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Thursday, April 26, 2018

GUARIUM - Great Solution For Individual Investors Who Want To Gain Profits With Dynamic Value Growth

Foto Guarium - New Generation of The Global Platform.

Hello everyone in this article I will present a pretty interesting ICO analysis, called the Guarium, based on some of the following criteria:

What is Guar Coin?

Imagine you are the owner of cryptocurrency that you can use in thousands of online stores around the world. Everyday, the benefits gained by Guar Coin are due to the fact that from the beginning it was introduced to the circulation in the huge online sales infrastructure.

During its official debut, Guar Coin will be a strong market exchange rate, at the same time a great solution for individual investors who want to benefit by dynamic growth in value.
  • Implementation of the planned Blockchain Technology
  • A great and powerful affiliate system
  • e-Commerce infrastructure
  • The sales ecosystem
  • Global token and cryptocurrency in the future
  • Private transactions


Pre ICO e-Commerce Automation

Purpose of PRE ICO?

Collect funds to complete the development of fully automated e-Commerce platforms in Full Dropshipping technology with a large network of AFFILIATE stores and its own financial infrastructure.

The fastest growing e-commerce market is more than 2.3 TRILLION Dolars!

Platform e-Commerce
The relationship between producers of goods and wholesalers with online shop owners operating

Our own financial system
Possibility to set up and run your own automated shop for free

Various suport of wallet
Full support for P2P transfers and cellular wallets allows easy use of Guar Coins

Exchange System
Creation of our own platform for exchanging tokens and signing Intelligent Contracts.

General system scheme

ECommerce Automation

Online Sales System Auto Full
Thanks to the adoption of innovative solutions, individual manufacturers and wholesalers will be able to use the leverage of hundreds of thousands of scattered online stores run by individual entrepreneurs around the world. Solutions adapted to existing and emerging stores.

In each of these stores you will be able to use Guar Coin to do some shopping that will provide significant advantages over other cryptocurrencies available online.

Strong online sales platform based on Blockchain technology

In this central system, we are ready to receive millions of commodity databases where already in the preparation stage of this entire project we have imported over 140,000 products from 10 connected to the warehouse system.

At launch, we anticipate inventory levels of at least 1 million products and about 100 warehouses connected in one country only, where the entire system will operate in a start-up phase. From this country, all online stores connected to the system will be able to sell in many countries, but the service system will run from one particular country.

In the next stage, we will launch the central system further in other first countries in Europe and then in the global market.

How does the Guar Coin token distribution look like?

Token distribution has been divided into several phases, the first is Pre ICO, where users can obtain Guar Coin at a price that will allow them to get maximum results in increasing its value.

Here’s Your Chance

You can buy GUAR Tokens before they get officially into circulation
We know it perfectly well that the future of shopping belongs to the Internet and thanks to the appropriate e-Commerce Automation infrastructure which we are building, we will significantly influence the way people shop online.
  • 5 TN: (trillion) dollars – value of e-Commerce market in Europe
  • 0,01: value of GUAR tokens in pre-sale
  • 10%: of GUAR tokens to be distributed in the Pre ICO phase
  • 35 MLN: dollars – goal for the Pre ICO phase
  • Price Guar Coin in pre sales: 0.01 GUAR
  • Every purchase today is additional:: 100%

Don’t just read it, save the preferred launch date and act on it right now.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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