Monday, April 16, 2018

MILLIONCOIN- Developing the Funds Received, Will Become a Comprehensive Ecosystem

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MON is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The platform we plan to develop thanks to the funds gained, will be a comprehensive ecosystem, gathered in an innovative and unused place, to date, the crypto currency market area.

MON tokens can be used to pay on the platform and also to gain access to additional platform functionality.

Ecosystem - description

Ecosystem describes the functioning of the platform that can be created in case of achieving ICO aims. The platform that we are planning to activate thanks to the funds obtained will consist of many applications, gathering in one place innovative and, until this moment, unused areas of the cryptocurrencies market. Thanks to this platform, transactions with the use of cryptocurrencies will become much easier and the commissions for particular activities will be more currencies between the applications without the requirement to transfer them between the wallets of exchange offices, exchanges and shops, and thanks to that the users will not be charged additional transaction fees. The costs of transfers will be limited only to transferring the currency onto the platform and withdrawing it into a private
user’s wallet. At any moment, the users will have the possibility to pay in new funds or to withdraw the funds available from the platform to their private wallet. Favorable for the users.

As a target, the system will enable users to exchange For the first time since the creation of cryptocurrencies a user will have at their disposal modern and comprehensive solutions allowing them to make transactions with the use of cryptocurrencies and to receive experts’ counseling on law and bookkeeping concerning cryptocurrencies, all in one place. Our aim is to use the potential of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. We would like each person interested in cryptocurrencies to have an easy start without the necessity to get to know all the technical aspects of operating cryptocurencies.

MON Token


MillionCoin (abbreviation MON) is a cryptographic token based on the Ethereum network whose distribution will help us to create a comprehensive platform offering a wide range of services connected with the use of cryptocurrencies. We are planning that, within the platform, it will be possible to payand buy goods with the use of different cryptocurrencies but it is the MON token that will provide additional benefits, such as discounts or access to specialized functionalities that the platform will offer. It will be possible to use MON for shopping, exchanging, paying and settling bills for the services available within the platform. The funds gathered thanks to ICO will be allocated to step up the development of the platform and implementation of next innovative services. As a target, it will also be possible to sell MON token on external exchanges and in the future to also exchange it on an internal exchange in the platform.

Token technical specification

Million Coin (MON) was built on the Ethereum network as ERC20 token. The standard of the token was introduced in 2015 and it defines the basic rules to be implemented for cryptocurrencies based on its protocol. ERC20 is very often selected by companies building their cryptocurrencies in ICO model. The biggest successes include the sale of such tokens as: EOS, Sirin Labs, Bancor, Quash czy BANKEX. Software House creating the technological equipment for our platform is a guarantee that MON token will fulfill the highest categories of security and will be implemented based on the most modern cryptographic technology.

Stages and amount of tokens


The plan of activities and development of MON ICO platform from the moment of creating the idea and programming creation of the application until.

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