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MULTIVERSUM - The Proof of Integrity Validation Concept (Ie Cryptographic Proof Of Server Codes)

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Greetings Community,

Multiversum offers complex data organization instead of data sequencing, chain splitting and rejoining to allow for greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of Proof of Integrity validation (i.e. cryptographic proof of server code) instead of existing Proof of Work or Proof of Stake solutions. Furthermore, Multiversum will feature ERC20/ERC23 integration, allowing coins and tokens from other solutions to be hosted on our chain and vice versa, with notary services as an external confirmation method. Meanwhile, together with these innovations, we are certainly going to make use of several good solutions that our colleagues already implemented over time.

Multiversum The 4th Generation Relational Blockchain

Why is Multiversum the 4.0 Blockchain?
  • Relational Blockchain
    A brand new Blockchain which features different types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.
  • Splittable Chains
    Resources optimization among nodes because of chain severability.
  • Transaction Speed
    In 0.2 seconds funds are transferred from one wallet to another.
  • Transaction Throughtput
    Unlimited scalability system: 64,000 Tps (1000 Tps/core) on a 64 cores server. Support to 64+ cores technologies.
  • Proof of Integrity
    PoS (Proof of Stake) will be replaced by PoI (Proof of Integrity).
  • Next Generation Wallet
    Cutting edge security in access and funds transfers with biometric inputs with multicurrency support.
  • Eco-friendly
    A Multiversum transaction will have trifling cost and next to zero environmental footprint.
  • Rollback
    Rollback will not operate on coins, but on tokens.
  • Recovery Nodes Physical Servers Allocation
    The servers which run Recovery Nodes are scattered all over the world in case of global disaster recovery.

The Multiversum

Public health, finance and the whole economic system are about to join the technologic revolution brought by Blockchain. One of our main goals is to meet the needs of every market entity that requires high operational security and can improve its productivity with Blockchain technology.

With our high security and stability standards, we make the concept of Blockchain 4.0 real and operative, offering innovative and efficient solutions at trifling costs. The philosophy that inspired and leads Multiversum is Green Will manifesto, which can be resumed in three words:
  • People: social aspect: individual development, respect of human values.
  • Planet: environmental aspect: crucial resource, whose respect is inexorable.
  • Profit: economic aspect: engine of every project, it determines its feasibility.

The Problem

Modern blockchains can't interface complex data and provide them promptly to the network. They also don't allow back-end control over system integrity and security: therefore, current situation doesn't ease market expansion in institutional, financial, industrial and governmental environments. Some cryptocurrencies are currently used in the market, but the complexity of their implementation makes them scarcely usable.

Our Solution: a Relational Blockchain 4.0

We provide our customers with tools that allow the generational leap to a safer Blockchain 4.0, able to create synergies among cryptocurrencies and to adapt to their specific needs, splitting and rejoining itself , allowing for a neater and faster data flux, which can manage them in a complex structured universe.

A Multiverse of Possibilities

We make use of a multicurrency wallet which boasts high security and reliability, and is rollback compliant, protecting users from scams, hackings and wrong transactions. External coins and tokens will be able to move freely on-chain, allowing for fast chain-to-chain interoperability. We also ensure low fees and the reliability common to every decentralized system. With our biometric data access, based on fingerprint and retina scan, the concept of password becomes obsolete. Finally, data sharding, and the existence of backup nodes in different continents, ensure survivability and self-recovery in case of global disaster.

We offer our technology to financial institutions, public and government bodies, industries and private individuals who want to secure data with immutable certification and sure state.

Our mission is to achieve syntony between IT security and cryptocurrencies universes.

R&D - Hacker Bounties
Our challenge addresses to future. We want to offer you a tool that ensures extreme safety, and will reward whoever finds vulnerabilities and fixes to help us improve our level of protection.

Download App
Download our speed test App for Android and iOS (in preparation) and start receiving and sending TEST payments from and to everywhere in the world on your mobile device.


Target 35,000,000 USD
141,000,000 of Token ERC20 MTV
Token value: 1 USD
ICO 01-05-2018 to 10-06-2018
Time | Bonus
1st & 2nd week | 20% Bonus
3rd & 4th week | 15% Bonus
5th & 6th week | 10% Bonus

Multiversum, in case of issues in ICO access which it can’t be held responsible for, or other force majeure delays, reserves the right to extend the ICO phase by 15 days in order to guarantee contributors’ participation.

SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 USD
(if the soft-cap will not be reached during pre-ICO and ICO, the funds will be returned)

HARD CAP: 35,000,000 USD
(once the hard-cap is reached, the donations will be halted)

TOTAL SUPPLY 141,000,000 MTV
Airdrop of the undistributed tokens once a week, to all the wallets that still hold 100% of the MTV tokens you are intitled to at any ICO stage. The airdrop will start 2 weeks after the end of ICO and will last 18 months. 
1% of funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.


Technical Road Map

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80
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