Tuesday, April 3, 2018

FRYEGG - Connecting Personal Trainers, Dieticians, Nutritionists, And Other Health Coaches To Clients Around the World

Hello Everyone, In this new post I will introduce about the Fryegg project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Fry Egg?

Fry Egg is the first and only online marketplace in the world that connects personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health trainers to clients around the world.


Fry Egg allows anyone around the world to find health programs that fit their needs and budgets. Each program is taught by a coach who guides you through your fitness journey, every step of the way. Clients now have access to their personal trainers anytime and anywhere.


Fry Egg provides all the tools necessary for trainers and clients to communicate effectively and securely. Take advantage of our exclusive video chat, encrypted messaging, file sharing, notifications, calendars and fitness technology syncing tools.


Find the perfect fitness program in time, budget, and explain what you want to achieve with your health. Program goals can range from fat loss and muscle formation, to body detoxification and stress reduction. Compare different programs and trainers, read reviews from other program users, and message trainers if you want more information.

Decentralized Fitness Data

Fry Egg World Health API

Fry Egg's API allows anyone with an EGG token to access millions of client data records from around the world. The Client receives the EGG tokens as a reward for providing data to the platform, and this data is only accessible through the API by using an EGG token. All records are stripped of location data, names, and other sensitive information that can allow clients to be identified. All client data is stored in the immortal ledger, allowing for transparent and irreversible records of the client's health journey. Height, weight, medication, mood, nutrition information, daily routine, exercise statistics, etc. All clients will be anonymized and available in exchange for an EGG token. API fees are fixed at a fixed price in an EGG token for a number of bundled search queries.




Platform Development, Company Infrastructure, Payroll 60%
Marketing and Brand Awarenes 35%
Advisors/Team Member Bonus 5%
Purchase methods accepted: Bitcoin - Ethereum - Litecoin.


Q3 2017: Proof of Concept & Global Market 
Test of Fry Egg Platform
Q4 2017: Fry Egg Web Platform 
(Beta) Launched
Q1 2018: EGG tokens are sold and distributed. Fry Egg adds 1,000 Certified Coaches on platform. Token functionality goes live across the Fry Egg platform.
Q2 2018: Active marketing of Fry Egg web and app plaform. Garmin Smartwatch Integration Launched.
Q3 2018: Internal Fry Egg Video chat with SmartCaption Technology
Q4 2018: Additional features and uses for EGG tokens implemented.

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