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Friday, April 27, 2018

MSTCOIN - AI Genetic Builder Automatically With One Click

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about MstCoin project Decentralized AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with AI generator, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Decentralization of AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

"MST Decentralize Strong AI Trading Platform and AI genetic builder automatically on one click"

The brightest team of financial technology experts in the world with a combined experience of over a millennium. MST has the most advanced products and services for brokers, hedge funds, financial institutions, and professional traders. We always have a clear direction and vision that keeps our clients ahead of the curve as finance and technology evolve.

After years of teamwork, starting from the beginning 3 years ago, hard work finally paid off! We have been approved to be a Direct Trading App for Thailand Stock Exchange (SET).

Not an easy task, but our roadmap will illustrate history from the beginning and expand the vision we have planned for the future. With a clear objective in front of us, we have planned to focus on all types of trading platforms and exchanges for new future around the world.

With a team of expert developers from frontend to exchange, we are here to serve all cryptocurrencies under one roof. With the newly launched and most advanced AI trading software, we provide fast and reliable data from the barchart.


Feed and Tick

CRYPTO CURRENCY Extremely reliable feed and real-time tick data! Minimum Applicable, and 0% Exchange of Bitcoin Trade Fee

Membership card

Become a member and pay with your own Membership card. With exclusive members-only offers, you will benefit from MST Coins and 40% discount for Workspace and Work Training Room in Thailand and India! As we expand, more locations will be added soon from around the world!

50% off

Discount commission fee paid to MST Trading Application (Paid with MST COIN) Conditions Applicable * to trade shares and futures in Thailand and Indian Market (In January 2019). Discounts with MST COIN for MST Plugin to Amibroker For Crypto Currency, Stocks and Currencies, Discounts for Buying New Intelligent Trading Platform Lab (AI Genetic) Platform for Stock market, Currency Currency and Crypto (build your Own Algo Trading System) and Trading in MST EXTENDED.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a large-scale conference dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.


"MSTCOIN makes it profitable by charging only 0.10% on its standard trading"

Traders can make it more profitable by investing in MSTCOIN ICO and utilizing a lifetime BTC cut of 0% on all trades. This means there is no BTC to be truncated in their trade for a lifetime.

ICO Investor MSTCOIN: - 0% BTC Reduction for Lifetime (INVEST IN 10000 TOKENS MSTCOIN IN STAGE ICO). Investors who will invest in at least 10,000 MSTCOIN tokens on ICO token sales, will utilize a 0% BTC service that is deducted in MSTCOIN lifetime exchange on all their trades.

MSTCOIN makes Trade profitable cost Standard MSTCOIN: - maker 0.10% / takers 0.10%. MSTCOIN only implements 0.10% of the 0.10% taker maker, the lowest among all trade exchanges in Thailand and India.


Generate More with MSTCOIN!
Get Paid by Referring Your Friends

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Get Paid by Referring Your Friends

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Invite others through your referral link and get compensation from all their trades!

Get Payment
Earn 20% of all fees paid directly from users you've referred in real time!

Details of ICO

MSTCOIN Token Name
Hard Cap $ 14.34 million
Pre-Sale (Soft Cap) $ 3.81 million USD (105,000,000 MSTCOIN)
MSTCOIN Token Name
Total Token Supply 500,000,000
Total Tokens for sale 300,000,000 MSTCOIN available for sale
Min Individual Contribution 0.1 ETH
Price Token 1 MSTCOIN = 0,000057 ETH / 1,1616 THB (Baht of Thailand) / 0.036300 USD ($)
KYC Thai Baht requires prior KYC permission.
Etherreum Protocol ERC20
Receive Fund BTC, ETH, LTC, THB
* Reference price from 23-27 April 2018 | 1 USD = 32 THB (Baht Thai), 633 USD / 20,256 THB = 1 ETH

• Start - Pre-Sale Sales Token begins on May 3, 2018. End - Pre-sale sales Token until May 10, 2018. Maximum purchase amount - 500000 MSTCOIN (Valid Terms)
• General Sales Starting with 35% Bonus Will Start about 1-2 weeks after completion of Second Sale (please see our website for more information to get the most benefits during ICO)
• To utilize the BTC 0% abatement service on MSTCOIN exchange minimum 10000 MSTCOIN must be purchased upon sale of ICO.
• Maximum purchase tokens will be 500,000 MSTCOIN. There will be no minimum to buy that amount.

Use of Funds


February 2018: Start crypto currency exchange project
March – April 2018: Start Whitelist
May 2018: Fund Raise Through Coin Sales and begin
June 2018: DDOS Integration
July 2018: Exchange Launch
August 2018: Fix Bugs, More Coins will be added to exchange
September 2018: Listing on coin market cap (MST), Listing on external exchange (MST)
October 2018: More coins will be added in exchange
November 2018: Android and IOS wallet (MST), Merchant acceptance online stores (MST)
1st Quarter 2019
Listed on second and third exchange (MST), More coins will be added in exchange More coins will be added in exchange we will keep on growing
3rd Quarter 2019
Raise Funds though IPO In Thailand Stock Exchange and listed our company in the market under symbol "MST" and Live and start trading in MST Exchange.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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