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EGRETIA - Engine And Platform The First HTML5 Blockchain In The World

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Hello Everyone,

About Egretia

Egretia is the world's first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform. The vision of this platform is to bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 Devices to blockchain technology.

HTML5 technology is recognized globally, and includes mobile games, the internet, advertising, video, and other industries. Technology has eliminated some bottlenecks such as performance and traffic compatibility that are common in game operations. The cross platform nature of the technology allows it to be used in different industries creating an entirely new business model.

Despite the rapid development of this technology, there are still some painful points including the lack of secure global and integrated payment solutions. Lack of solutions that can store the assets of the user's virtue.

Lack of mechanisms that guarantee game justice. Lack of solutions that can quickly respond to distributed back-end communications. A lack of methods that can protect the intellectual property of HTML5 products and the need for effective mechanisms that can motivate teams to develop high-quality applications and games.


With the collaboration of Egret technology that is a renowned provider of global HTML5 technology services, Egretia platform has set up an Egretia Blockchain lab that incorporates blockchain technology with HTML5 technology to create the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine that aims to implement blockchain. technology for the vertical industry. This will unify the existing 200,000 developer egret technology and 1 million terminal devices move into the blockchain.

Egretia Features

Self-developed public network

This public chain will be based on a delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism whose goal is to optimize the performance of HTML5 games. By using the blockchain interface layer and Egret machine tool, developers will soon create DApps-based blocking.

Consensus mechanism

The public chain on the Egretia platform will use proof of ownership delegated as a consensus mechanism. This mechanism is similar to the sound of the board in which the coin holder will throw a number of nodes using the mechanism of bookkeeping and verification.

High performance

Egretia's public network will have a simultaneous processing power that allows for the optimization of performance for the needs of the gaming industry. It has fast transactions per second. Using the DPoS mechanism, scalability will be greatly enhanced allowing more than 2000 transactions to be supported in the initial test chain. TPS will be upgraded in the future according to business needs.

Real-time parameter adjustment

Egretia will be able to change system parameters without bifurcation. The platform will change the parameters through voting that will be based on consensus.

Efficient and comfortable development suite

The Egret tool to be used in the Egretia platform laid a strong foundation for the blockchain project. This will make the development of blockchain applications convenient, simple and efficient.

Egretia Platform Digital Token (Egret)

The Egretia platform will provide Egreten digital tokens that can be combined with other games and also used by players to trade virtual goods in a safe and efficient manner. Token will be the first token that will connect various games.

Roadmap and Milestone
Our professional engine tools and blockchain technology team will ensure milestones will be delivered on time.


They have clearly stated their vision as “Bring 200,000 Developers and 1 Billion HTML5 Devices to The Blockchain World.” The Egretia Blockchain Lab also has experts from other industries around the world. They also have strategic partnerships with GalaSports, the world leading sports game developer, and Big Viking Games, a Canadian game developer and many others to offer the users a consolidated experience.

The rate at which the Blockchain applications are development will increase manifolds after the platform will be launched.

For more information and join Egretia social media please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80
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