Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MERCULET - Chief Growth Officer Of Global Entrepreneurs

Hello Everyone, In this post I want to introduce about Merculet project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Purpose and Vision of Merculet

Merculet, as Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurs, uses blockchain technology to transform relationships between consumers, investors and producers, giving entrepreneurs a one-stop solution, allowing global users to monetize their attention. In the meantime, it also helps companies grow their business by creating a mutually beneficial feedback ecosystem and trillions of economic redistribution of dollars from the economy.
Merculet hopes that every user will benefit from blockchain technology without changing their habits; any entrepreneur who values ​​their users will achieve rapid growth through the Merculet by giving them a deeper value.

Merculet Solutions

Merculet Attention Value Network
Merculet proposes a growth methodology based on user attention: Merculet builds Network of Attention Values. This network links supply and demand concerns with an open protocol suite to encourage Internet circulation. Good value. On the one hand, it provides various methods for user operation. On the other hand, it offers real users and business scenarios for various existing public chain projects, promoting an effective value circulation.
Value Values ​​Network embodies the circulation of values ​​in distributed advertising
communities, bringing new production relationship experiences to users and entrepreneurs, and redefining valuable user traffic structures.

The core components of the project include:
  1. User Attention System Evaluation (UAV):
    The UAV system effectively evaluates user attention, completes digitization and capitalization, and provides evidence of an effective workload, that is, UAVs. It builds long-term trust relationships between employers and users as well as new mechanisms for the interest community.
  2. Incentive Attention System: UAT (User Attention Token), Merchants Alliance of Market Application Merulin UAT can issue UAT for users based on UAV value. The UAT will use the MVP token base (Merculet Value Protocol), enabling synergies and value exchanges between entrepreneurs, thus creating a token era.
  3. To address the source of user concerns, Merculet will provide the Blockchain-based Mercuret Content Platform: Based on consensus and driven by tokens, it will provide a decentralized platform for the entire industry chain globally. It is also dedicated to solving global content circulation problems caused by cultural differences.

MVP Circulation Value

MVP Value Anchors As the main token of business growth, MVP provides a fundamental value for entrepreneurial entrepreneurial activity around the world:
  • Let employers have more business scenarios: like online advertising, content subscriptions. MVP will continue to support more business scenarios to encourage them to grow and continue to increase ecological value.
  • As a reward for user attention, it will actually achieve the effect of 1 + 1> 2: MVP is not limited to one Application or one company but can be outstanding. This is closely related to the growth of various companies in various scenarios. At the same time, effective evaluation of user attention can be used to support entrepreneurs so that business logic can be quickly operated.
  • As an incentive for the number of basic efforts in the Open Content Platform, such as rewards for translators.
  • As a reward for high quality content producers in the process of content circulation, promote the sound development of content ecology.

Characteristics of MVP

MVP has the following features:
  • Limited total amount: maintaining a certain extent and scarcity;
  • Many circulation scenarios: with wide coverage, support all business customer service business scenarios;
  • Broad target audience: Economic Attention covers all mobile internet users. MVP can deepen the transformation and evaluation of user value, and gradually guide the sharing of values.



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