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MARKET.SPACE - Decentralized Self-Regulatory System For Data Storage, Transmission, And Direct Content Distribution

Project overview is a decentralized self-regulatory system for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution. It performs several non-standard functions which make it stand out from the competition:
  • — As a host aggregator, allows professional hosting providers and data centers to thrive on leasing the unused storage capacities
  • — Our system works as a marketplace, without imposed plans or transaction fees, which means affordable pricing
  • — With, authentic content can be distributed seamlessly and securely bypassing intermediaries and their fees. 

This function is intrinsically embedded in the system architecture while the competitors would need centralization or additional apps for it The responsible data storage is carried out in accordance with the algorithms set in the smart contract. All the participants are treated equally and receive a remuneration for their engagement in data transmission. Use of the distributed ledger technology along with involvement of professional hosting providers underpins utterly secure and reliable service while request and offer system with exchange-based pricing provides affordability.


The concept of platform was finalized in the third quarter of 2017. Our Team has been actively involved in development and support of international data storage and transmission projects for more than 5 years. Thus the idea of a system which would allow for reliable data storage at affordable price has been nursed for a long time. Now that the market needs such a system heavily, we have embarked on developing the internal architecture.

What has to offer
  • Reliability
    — Decentralization ensures high fault tolerance of the system, for example in case of DDoS attacks.
    — Data storage is delegated to professionals (experienced hosting providers).
    — The insurance deposit guarantees contractors’ liability while objective rate system based on metrics incentivizes the contractors to fulfill their commitments.
  • Anonymity of the participants is reached through absence of centralized registration.
  • is devised as a zero knowledge system: all the upload and download links are temporary; each link stands for an encrypted part of the file. In other words, only uploader and downloader can access the files.
  • The offer and request system and unlimited number of participants allow the platform to function as a marketplace and thus form a more affordable price in comparison with the analogous services.
  • doesn’t impose fixed pricing: a customer pays only for time and storage used.
  • Data security is guaranteed by the distributed ledger system and encryption of parts the file is split into.
  • All the participants of data transmission are remunerated.
  • Advanced equipment used by professional hosting providers is more energy efficient than consumer devices exploited in other decentralized storage services. 

Thus CO2 emission is reduced globally whereas companies get an opportunity to make expenses more cost-effective. The table below highlights the advantages of relative to competitors (including both popular cloud storages and decentralized services based on blockchain).

Host aggregator: Enabling hosts to thrive on leasing unused disc space.
Supersafe and reliable: service for data storage and transmission.
Direct distribution: of content Both artist and audience benefit from the absence of intermediaries and their fees.
Unfettered transparent: marketplace Customers get access to professional hosting providers.


Presently customers are forced to choose between the deficiencies of centralized data silos and confiding valuable data to brittle consumer devices decentralized storages rely on. Solution aims to create a perfectly reliable and secure, yet cost-effective
data storage system. brings together professional hosting providers in one place where customers can easily approach them and choose a contractor with the best suitable price and rating.
  • Credibility of the contractors is backed up by insurance deposits and metrics-based rate system.
  • Use of distributed ledger technology grants bulletproof anonymity.
  • Decentralization ensures reliability and high fault tolerance.

What makes stand out from the other storage services?


Customers: Pay only for what you use and enjoy supersafe storage with instant and round-the-clock data access.
Hosts: Earn on utilizing your unused capacities.
Miners, Proxies: Gain extra profits for doing what you are used to.

Market potential

Today the number of Internet users reaches up to 3.8B people, which makes almost 50% of the world population.

39% of them, or 1.5B people, regularly use cloud storage services.

The volume of the cloud storage market totalled to $27.1B in 2016. With an annual growth rate of nearly 25%, it's expected to hit $99B mark by 2022.

Market penetration will have grown from 47% to 59% by 2020.

The number of cloud storage users is forecast to reach 4.6B people in 2022. offers a solution both customers and contractors will benefit from.

How the System works

System — data storage and transmission service based on the distributed ledger technology.


Sender is a customer who uploads some data to the System and pays for the storage with the internal cryptocurrency.
Receiver downloads the data from the System. Depending on the conditions set by Sender, Receiver can download data either for a fee or free of charge. Naturally, Sender may act as Receiver. In order to download and decrypt the data, Receiver must obtain a public key from Sender.


Host acts as the main contractor storing Sender’s data.
Miner creates blocks and verifies transactions.
Proxy is an optional contractor lending their device and Internet channel as one of the nodes during data transfer from Sender to Host(s). That’s how the real IP-address of Sender is hidden from Host.
Insurer is another optional participant who takes a small commission to underwrite the Customer’s risks.
Passphrase (Password) is an easy-to-remember phrase, word or a number of symbols set by Sender.
Chunk is part of a file encrypted with the private key.
Private key is created on the basis of passphrase and serves for encryption of chunks.
Public key created on the basis of the private key is used for decryption.
Меtadata is the information required to identify a chunk stored by Host


1. Smart contract #1 development
2. MASP emission
3. Development of the System and smart contract #2
4. Launch

Key figures of the token sale
Token emission is limited to the ICO time — 6 weeks. No pre-sale will be carried out.
Whatever number of tokens is sold during the ICO, it’s going to be finite. No additional emissions will be held after the ICO.
Soft cap — $15,000,000
Hard cap — $50,000,000
During the ICO we will adhere to the exchange rate below:
1 MASP = $0.35
Minimum contribution: $35
Maximum contribution: Unlimited
Accepted funds: ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, Siacoin (SC), STORJ

Bonus program

Our special offers during the ICO include the following:
  • — 25% bonus for tokens bought within the first 24 hours
  • — 15% bonus for tokens bought within 10 days starting from the 2nd day of the ICO
  • — 10% bonus for tokens bought within 14 days starting from 12th day of the ICO.

Token and proceeds allocation

67% of the proceeds will cover the system development and launch. This includes the points below:
  • — Developing and testing blockchain and smart contracts
  • — Elaborating a viable economic model, business plan audit
  • — Test launch
  • — Full fledged launch

Bounty program: 3% will be used as reward in bug search campaign
5% will be allocated to the international network of representative offices aimed at engagement of local participants (both Customers and Contractors)
15% for running the initial infrastructure to support the launch of the System. (We are going to acquire equipment and act as a Host on the same terms as other Contractors).
10% for unforeseen expenses (e.g. exchange rate volatility).


QI 2018 ICO
QII 2018 Expanding the Team: looking for talented developers, economists, lawyers etc
QII-QIII 2018 Blockchain platform and smart contracts: development, testing, audit
QIII 2018 Legal: elaborating juridical documentation
QIII 2018 Viable economic model: elaboration and audit
QIV 2018 Devising basic version of customer software (console application for all the groups of participants)
QI 2019 Test launch
QI-QII 2019 Debugging
QIII 2019 System launch
QIII 2019 — QI2020 Further promotion and expansion: increasing the number of participants and entering new markets
QI 2020 Customer software for mobile platforms (Android, iOS)

To find more relevant details of the project, please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80