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PARSEC - Blockchain MMO Galaxy Virtual Game Where Ownership For All Assets In Game Saved On Blockchain

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Hello everyone, in this post I want to introduce about Parsec Frontiers Virtual Galaxy MMO Blockchain 300 m PRSC project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Parsec Frontiers?

Parsec Frontiers is a virtual galaxy MMO blockchain game where the ownership to all in-game assets are stored on a blockchain. The game has an open, resource-driven economy where players explore the Milky Way galaxy, colonize planets, extract resources, craft and build items and trade with other players on trading exchanges. The in-game currency is Parsec Credits, a token that can also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Parsec Frontiers is a massive multiplayer online persistent world with a virtual economy blockchain. Players can explore the Milky Way galaxy, extract and trade resources, freight goods, attack others at their own peril, manufacture new and more advanced objects, research technology, create or join alliances and utilize ownership of space stations and resource extraction rights to ultimately expand their empire and wealth. All in-game items and resources are stored on a blockchain.

By using blockchain technology, Parsec Frontiers advances virtual economies to a new level. The project provides transparency and gives complete confidence in resources and ownership inside the world. Additionally, holders of in-game assets and in-game currency can quickly trade in and out of their holdings for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Parsec Frontiers features a virtual economy where all transactions of items in the game are stored on a decentralized ledger. The transparency this brings is an innovation for online games that enables new business models in the industry, and revolutionize how live online game services are continuously developed and used. We believe this will be an important trend in the games industry going forward.

The popularity of massive multiplayer online games and virtual worlds has grown tremendously during the last 20 years, and some of the largest services have seen tens of millions of users. Advances in internet connectivity, in computation and visual quality as well as an acceptance of gaming as a normal and mainstream pastime are important reasons for this. Due to the time invested in such games or virtual worlds, it is natural that progress, skills and virtual items resulting from player participation gains a tangible value. Sometimes illicit markets are created outside of such games to facilitate transactions of in-game currencies for real money. 

As blockchain technology advances, several public projects are working to solve problems relating to scalability. Many projects are exploring new algorithms and architectures to either improve and expand existing platforms, or are simply creating new ones.

The Foundations of Virtual Economies
Virtual item transactions have become commonplace in games, and the norm is now that online worlds develop humanistic economics. This highlights to all those involved with transactions that there is a real value attached to virtual items. The virtual market functions similarly to real markets, with fluctuating markets from fluctuating supply and demand enabling profits to be made.

Using blockchain for asset ownership
Blockchain technology is a fastmoving field, constantly solving new problems discovered as the popularity and expansion of the technology grows. Some of the most popular platforms still have challenges regarding transaction costs, validation time or block time, capacity and handling storage of a large ledger.

The game


After Earth’s demise, humanity is desperate to colonize the galaxy and rebuild civilization. It is a galaxy without space stations, travel gates, spaceships and advanced technology. It is up to the players to explore, expand and develop this new world together. The game universe is based on the real Milky Way galaxy, and the players are free to explore and exploit any corner of it. As they do, the persistent shared world will evolve together with the player base, from the infant gold rush age of an unexplored galaxy, to later stages of prosperity and player-run interstellar societies - and war for profit, expansion and glory.


“We discovered interstellar travel around the time we destroyed our own planet. Some people typically pointed out that necessity is the mother of invention. Others claimed it was proof of divine intervention – that for some
reason their gods wanted humans to exist. Most, though, were too busy trying to carve out a new life for themselves. And in chaotic aftermath of the apocalypse, the opportunities are fantastic, but so are the perils.
Freighting goods between solar systems became the most lucrative activity, and quickly created the need for a common currency. Not trusting any of the attempts from interstellar federations, a group of wealthy individuals came
together and created the Parsec Credit, a currency controlled by its owners, modeled after the cryptocurrencies that rose to popularity in the early 21st century.”

Gameplay overview 

Explore: Pilot your ship freely through the galaxy, flying to any point of interest
or celestial body in a fully populated 3D world with other players in it.
Expand: Erect structures and settle colonies on planets, choose how to develop them with new buildings and technologies while balancing their every need.
Exploit: Scan and mine surfaces for resources and extract them manually or
through facilities, construct manufacturing plants and develop modules which can be combined into increasingly larger projects all the way from bullet shells to massive space stations.
Exterminate: Engage in space piracy or interplanetary warfare with other players, and conquer the Universe in decision based strategic combat.

Travel and exploration 
Whilst travelling, players can go about other business such as trading on exchanges, communicating with other players, training his skills, and more. Alternatively, players may observe the view of space from the bridge.

  • Resources and extraction 
  • Trading
  • Skill trees
To produce more advanced equipment, other items may be used as component materials. This enables complex chain crafting, with immense freedom for players but also making large scale operations extremely demanding.
  • Battle
  • API access
Dual token structure and exchangeability

The PARSEC token will be an ERC20 token on Ethereum to allow for an easier crowd sale process and ease of trading on external cryptocurrency exchanges. A corresponding PARSEC asset will also exist on the game chain for use in the game world.
One PARSEC ERC20 token can be converted into one PARSEC customized chain token. The exchange between ERC20 tokens and the customized chain token is facilitated by smart contracts that control the exchange back and forth. The game client will contribute a front-end interface to facilitate the dual token swap transactions.
When a player transfers PARSEC ERC20 tokens into the smart contract they will be locked. Corresponding virtual economy chain tokens will be transferred from a smart contract in the customized blockchain to the player’s address. To convert PARSEC from the game wallet to a player’s Ethereum address,
the player will transfer game chain tokens to the smart contract address and receive PARSEC ERC20 tokens to the connected Ethereum address.
The Ethereum fee for transfers out of the smart contract will be payable in PARSEC game chain tokens and can be playeradjusted per desired transaction priority.

Project roadmap
The project team is dedicated to meet the development schedule to deliver a completely immersive sci-fi world.

For more information and to join Parsec's social media, please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
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