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HASHCARD - Turning Cryptocurrency into Traditional Currency Real-time

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Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called HashCar, based on some of the following criteria:

Revolutionize HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards
Hash Card converts cryptocurrency into traditional currency in real-time, and is accepted in tens of millions of merchants and ATMs

Access Your Crypto For Daily Spending!

Holds Multi Denomination Crypto including EUR and USD
Exchange Real-Time Currency Transactions
Received by more than 30 million merchants
Take advantage of all the personal financial benefits of modern crypto

Deposit - Just specify what to save and select your altcoin payment method: NEM, Cardano, or Stellar are among the list of over 25 alt-coins to choose from to fund your Hash Card Account.
Your Hash Card has an exchange feature that lets you take advantage of opportunities to convert traditional currency (EUR / USD) to crypto, or crypto back to the traditional currency to take advantage of market prices.

Store - Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash are protected and secured in the industry-leading maximum security blockchain wallet. Your Hash Card Wallet is available on iPhone and Android systems and is fully protected by Multi-Sig technology, SSL encryption and 2-Factor Authentication, giving you peace of mind and flexible access to comprehensive cryptocurrency management.

Spend - Hash Card converts your cryptocurrency into traditional currency in real-time through instant conversion to Fiat to ensure the best exchange rate. Payments and withdrawals can be made anywhere that VISA / MasterCard is accepted.

Introductory Offer

The lowest cost of 0.5% for all transactions - both swipe and exchange - for the first 3000 cards issued. Register HERE and be the first to receive your Hash Card when released.
Max Annual Card Expense: $ 250,000
Transaction Limit: Unlimited
ATM Withdrawal: $ 5,000 per day
Monthly fee: None
Online / Offline Purchase: 0.5%
Annual fee: $ 25 payable in HSHC token
24/7 Global Concierge: Free

For the first 48 hours, we give you a FREE PLUS bonus card of 30% if you make your first contribution of only $ 100. Private Sale starts on May 1

Benefits Of A Purchase Token In Initial Public Sales Offer
30% off for purchase price + FREE HASH Card
The only tokens available are those sold in public sale offerings.
Initial customers will benefit greatly by being able to sell tokens.
Team tokens will be limited from open market sales to Q4,2019 which prevents price reductions.

After a public offer closes the only way to get a Hash Card is to buy by using a token.
Access to 24/7 customer service support plus world-recognized concierge service for FREE.

HSHC tokens will always be in demand (card updates, premium services, etc.) because further tokens can not be produced.

Maximum Security Infrastructure

All of our website traffic runs exclusively on SSL encrypted
Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security
Our site is designed and compliant with ISO 20022 and PCI DSS standards
The wallet and private key are stored and protected using AES-256 encryption

  • Authorize on different devices
  • Transfer between wallets
  • –°reate your cryptowallets

Token Details
  • Classification: Utility Token
  • Type Token ERC20
  • Total Token Supply: 150.000.000 *
  • Hard Cap: $ 9,000 / 90,000,000 TOKENS
  • Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000 / 30,000,000 TOKENS
  • Price: 1 HSHC = 0.10 USD
  • Issue: 72 Hours after Sale Token expires
  • stairs: May 1, 2018 - June 12, 2018

Discount Stages Token

MAY 1 - MAY 3
Start at 15:00 GMT
First 48 HRS
$ 100.00
Min. Contribution
30% Bonus

MAY 3 - MAY 13
$ 50.00
Min. Contribution
20% Bonus

MAY 13 - MAY 23
$ 25.00
Min. Contribution
15% Bonus

MAY 23 - JUN 2
$ 5.00
Min. Contribution
10% Bonus

JUN 2 - JUN 12
$ 0.10
Min. Contribution
5% Bonus

Road Map

Nov 2017
The Hashcard Idea is born
Dec 2017
Talks with Debit card issuer in Asia
Jan 2018
First round of investors and
partnership discussions.
Feb 2018
Card Wallet MVP, Legal structure
March 2018
Website, Wallet and –°ard beta testing.
Public announcement at Crypto ICO Summit
(Zurich, CH)
April 2018
WhiteList and Pre-ICO
May 2018
Whitelist and public token
Q3 2018
NFC Payments, Multiple Coin support,
Virtual Card, Gold / Platinum / Black Cards
Q4 2018
EU card issuer backup, mandatory
licenses, internal coin
Q4 2018
Corporate and Salary cards

For more information please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
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