Monday, April 30, 2018

KACHINGCOIN - The Most Complete Investment Ecosystem In the world, Supported By Blockchain

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about KachingCoin project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Coin Kaching?

KACHET Coins (KAC) will be the sole mechanism for transferring values ​​in the life-respiratory ecosystem in all subsystems and micro-ecosystems by offering a complete investment and trading ecosystem - We create value for investors and KAC users. Kaching Coins is really the easiest token to use. With ready-made products ready to be tested by Pre-ICO investors, Kaching Coins is the most complete investment ecosystem in the world, supported by Blockchain.

The goal of the Kachingcoin project is to offer a complete ecosystem where the largest range of investments will be available to people. For beginners, the KachingCoin project provides an opportunity to monitor, invest, and copy transactions from other professional and experienced traders. For traders and professional funds, KachingCoin provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity to promote the largest selection of investors in the blockchain network to date.

KachingCoin is ready to provide friendly and efficient customer service with maximum processing speed and no commissions. Information will be freely transferred to the entire ecosystem through the exchange of messages, forums and P2P chat. Information will also be transmitted through other social media. In combination with a variety of educational tools, research and development laboratories, and even trade tournaments, the KachingCoin project offers the best trade and investment environment.

Solutions For Market Needs

1. Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust.
So how does Blockchain respond to Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust needs? To answer this question, let's look at the following diagram first:

2. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Faster and Easier.
Especially in developing countries, there is an inherent need for easy storage and withdrawal services. Using Token Kaching, Powered by Blockchain, and a combination of local deposits and other smart payment systems, deposits and withdrawals have never been easier. Safe, secure, traceable and fully transparent.

3. Client
Kaching has identified three key Client archetypes; Brokers, Investors, and Investment Managers (Traders) Understanding the needs of the Client Archetypes, we have skillfully tailored our services to address these important issues.


Brokers will be accepted to create their company profile on the Kaching Social Trading Platform. Here they will be able to reach larger markets and communicate easily to prospective traders and even IBs.


Every user of any Social Media Platform can advise you that the User Interface and Usage of the software are essential to the User Experience and Functional Platform. The ability to search (Info and Fund), Allocation (Info and Capital), and Share (Info and Experience) easily are some of the most important priorities when thinking of "Investor Experience".

Kaching Ecosystem

The Kaching ecosystem will be the most complete investment ecosystem supported by Blockchain, which provides exceptional value to each and every other participant. The Kaching Coin (KAC) will be the center and source of ecosystem strength. Each individual section will also contribute to the appreciation of KAC values.

Sales Token (KAC)

Every change in this company has a very special commercial value. Facilitating potential investors is one of the things that CryptoCurrency companies should classify in the world, but providing clear and detailed details and at the same time a roadmap that determines whether a company truly values ​​future investors. potency. If you are looking for a place to negotiate a market in the currency market, this is the solution you can take as one of the main options of cryptographic trading market based on the blockchain platform. It comes with the latest blockchain technology platform KACHING COINS Market is one of the great benefits for shareholder profits and is one of crypto exchanges through the market democracy system. Not only that KACHING COINS here, as a place to trade with cryptography,

Budget allocation

Most of the current Trading Platform will not be able to offer you the option to diversify your allocation of funds when it comes to investing in various trading instruments. With the kaching ecosystem, you will be able to allocate your capital into different investment flows so as to manage your risks better and not have all your capital in a proverbial egg basket. The diversity and adjustment of investments is part of what Kaching wants to offer to the market.

Tokenization and Bonus program
Token Standart - Ethereum ERC 20 Token
Token Name - Kaching Coin (KAC) Screenshot (36) .png
Decimal - 18 **

Number of tokens - 247 million

Kaching coin (KAC) functions as a mechanism for transferring values ​​in the Kaching Ecosystem. 50% of total tokens will be released in Pre-ICO and ICO Phase.


  • Stephan Roos - Director of Investor Relations
  • Simon Mark - Social Trading Expert / Co-founder
  • Derek Sandheinrich - Fintech Expert / Co-founder
  • Tahsin Haykal - Fintech Expert / Co-founder
  • Kevin Millien - Advisor / Broker Advisor
  • Tung Phan - Specialist / Human Resource Advisor
  • James Thai - Expert Technician / Advisor
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