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Thursday, April 26, 2018

HELIOSCOIN - World's First Mining Autonomous Solution Focusing on Alternative Energy Sources

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Helioscoin, based on some of the following criteria:

Helios Mining Ltd. Company started HeliosCoin ICO - the world's first Autonomous Mining solution that focuses on alternative energy sources. The proposal will be open to the world community. Limits apply to German residents, as well as to investors from the United States.


We like it when the system is autonomous, closed, the circuit itself requires minimal maintenance that operates on us, right?

How to combine all these technological solutions in crypto currency mining? How not to worry about the cost and infinity of electricity? How not to worry about the need for regular cleaning of dust and dirt, or agricultural ventilation and all your own expenses, do not worry about the availability of the Internet and the right currency rays for mining? We set that goal. And we got there.

We combine solar panels, electrical storage systems, immersion cooling, standalone mining, and added to this cocktail self-learning control system that independently converts crypto currency for mining based on the situation in the market. The ideal system. As we wanted. And you'll love it too.


Solar energy
Environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly energy for mining. Ideal for a country with a hot climate. Not harm the environment. Endless energy sources without wear and power loss.

At night, the decrease in solar panel efficiency is compensated by the accumulation of energy reserves in accumulators per day. The latest batteries have high efficiency and long service life.

Soaking cooler
Final solution problems with uneven cooling boards, expensive electronic component pollution, fan noise and permanent system repair. Remember the car that was fitted continuously at the beginning of last century? Immersion cooling is the future of mining.

Smart currency
The specially developed software analyzes the market situation in real time and diverts mining equipment between different currencies, achieving maximum mining efficiency.

Dropping the mining unit out of the power supply allows you to place the autonomous system in the most convenient places - no distance from civilization, in many places at the same time. At the same time, such decentralized systems will function.

The legal conditions
Due to the various ways to connect to the Internet and the lack of dependence on electricity, system owners do not bear the risk of "excessive regulation" by the state. The system can not be legally disconnected from electricity or the internet.


Our special gift program will allow to get even small inverstors. We decided that every activity should be rewarded and create additional rewards for our team's active members. So, do not hesitate to participate.


It's no secret that every team is trying to reach big investors. That's why we make special investment terms for foundations and private business angels with a minimum amount of 1 million euros.


An indoor closed circuit is ideal for mining. Free power means we do not rely on government electricity supplies. We can mine. No expenses. All unused electricity may be sold to the government. That's a bonus.


A ready, tested, and working solar mining cluster that generates daily revenue for us. This is not an investment not an idea or a virtual software product. It is a complex hardware that works every day.


The more sun stations we have - the more power we have. More power means more miners. More miners mean more crypto currency and more money for us and our investors.


We created a custom algorithm that automatically converts the mining process into a coin that is more profitable to me. That means the profitability of mining will increase.

The HLC token is an Ethereum token based on the ERC-20 standard.

Total amount of tokens: 5 million tokens (Unallocated tokens will not be created)
Token price at the release: 0.001 ETH
Token Distribution:

  • Bounty program - 3% of distributed tokens
  • Team of founders -10% to the team of founders
  • Reserve - 5% reserve buyback fund
  • Contributors - 82% of the issued token
  • Official website: www.helioss.io

PRE-ICO Start date: May 1st 2018
PRE-ICO Expiry date: June 1st 2018
ICO Start date: July 1st 2018
ICO Expiry date: October 1st 2018

  • Private sale: April 18th 2018 to April 30th 2018 the bonus 20%
  • PRE-ICO: May 1st 2018 to June 1st the bonus will be 20%
  • ICO: July 1st 2018 to July 8th 2018 the bonus 20%
    July 9th 2018 to July 16th 2018 the bonus 15%
    July 17th 2018 to October 1st 2018, the bonus 10%
The end date of token distribution is October 1st 2018., 12:00 GMT


  • 91% — investments in Autonomous clusters of Solar Mining Clusters
  • 9% — for research, development and administration.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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