Korea, and Japan)
  • 4th quarter, 2019
  • Targeting for an online shopping mall.
  • 2020 ~
  • Worldwide Partnership Expansion

For More Information:

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