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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ETHERAFFLE - The First Truly Decentralized Charity Lottery In The World

Foto Etheraffle.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Etheraffle, based on some of the following criteria:

The Etheraffle ICO
The first truly decentralized charity lottery in the world

The Etheraffle ICO is a unique proposition:

This is your chance to be part of the Etheraffle solution by becoming a LOT token holder. By demonstrating the power of blockchain with a direct use case, Etheraffle ÐApp provides a truly global, truly decentralized lottery. Entering a market greater than $ 270BN, Etheraffle is designed to provide great prizes for players, continuous ETH awards to holders of LOT tokens, and life-changing funds being charitable.

Level Structure

69.3%: Tier Two Deadline
60.4%: ICO Final Limit

The ICO Etheraffle structure consists of three levels: Tier 1 runs for two weeks, tier 2 for three weeks and tier 3 for four weeks. During Tier 1, you will receive 100,000 LOT per ether, at tier 2 90,000 LOT per ether, and at tier 3, 80,000 LOT per ether.
The Etheraffle ICO is the first to feature an innovative, stacked, tiered bonus system. For each enhanced ETH at every level, 1500 MANY MANY results are generated. The more people participate, the greater the amount of this bonus. At the end of ICO, LOTS This bonus is then shared among ICO participants in proportion to their share of ETH conducted during ICO. See here for an example.
So join us on ICO Etheraffle Be part of the first and only lottery blockchain that supports and helps us create our charity side - EthRelief - the greatest source of decentralized altruism in the world.

Key Dates


As the ICO closes, the LOT token will begin to appear on exchanges and be available for trading. The LOT is an ethereum based ERC223 token, and so token-trading will be enabled initially via the decentralized platforms running on blockchain-powered exchanges. The end of Quarter Two will mark the first payouts of ETH dividends to LOT holders via the disbursal contract using the proof-of-concept mechanism outlined in the whitepaper. Details about this will be available to LOT holders as the date approaches.


The LOT Token

Contract Address:

The Etheraffle LOT is integral to Etheraffle. Leveraging the power of the ethereum blockchain, the Etheraffle DApp provides huge prizes to players, sustainable ETH dividends to LOT holders, and life-changing funding to charities. From the very beginning, holding the LOT token grants you quarterly ETH dividends from the ether generated by the Etheraffle platform. In order to receive this ETH, you simply have to place a vote on where you think Etheraffle's charitable funding ought to go. In current development, the EthRelief ÐApp is what will put this act of charitable giving into your hands. Worthy causes are suggested and voted for by you, the LOT holder, resulting in worldwide donations going where you decide, backed-up by the complete transparency, auditability and immutability of EthRelief's blockchain technology. By holding LOT and placing your vote you not only get to help good causes worldwide, but get rewarded in ETH for doing so.

Earn ETH

Diagram of Etheraffle/EthRelief/LOT holder relationship

The relationship between Etheraffle ÐApp, the charitable EthRelief ÐApp and you the LOT holder is simple:
  1. Users play Etheraffle, the only truly decentralized charitable blockchain lottery. Ticket are bought and paid for in ETH and all prizes are paid out in full, also in ETH.
  2. Each week, a percentage of the ETH raised in ticket sales is sent to the EthRelief ÐApp smart-contracts, where it accumulates ready to go on to whichever charity LOT token holders have voted for.
  3. A second percentage of the ETH raised in ticket sales each week is sent to a dividend smart-contract, where it accumulates ready to be paid out to you, the LOT holder.
  4. To receive the ETH dividend, you as a LOT holder simply have to vote on where you think the charitable donations in step 2 ought to go.

To sum up: Your LOT token ownership earns you ETH and makes you part of the Etheraffle DAO - a decentralized, autonomous organisation who ultimately benefit from, fully own and run both the Etheraffle and EthRelief platforms.

LOT - Key Features

The Etheraffle LOT token is the first of its kind to feature truly decentralized ownership. Through LOT holdings, participants will be uniquely able to control a crucial aspect of Etheraffle’s dividend payout system: The LOT token’s freezability. As a LOT holder, the amount of ETH you receive depends on how much LOT you hold. In order to calculate this amount, the transfer function of the LOT token needs to be paused. To achieve this, the LOT token is freezable. When frozen, no token movement can take place meaning that your share of ETH can be accurately and fairly awarded to you.

ICO Details

ICO Details Pie Chart

The Bonus System

When entering the ICO, the smart-contract automatically returns LOT tokens at the current exchange rate as soon as the transaction is mined. For every ether raised in the ICO, the contract generates an extra 1500 Bonus LOT tokens. The more people who take part the larger this bonus amount grows. At the end of the ICO, these Bonus LOT are shared out amongst ICO participants in proportion with their share of ether committed during the ICO. See below for an example. More details are available in the whitepaper.

Bonus diagram


Assume you purchase 1 ether's worth of LOT during Pre-ICO
Assume maximum ether is raised in each tier

LOT purchased from Pre-ICO
   1 Ether * 110000 LOT = 110000 LOT
Bonus LOT pool available from tier one:
   2500 Ether * 1500 Bonus LOT = 3750000 LOT
Bonus LOT pool available from tier two:
   7000 Ether * 1500 Bonus LOT = 10500000 LOT
Bonus LOT pool available from tier three:
   20000 Ether * 1500 Bonus LOT = 30000000 LOT
Your percentage share of bonus LOT:
   1 / 700 Ether = 0.142..%
Your bonus LOT from tier one:
   0.142..% of 3750000 LOT ≈ 5357 LOT
Your bonus LOT from tier two:
   0.142..% of 105000000 LOT ≈ 15000 LOT
Your bonus LOT from tier three:
   0.142..% of 30000000 LOT ≈ 42857 LOT
Your total number of bonus LOT:
   ≈ 63000 LOT
∴ Your total LOT acquired:
≈ 173000 LOT

Do not just read it, save the preferred launch date and act on it right now.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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