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MOVITOKEN - Cryptocurrency Community ERC20 + VERIFIED

Greetings Communities, in this post I would like to introduce about Movitoken project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

MoviToken is a community cryptocurrency ERC20 + VERIFIED developed specifically for independent film communities.

What is MoviToken?

The Future of Indie Film

Producers can pay for talent and crew with MoviTokens. Basically finance the film in Ethereum Blockchain. Cast / Crew can later swap MoviTokens for Ethereum (ETH), then to USD, BTC, or altcoin or other tokens.

Community Currency

MoviToken is a community cryptocurrency that makes "low / no pay" days and "suspends" the agreement into something of the past. With MoviToken, everyone is paid! The producer can then use cash for equipment, expenses, etc.

MoviToken Guarantee

MoviToken was created by an indie film producer to fill the gap in the world of indie film - financing gap. The MoviToken smart contract, deployed on Ethereum Blockchain, can not be changed. It can not be "killed".

MOVI Exchanges

Application of MoviToken

Trading MoviToken (MOVI) strengthens the independent film community by allowing producers to utilize a community currency on projects with limited cash.

How is this done?
  • Paying cast and crew with MoviToken.
  • Crowdfund with MoviToken only, then trade on exchange.
  • Accept MoviToken for your services.
  • Utilize MoviToken with investors, keeping accountability on the blockchain.
  • Producers can even request payment from distributors in MoviToken,
  • facilitating the freedom to trade on the open market to potentially further
  • maximize profit.

Why use MoviToken?
  • Using MoviToken prevents cash from leaving the community, increasing
  • vitality.
  • MoviToken ensures that the money circulates locally within every film
  • community worldwide, i.e. each city, town, village, etc. that is home to a “film
  • scene”.
  • MoviToken builds trust and support within the indie film community
  • Utilizing MoviToken promotes creativity and resourcefulness within the
  • community, developing skills and potential.
  • MoviToken is fully inclusive, enabling everyone, regardless of status, to
  • integrate and contribute to the indie film community.

MoviToken Today

MoviToken is currently trading on the following exchanges:,,, and
Additionally, MoviToken can be bought and sold through
MoviToken symbol: MOVI
MoviToken contract: 0x623B925b0A57a24EA8dE301F2E3E692cE903f0c3

The Future of MoviToken
MoviToken is a community currency for the independent film community and as such must be easily exchangeable to promote adoption within the community.

The following shall not be interpreted as a complete MoviToken roadmap:

Q2 2018
  • MoviToken will partner with Bancor for continuous liquidity. This alone can
    promote trust and use within the indie film community.
  • The first production studio to adopt the use of MoviToken will be announced.

Q3 2018
  • The first feature film to be produced with MoviToken will be announced.
  • MoviToken will partner with a crowdfunding platform to assist filmmakers
    with raising funds for their projects.
  • Production to begin on the first MoviToken funded feature film. (late Q3)

Q4 2018
  • By Q4 2018, MoviToken should be listed on more than 1 major exchange and incorporated by several dApps. MoviToken is currently working on becoming listed by Komodo’s BarterDEX and ETHlend’s Lending Platform.

  • Release of the first MoviToken funded feature film.
  • Southern Meridian, LLC will publically release the first of several case studies on the use of MoviToken to produce a motion picture. Data and findings will be provided by an independent research firm. (The exact date is highly dependent upon distribution schedule.)

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Southern Meridian, LLC: 250,000,000
TBA Production Studio: 250,000,000
Market: 500,000,000


Securing finances to produce a feature film, TV pilot, web series, a profound documentary, an award winning short film, is getting increasingly difficult. MoviToken aims to revolutionize this process, for every filmmaker, by bringing a continuously liquid alternative currency to the table.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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