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About our company

Payment Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Payportal") is a private company established in 2011 under Indian law by international experts who have been in the payment services industry since 1996.
The Payportal establishes the relationship between their service providers and their customers by processing on-line refills, bill payment and domestic money transfers in the safest and most convenient way through the Payportal wallet.
Business area Our company is Delhi where we successfully manage 80 distributors and 2300 retailers. The Payportal team has grown to more than 20 people with the most sales. During 2017 Payportal has processed approximately 500 million rupees in payments that are 45% higher than in 2016.
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wallet The Payportal platform connects Indian service providers such as banks, mobile operators, digital TV operators, and utility companies with the public through DOMPET. The wallet number corresponds to the owner's phone number.

Resellers use Payportal wallets to meet customer walk-in demands to make bill payments, replenish and transfer Indian domestic money in an easy and safe way. On-line customers enjoy all the features of the wallet remotely.

This platform utilizes the advantages of personal computers and smart phones. Customer and Reseller can access the wallet service on secure web pages via standard web browser or iOS and Android app benefits available on the App Store and Google Play.



The use of blockchain technology is one of the most important tasks for developing a more successful platform.

Decentralized servers will maintain the security of your wallet data in case of hardware failure or hacker attacks.
Implement transboundary money transfer services between Indian migrants living abroad and their families in the country of origin. As Payportal has advanced experience in domestic money transfers, we plan to realize part of this project based on its own blockchain and PPTL Coin crypto currencies. PPTL coins will be accepted as a means of payment and will be convertible into Indian rupees for the last transaction.
All fees will apply in PPTL coins:

Monthly subscription to Payportal service (Bill Bharat Payment system, Aadhaar Activated Payment System) for retailers and distributors.
Creation of new retailers.
Reseller shifts to another distributor.
Emergency cash withdrawal services that can be ordered by retailers.
Distributor loan facility.

Distributors will play a major role in PPTL coin transfers. Distributors purchase tokens in the OTC market or crypto exchange and make smart contract transfers to the Company's wallet. This transaction contains the Payportal receiver's value and receiver's wallet. The PPTL value will automatically be credited to the wallet owner who continues to use Payportal's financial services. Upon expiration of PPTL coins on the Payportal wallet, the service will be suspended.


The primary goal for Payportal is to raise enough capital to implement our plan. A strong cash position will give us a clear escape to gain new customers, expand within the current territory of Delhi and NCR and other geographical markets (Maharashtra, Rajasthan, etc.), pursue new licensing agreements, develop new technologies, expand our development resources and continue to add significant innovations to our wallet technology.

Our PPTL token (PPTL) is UTILITY ERC20 token, and aims to provide the development of Payportal platform. It does not represent equity.

Total Token Emissions are: 20 000 000
Tokens available for sale: 14,500,000
We accept ETH
1 Token = 0.002 ETH

Emission and distribution tokens


2018 Q2
Complete integration with BBPS
The integration with Bharat Bill Pay System will expand access to all utility bills, issued by Indian companies across the country. Customers will be able to take their own billing through the Payportal platform and pay bills on time online or through resellers.

2018 Q3
Releases new iOS and Android apps with DMT
Domestic money transfer services are currently available on web-based platform solutions and need to be extended to smart phone applications that will increase the number of customers' wallets usage.

2018 Q3
Improve sales efforts for the Delhi area
Promotion of new BBPS services such as electricity, gas and water among the largest distributors and retailers in the market. Find the prospect for a new distribution.

2018 Q4
Payet wallet ads
Run an internet advertising campaign to attract and expand online payout wallet users.

2018 Q4
Development of own blockchain
Development and implementation of blockchain technology for data decentralization, cross border money transfer services and cost pooling.

2019 Q1
Geographical expansion into new areas close to Delhi (Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida)
Improve sales teams, create new distributors and retailers in new areas, promote Payportal platforms among retailers.

2019 Q2
Develop and implement loyalty programs for retailers and distributors

Implement a loyalty program, which will motivate retailers to increase sales. Distributors in turn, will improve the quality of service and number of new resellers. In addition, our Company will introduce its own number of services that will be used by retailers and distributors for the redemption of loyal bonuses and receive additional value.

2019 Q4
Geographical expansion to TOP 3 largest cities in India and beyond (Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune or Jaipur)

Registration and opening of new office.
Network creation distributors and retailers.
Promotion of payment services.
Create a co-branded payment product with a bank.

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