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Thursday, April 12, 2018

INPACTOR - Supporting Technology Which Provides Measurable Solution For Approaches of incitement to CSR

Hello everyone, in this post I would like to introduce about Inpactor Platform Blockchain project for Humanity Work, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for
Incitement’s approach to CSR. Not only will it allow for the creation of more social impact, as it allows anyone to use the platform free of charge, it also allows for better and more consistent solution design for the stakeholders’ challenges.

Use cases

The purpose of Inpactor is to solve the challenges Brands, Causes, and Volunteers encounter while working on CSR and social impact Projects, and provide the right incentives for each while they do so. The current ecosystem does not provide a one-stop shop for humanitarian work. There are players who aim to solve individual stakeholder issues, but none that address the system as a whole. Here is an overview of the solutions Inpactor provides for Brands, Causes, and Volunteers within its ecosystem, and what immediate problems it solves.


Attract customers
Research by Cone Research shows that 80% of consumers are likely to switch Brands, similar in quality and price, to one that support a Cause . A Brand’s Channel, which 52 aggregates their social impact, is a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers.

Attract talent
Research by DeLoitte shows that 65% of millennials want their future employer to behave in an ethical manner . A Brand’s channel, which aggregates their social impact, 53 is a powerful way to attract (and retain) talent. 

Employee engagement
Rallying employees to participate in the Brand’s CSR initiatives is a time-consuming activity for the HR team. With Inpactor all a Brand has to do is shoot out a link to the team, after which the entire onboarding process, distribution of roles, and further organisation can be easily done on the platform.

Meaningful branding
For the first time, a Brand can screen a Project based on what kind of incentive is offered to allow the Brand to associate itself with the Project and Cause (a Brand can choose to opt out of Branding Perks, should they need their Project to be free of branding). In Inpactor this is called a ‘Branding Perk’. This will bring immediate resolve to different business units fighting for resources i.e. CSR and Marketing, as they are merged into one activity.

Additional advertising channel
One of Inpactor’s revenue models is an interest-based advertising platform (more about this later in this paper). This opens up an entirely new channel for Brands to advertise their products and services.

Better Project management
A shared and congruent task management system within the Project will allow the Brand to get a quick grasp of the Project’s progress. The process of creating, publishing, and executing a Project is streamlined. This consistency allows for efficiency gains.

Efficiency gains
No longer is there a need for having to review many lengthy proposals from a wide variety of Causes, all sent in different formats, most requiring follow-up meetings and lengthy negotiations. Within Inpactor, a Project in line with the Brand’s values, strategic direction, and available resources is found within a matter of seconds by using filters to refine their search.

Attract funds It is a continuous struggle for Causes to attract funds. On Inpactor, this will be made easy. Projects are always created in a way that provides clear and easy insight into key Project information for Brands, and published onto user news feeds to generate more exposure. Causes can also browse through and apply for grants on the platform.

Attract manpower
Similarly, attracting Volunteers for Projects is challenging for Causes. Published Projects on Inpactor will be served to relevant Volunteers on the platform, and make screening applicants incredibly simple.

More exposure
A Cause’s Channel aggregates their social impact and Projects, and will allow the Cause to build a portfolio to show to funders. Many Causes struggle to present themselves, and often don’t even have a website to visit. The Cause Channel will solve this issue without the price tag of website development and marketing costs.

Better Project management
Executing a Project is currently often done either in Excel (not easily shareable) or in overly complicated Project Management tools (creates clutter), if at all. Inpactor provides a Project Management tool that is specifically designed for execution of social Projects.

Easier accessibility Volunteers are able to search for Projects, and customise their search so that they can find a suitable Project within minutes. Volunteers can review all of the information about the Project and Cause to find one that best suits them. They can also see who of their friends is participating in which Projects as well as each person’s volunteering portfolio.

Build online reputation
Much like how Stack Overflow is a developer’s most important online reputation indicator, Inpactor will be that for a Volunteer as it compiles their volunteering history. Volunteers will be able to export their experience directly to their LinkedIn profiles or PDF to showcase their work. 

How Inpactor works

The Inpactor swimlane diagram below (Figure 1) gives a visual impression of how the Inpactor platform approaches the interaction between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers, and enables seamless collaboration to implement social Projects. Figure 1 might seem complex. That’s because it is. Every platform currently in the market is designed to solve one specific problem in the industry. Whether that is recruiting Volunteers, attracting funds, managing a Project, generating awareness or exposure, or measuring impact, for every one of those problems you can find a handful of websites attempting to solve the same thing in a different way.

However, like Ban Ki-Moon said , it is the model itself that isn’t working. Merely 54 addressing the symptoms of a flawed model won’t result in the desired change. What we need is a new ecosystem. This is Inpactor. The Inpactor platform doesn’t address individual symptoms, it addresses the root cause rendering all of its symptoms obsolete. It pivots the industry into a different approach. And the CSR tokens will only push it to further heights, eliminating one problem after the other. 

Token Sale

  • 40% of the tokens will be reserved for the participants in the Community Sale and Crowdsale.
  • 20% will go to the core team of Incitement.
  • 5% is released every three months.
  • 5% will go to the Advisory Board.
  • Advisors have a minimum term of one year. Per quarter every Advisor will receive 25% of their portion of tokens, and should they decide to give up their position as Advisor before their one year term ends, they forfeit the remaining amount of tokens yet to be distributed.
  • 5% will go to the bounty programme.
  • 30% is where the PoS mined tokens will be distributed from (see Proof of Stake for further information).

  • 40% will be set aside for product development. This is for CSRm, CSRi, the Incitement blockchain, Inpactor, and its mobile apps and smart contracts.
  • 30% will be reserved for business development. This entails marketing, branding, advertising, partnerships, social media and outreach towards Brands, Causes and Volunteers.
  • 5% is set aside for legal costs.
  • 5% is set aside for security audits. This is to ensure the security on the Inpactor platform and use of smart contracts.
  • 5% is set aside for administrative costs.
  • 7% is set aside for company reserve in case of extreme circumstances. If any of these funds are used this will be made public on our blog and social media.
  • 8% is for our Brand reward scheme. Any time a Brand funds a Project they get 0.4% from their contribution funds back in CRSm to a maximum equivalent of USD10,000 of CSRm. This will give the power to vote (once DGF is in place), buy premium features in Inpactor, option to stake or to trade it for fiat. Profit from the Inpactor platform will be used to ensure there is always enough funds to pay out rewards.
For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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