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NAUTICUS - Creating Global Banking, eCommerce, And Global Security Solutions

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Hello everyone, in this post I would like to introduce about Nauticus project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Nauticus Coins

NTS is a utility token and is not a digital currency, security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument and is notregistered under any securities laws within the Commonwealth of Australia or any other jurisdiction. NTS cannot be used for any purposes otherthan those provided in the whitepaper, including but notlimited to, any investment, speculative or other financial purposes. Nauticus will not be held liable for any loss incurred due to financialtrading by the user. NTS is notintended for sale or use in any jurisdiction where sale or use of digital tokens may be prohibited. NTS confers no other rights in any form with respectto Nauticus, including but notlimited to any ownership, distribution (including but not limited to profit), redemption, liquidation, proprietary (including all forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal rights, otherthan those specifically described in the whitepaper.

Nauticus will also establish a sustainable blockchain mining center in 2019 to provide revenue, along with sizeable server capacity, and to ensure ultra-fast processing for users of Nauticus services. Profits from the exchange and mine will be reinvested in the business to support the subsequent development of a low-cost eCommerce platform, along with merchant and peer-topeer payment options. The company will also develop a 'one and done' Know Your Customer (KYC) verification service and create an ICO community with a range of resources and services for new ICOs along with a quality verification system. The Nauticus Coin will underpin all of these exciting solutions Within 12 months after they are established, using our most conservative estimates, the Nauticus Exchange and blockchain mine are projected to generate revenue of approx. $17.7 million, growing to $74.8 m the following year.

Early supporters of the Nauticus ICO will be provided a BONUS OF UP TO 30 PERCENT FREE. There are many more free coins on offer through our referrals program. Members of the general public can access 100 FREE COINS simply by signing up to
Funds raised in the ICO will support the development and launch of the Nauticus Exchange as a priority. This will provide a platform to implement our strategy to grow the value of the Nauticus Coin. Funds will also be used to construct a blockchain mining center which will provide revenue for further expansion, as well as a large amount of server capacity for Nauticus users.
The ICO target is $68 million and will run until the hard cap of $88 million has been reached, or until the conclusion of the ICO period (May 18, 2018). No purchases after the hard cap has been reached will be accepted. The soft cap is $8 million.

Our vision is to create usable, efficient and sustainable global banking, eCommerce and security solutions based on innovative blockchain technology. We want to encourage everyone to participate in the FinTech revolution being brought about by blockchain technology. Our solutions are aimed at everyday users, businesses of all sizes as well as local, state and federal governments. At the same time, we want to help to create a better world for everyone, especially the underprivileged. We are strongly focused on social responsibility and philanthropy. Nauticus will use its influence and global community to bring about change to those who need it the most. Improving living standards in developing countries, advocating for equal rights, and protecting the environment are among our core values. Nauticus upholds the highest ethical and legal standards and considers the protection of user assets its most critical mission.


Nauticus ICO will be available from March 31, 2018 to April 30, 2018. A presale will run from March 18 to March 30, 2018. One Nauticus Coin (NTS) is worth 0.00001 BTC. Bonuses up to 30 percent will be offered during the ICO period.

ICO Attributes

Start date: 18 - 03 - 2018 / 00 : 00 GMT
Sale term in days: 44 days
End of ICO 18 - 5 - 2018 / 00 : 00 GMT
Nauticus Coin Price: 0.00001 BTC each
Totaltoken supply for : 2,500,000,000 NTS
ICO early completion: When sold out
Adjustable emission: Excess NTS supply will be burned based on public tokens ratio, ensuring fair value for contributors
Tokens supplied postICO: NIL
Soft Cap: $ 8,000,000.00 USD
ICO Target $ 68,000,000.00 USD
Hard cap : $ 88,000,000.00 USD
Action if ICO target not obtained: Project will continue as planned, with scale and functionality adjusted.

Token Allocation


Mid 2018
Crypto and fiat currency exchange
Secure high-speed currency exchange, enabling ICO supporters to instantly swap Nauticus Coins with 100 crypto and six fiat currencies at launch (more added). Under construction and scheduled to open in mid-2018.

Green blockchain mining center
Build an environmentally-friendly mining center that provides cheaper and faster transactions for Nauticus users, generates revenue to expand our operations, and provides social benefits for developing countries.

eCommerce platform
Marketplace with easy-to-use mobile interface that allows instant payments in any currency, crypto or fiat - powered by Nauticus Coin. Ultra-low listing and payment fees, high security ranking and high ranking and accountability systems.

Merchant payment platform
Comprehensive business solutions with instant payment settlement, unattended payment methods through NFC, QR, ApplePay, AndroidPay, and low cost down to 0.1 percent. Analytical support for companies and governments. Peer-to-peer fund transfer.

Global KYC verification
Become a global partner in your new Identify Customer Identification system, where users are verified only once. Users control the sharing of sensitive data through biometric authorizations, enabling the provision of only relevant information for businesses, governments or organizations on request.

ICO gate
Setting resources for new ICOs including IT, finance, law, marketing, and HR assistance. Launch ICO registers and quality approval stamp. This will support the blockchain community and help protect investors. Add new ICO coins to Nauticus Exchange.

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