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Saturday, April 14, 2018

IAME - Collecting Funds for Development and Commercialization of IAME Identification Networks

Foto IAME.

Hello everyone, in this post I will introduce about the IAME Hack Identity Not applicable project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About IAME

The main problems faced by Supervisors when their thinking to integrate digital currency into the real economy faces the ability to verify asset ownership. Regulators should be able to understand where they receive digital calls and with whom they trade. When Bitcoin is developed, this problem is unthinkable. However, the Bitcoin block chain remains the basic architecture of all other existing projects that use chain blocks.

IAME project developers believe mass integration will never happen unless identity verification issues are resolved. Regulators always oppose the inability to identify the source and purpose of the funds. Most regulators believe that digital money is a money laundering because it is difficult to track owners.

The IAME project hopes to create a new identification system and change everything. In the current financial system, identity verification occurs through the process of submitting personal data. This system was created to counter money laundering a few decades ago. However, this is not appropriate for the current digital phone era.

The purpose of IAME's Early Coins Offer is to raise funds for the development and commercialization of the IAME Identification Network. ICO will be effective and will only involve two cryptographic assets, Ethereum and IAM Token.

IAM Token

To operate the IAME Identification Network, a functional token will be issued, known as the IAM Token, which will operate as a validation token to initiate a confirmation request for packet validation on the IAME Identification Network.

The party will spend the token through IAME of Network Client Identification and after deducting the equivalent blockchain hashing cost, which IAM token balance will be paid as a reward to third-party validators who operate the non-profit validation process.

This will associate not the value store to the token but the market value based on natural requests and bids for the identification process. The value of the IAM Token is, in essence, determined by 2 factors:

  1. The cost of validation, which will be comparable to the financial cost hashing the amount of data requested on the designated blockchain, setting the floor price for the token.
  2. Market demand, which will be proportional to the demand for blockchain identification based on IAME Identification Network.

Because of the ephemeral aspects of data validation in the identification field, the demand market will remain repetitive and will only increase with the increased adoption of the IAME Identification Network.

Allocation of Token

All IAM Token printed under backup system will be allocated to various pools. Pool tokens are intended to complement the overall development of IAME. Details for the pool are as follows:

  • The Strategic Business Pool (20%) of this section will be allocated for business development from the Company
  • The Community Pool (10%) of this section will be allocated for development from the community around IAME.
  • Pool Advisor (10%) of this section will be allocated to the IAME Adviser
  • Founders Pool (10%) of this section will be allocated to the Founder of the Company in the final PT ICO.
  • CO Investors will account for 50% of all IAM tokens, and the remaining 50% is allocated to various pools.

  • Name: IAM Token
  • Contract ERC20: Ethereum handles
  • Decent Token: 18
  • Token ticker: TBA

  • From a bootstrapped basement project to a fully fledged start up, the IAME has come a long way.
  • On the road to ICO, we have sharpened our claws against angel investors to come up with a viable strategy and secure the necessary funds to kickstart development.
  • It is with confidence that we will be launching our ICO, and we can say with certitude that we will bring the IAME project to good completion.


For more information and join IAME social media please follow the following links:


The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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