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Sunday, April 15, 2018

HI:HEALT - Personal Ecosystem To Diagnose Human Body In Real Time

Foto HI:Health.

Greetings Community, in this post I would like to introduce about Hi project: Healt, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is this?

Global ecosystem analyst - date brokers personal medical data based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Personal ecosystem to diagnose the human body in real time. Looking for sources, patterns of development of various diseases, and preventing illnesses in the future. Health requirements of life.

How does it work?
  • Opportunity Choice of platform for someone
  • Downloading personal medical data
  • Safe and anonymous medical data storage
  • Appreciate in the form of getting tokens (tokens allow extending application functionality, buying health and life insurance)
  • Anonymous sales of your data for platform tokens
  • Analyze data using artificial intelligence to diagnose disease at an early stage
  • Purchase and connect tested devices (gadgets) for the diagnosis of organisms in an express manner
  • Make an appointment to undergo a medical examination
  • Seek and buy proven medications

HI: KESEHATAN |  Kedokteran |  AI |  Blockchain |  Asuransi |  ICO
Ability of artificial intelligence when using algorithms to analyze IR radiation.
The AI algorithm analyzes the data obtained, based on the experience of thousands of physicians worldwide and millions of studies, determining the slightest correlation between changes in gadgets and human test results.
Identify patterns and sources of disease.
Artificial Intelligence makes recommendations for lifestyle management based on the likelihood of disease occurrence
Create individual care and nutrition plans
Controlling the consumption of drugs
Keep track of the maintenance process.

  • Tracker for real-time data collection
  • Rocketbody
  • Body temperature
  • Rhythm of breath
  • Level of physical activity
  • Levels of alcohol in the blood
  • Levels of hemoglobin in the blood
  • Blood pressure
  • EKG
  • Heart rhythm


Electrode behind wrist Electrode for finger
To take a reading from the Rocketbody bracelet, place your finger on the bracelet face plate
The watch monitors the ECG independently
The patented algorithm processes and records the results.

Mobile app

Ecosystem for doctors
Exchange jobs in analyzing medical data for ecosystem tokens

Share tokens for access to disease programs with established health data

Ecosystems for Business
Insurance company
The insurance company accepts a more accurate account of the possibility of an insured event. Increase their profits by minimizing the risk of paying insurance premiums. Selling health insurance through application

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies receive statistical reports on the sale of medicines, localized disease (urban) and the effects of drugs on a person. To personalize treatment, data can be obtained from a DNA database about a person's predisposition to a particular disease according to his geographic residence.

Clinics improve methods of treatment and prevention of human diseases

Research Center

Research centers and developers can use the benefits of data mining (detecting titles in a database) to get patterns. In today's global competition, knowledge of the patterns found can provide additional benefits.

Mining Date

Blochain enables storing and transferring data between multiple counters and opening temporary access to verified users in an anonymous form

The database has not changed, transparent and stable transactions.

Smart - contract
The use of smart contracts automates the work and eliminates the costs for ecosystem functions.

Principles of data-brokerage and ecosystem functioning.


Fundamental element of the future HIH token's growth is supply constraints, we once produce 1 000 000 000 HIH tokens without additional emissions in the future. Meanwhile demand for tokens will be constantly increasing as the are the means of payment within the ecosystem. Thus, according to basic law of supply and demand, there will be growth in cost of the tokens as demand of them will increasing, and supply will be the same.

During the calculations of equilibrium level of the price the following formula was used:


user-the quantity of the users at the moment of calculation;
check - the average monthly check of one user during the use of HIHealth platform possibilities and it services;
tokens - the total amount of tokens that has been produced (1 000 000 000 HiH);
L - the total token revolution cycle per certain quantity of month (we'll take 3 one);
B -coefficent of supply of tokkens on exchanges(if we take ETH trade statistics as a basis, it equals 25%).
Thus with the projected number of users in 2 years that will make 1 000 000 ones, with the average monthly check per user that will make 0,1 ETH, we will receive equilibrium level of the price for HIH toens that will make 0,0012 ETH in 2 years.

For more information and join social media Hi: Healt, please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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