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OLXA - One of the Fastest Cryptocurrencies in the World

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Hello Everyone,

OLXA is Cryptocurrency You Can Spend Anywhere Anytime.

  • Safe, Personal, and Anonymous through P2P networks and advanced hashing algorithms
  • Fast, Instant and Low Cost Transactions let you buy and sell online and offline with ease
  • Decentralized through Ethereum Blockchain Technology is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world.

About OLXA

OLXA Coin is a cryptocurrency designed for lifetime use. OLXA improves on Ethereum Blockchain and aims to meet the initial goal of providing people with a fast, instant, secure and efficient way to create direct transactions with respect to user privacy.

OLXA Coins is designed to be Crypto-Assets that combines Cryptocurrency Blockchain with Real World Assets through Crowd-Projects. In addition to ongoing projects in launching products and services for OLXA Users such as OLXA Visa Cards, Letter of Credit, i-advertising and Crypto E-shop.

9 Years of Experience
We started making E-Commerce and Projects for the most convenient technology solution since 2009. OLXA is the cumulative result of our experienced group collaboration using the most efficient blockchain technology.

Backup Project
OLXA's goal is not just to create cryptocurrency or other assets. We focus on future technologies and infrastructure through the launch of the OLXA Project in Electrical Engineering, E-Commerce, Supply-Chain and Educational Technology.

Main Points about OLXA Coins
OLXA's goal is to provide integrated products and services complete with crowd projects that include the best ideas for the entire community.
Smart Portable Wallet: available starting day 1 with personal integration

CLASS A-DSE Certified
proud A-Class Certified from Direct Sales Equity

Anonymity and Privacy Improvement
keep your information secure with real-time monitoring

Technical Audit and Finance
making OLXA sustainable today and in the future

Global Expansion with the Right Legality
secure our financial services and prove credibility

Advanced Services and Project Crowd
Contribute to Project Crowd-OLXA and hold your stock.

OLXA Service

OLXA offers several advanced products and services based on BlockChain Technology such as Wallet, Visa Card, Exchange, Letter of Credit, Crypto E-Shop and OLXA Advertising.
Smart Wallet
Send and receive OLXA Coins through OLXA Ethereum Wallets in Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and Laptops

OLXA Visa Card
Convert OLXA Coins to Dollars or Euros via OLXA Global Visa Card for Coin Holders.

Global Exchange
Swap OLXA Coins into any currency like $, €, £ and into a crypto like BTC, ETH, XRP etc.

Letter of Crypto Credit
Buyer and Seller agree to have OLXA Group as a Third Party guaranteeing purchase order.

Crypto E-shop
Use OLXA Coins to purchase different brands of products and services available on OLXA Smart E-Shop.

OLXA i-Advertising
Smart Classified Ads with the ability to share profits from Paid to Click, Paid to View and Paid to Visit.


The issuance of OLXA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will fund profitable trade and marketing and enhance OLXA's innovative projects with modern methods of doing Local and Global business to enable respectable OLXA users to utilize their OLXA Coins freely anywhere and anytime alone thus securing their comfort.
Allocation of OLXA Coins
The amount of OLXA Coins is limited to 2.6 billion (2,600,000,000) and you do not have to wait so as not to miss this great opportunity. Only 1.5 Billion Coins will be available for ICO Crowdsale.

The rest of OLXA Coins
The rest of the coins will be distributed correctly among Gifts, Valuable Manufacturing Products, Future Benefits Projects, and partnerships, some in secure public holdings and some on the Global Exchange to be exchanged over the long term.

Payment Methods
OLXA Coins can be purchased conveniently using Ethereum ETH, BitCoin BTC, LiteCoin LTC, and other payment methods.

Receiving Your Coins
Write your Ethereum ERC20 Wallet Address in your order-checkout page to receive your OLXA Coins. We recommend using Myetherwallet, It’s just as easy as that.

Click here to know more information about participating in the ICO.

For more information and joining Olxa social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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