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HASHCARD - Revolutionize HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards

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Greetings Communities, in this new post I would like to introduce about the HashCard Project Revolutionize HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

In a comprehensive solution to the user's ability to use cryptocurrency debit cards, the HashCard project offers a crypto-linked card that will allow traditional card payments but with digital currency.

With a prospective client base of millions of users, HashCard ICO is the answer to many people's desire to enjoy traditional transactional methods when spending cryptocurrency. Regardless of the big investment, according to the developers, there is no satisfactory solution that marries the traditional transaction capabilities of consumers with virtual currency.

This platform ensures HashCard can be used wherever debit or credit card is accepted. It works for online purchases and "in a brick and mortar room. Just like a regular credit / debit card with the main difference is that users spend Ether, Bitcoin, and 25+ altcoin. "

Purchase Crypto Card Holder

Just like a plastic card issued by VISA or Mastercard, a HashCard containing crypto will only pay the exact amount required to make a purchase, convert from digital currency to existing fiat currency, with the remaining balance stored in the user's crypto-wallet. The developers show that every time a user swipes his business card, the transaction is made in real-time. The exact amount spent with HashCard was first exchanged from altcoin, bitcoin or ether. The balance of funds held by the cardholder is kept in a secure cryptocurrency purse.

ICO seeks to launch card offers on a global scale, now practical applications have proven successful and currency exchange issues at "appropriate interbank rates" have been resolved.

What problem will HashCard ICO Solve?

With the advent of the blockchain currency, user enthusiasm has often met with concurrent acceptance that the existing transactional capacity will be reduced or even lost, at least for now. There is resistance to using cryptocurrency for real-time payments, especially from vendors, as current models have optimized ease of use and speed of payments.

Paying for goods and services in dollars or other fiat currencies, with cash or through EFT or by swiping cards, has become a known norm for billions of people. Complicated transactions, slow messaging and digital coin turmoil have led some users to reject virtual coin uptake.

In addition, the whole idea of ​​virtual currency has entertained the "possible" population worldwide, those who have been disgusted to abandon the practice of the currency that exists in exchange for the adoption of wholesale digital coins. They are hesitant, justified, to let go of the ease and simplicity of a predetermined payment method. Part of the doubt is also often complained about transaction costs when using digital coins.

HashCard Solution

In welcoming a step forward, users can now treat and transact with digital currencies exactly as they do the existing national currency. Very importantly, the cost is right, and the ease of using any debit card is now enabled with HashCard. Not only that, but "the right interbank rate is guaranteed when using HashCard."

HashCard user accounts are directly funded at no cost, with bitcoin or ether. In addition, from the fourth quarter of launch, "Fiat funding will be available to load Hash Card," according to the project proposal.

"Using HashCard to fund purchases is easy. Through HashApp you can see the balance of ETH / BTC / ETC / USD in your wallet. The only exchange is the exact number of cryptocurrency required for the purchase currency exchange. "

Additionally, users have the option to change their cryptocurrency balance on the card to USD and retain the currency for transactions, allowing those who are concerned about the volatility of virtual coins to secure the value of their currency.

Simply put, in the words of the developers, "The ultimate goal for HashCard is to receive as many cryptocurrency currencies as possible. HashCard's vision is to make cryptocurrency a part of everyday life of users through iOS and Android, easy-to-use wallets, combined with debit cards. The goal is to become like a fiat currency. "Users can ultimately fix costs and operate in a known environment using the existing fiat currency transaction methodology.

ICO Details
  • Token Type: Utility,
  • Symbols: HSHC,
  • Physical Card Problems: Free during ICO; $ 100 thereafter paid only in HSHC tokens,
  • Annual Card Fee: Free, by providing an annual expense of more than $ 1,000 or if the user holds over 10,000 HSHC tokens for six months,
  • Renewal Card Fee: $ 25 payable in HSHC tokens,
  • Lost / Stolen Card Fee: $ 25 payable in HSHC token,
  • Token Sales: May 1, 2018, to June 12, 2018. Sales begin at 3 pm GMT,
  • Total Token Supply: 150 million,
  • Soft Cap: $ 3 million,
  • Hard Cap: $ 9 million,
  • Price: 1 HSHC = $ 0.10.

There will be no annual or monthly fees for the interbank exchange protocol in it. User charges will be "1.75 percent for all ETH / BTC swipe and exchange transactions and [a] a two percent ATM withdrawal fee."

Another attraction of ICO is that "the first 3000 initial customers will benefit from a low fixed cost of just 0.5 percent." The core value of this ICO is that the card will now allow users to perform "... real-time payments without first needing to convert cryptocurrency in their wallet."

More information

Discount Token: Stages,
Type: ERC20 Token,
Problem: 72 Hours after Sale Token expires, 48 ​​Hour One: Bonus 30 percent; Minimum Contribution $ 100.00,
Days 3-12: Bonus 20 percent; Minimum Contribution $ 50.00,
Day 13-22: Bonus 15 percent; Minimum Contribution $ 25.00,
Day 23-32: Ten percent Bonus; Minimum Contribution $ 5.00,
Days 33-42: Bonus of five percent; Minimum Contribution $ 0.10.

TEAM HashCard

The core team at HashCard consists of CEOs Karol Kozlowski, CFO Pawel Goch and Vasiliy Gulyar on Business Development.


In the words of the team itself, "Using the data from study participants and making the assumption that each individual, on average, holds two wallets, we believe there are currently 2.9 million to 5.8 million unique users who actively use their wallets cryptocurrency".

It is clear from the ICO details that developers have allowed the ultimate dream of crypto cards to wade through countless protocol investigations and additions to accommodate and tie into the existing user experience of the typical fiat currency and accompanying payment options.

As the first of its kind, HashCard deals are set to tie into a huge user base from scratch and also provide the much-needed virtual currency legitimacy. Particularly look at the structure of ICO with applicable fees and discounts, as well as annual fees - potentially zero - this is token investors tend to snap.

Do your own research before taking any action related to the company and take full responsibility for their decision ...

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