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METAL FACTORY - Creating the First Group of High-Tech Industrial Automatic Production

Foto Metal Factory ICO 2.0.

Hello everyone, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Metal Factory project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About Tomsk Metalwork Factory (TMF)

Profitable location
The plant is located in the region of the largest petrochemical company, which is a major consumer of metal structures.
A Profitable Area
There are no competitors in this region. The nearest factory is located 500 km from Tomsk.
The current capitalization of the plant is $ 4.8 million
This factory has a rich and fully stocked raw material base.

The latest custom line for beam creation in accordance with GOST. welded beams as structural steel frame construction allows not only to facilitate structural elements that have high safety factors, but also to create support and more cost-effective parts of some elements, and, thus, reduce the weight of metal construction.

Competition: nothing in this region
Demand area: 2740 tons
Production cost: 400-630 $ / ton
Selling price: 850-1400 $ / ton

Equipment for the production of basal mineral wool boards with a density of 70-155 kg / m³. This plate is a synthetic fiber obtained from melting stone. It is a highly effective heat insulation material with high temperature resistance and exposure to organic matter and insects.

Competition: Height
Request region: 624.900 m³
Production cost: 10-40 $ / m³
Selling price: 15-90 $ / m³

Equipment for corrugated board manufacture, which is actively used in prefabricated building industry construction. Recently, the profiled sheet has become irreplaceable. It is widely used by construction companies, very convenient to use for roof and wall. The profiled sheet is also used as a wall (wall fence of industrial and civil facilities), enclosing the construction, partitioning as well as in the production of three layered wall panels.

Competition: medium
Request area: 3 153 300 m2
Production cost: 2-3 $ / m2
Selling price: 3-5 $ / m2

The objective of this project is to create the first group of high-tech auto industrial production in Russia on the basis of Tomsk Metalwork Factory (TMF) - a factory which was given tokenisasi with full technology tracking.

Token distribution

Advantages for the investor

Offer not to be missed
 The price of the token is provided by a real production and a strong team with an excellent reputation;
 After the development and implementation of the ASOC blockchain each token holder will receive ASOC coin in an amount equal to the number of tokens;
 Scientific discoveries, patents and technologies developed by the research team within the framework of the project are the property of the holders of the tokens, in proportion to their share.

Profits of TMF
Fund dividends for holders of the token.

Redemption of tokens
TMF undertakes to redeem all the tokens within 5 years.


  • 2018 year: Pre ICO, ICO, the development of the project, the launch of the Factory, the development of the ASOC blockchain, the provision of reports.
  • 2019 year: Payment of Dividends, work reports.
  • 2020 year: Establishment of a fund, launch of an internal stock exchange for the placement of shares of connected enterprises, provision of a report.
  • 2021 year: Globalization ASOC.

PRE ICO – 05.18
ICO – 07.18-08.18

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