Sunday, April 8, 2018

DINATIQ - Decentralized Services At 0%

Hello Everyone,

What is Dynatiq?

At Dynatiq, you can sell your online business (including domain, website, source code). Dynatiq is a decentralized service at a cost of 0%. With the help of our technology, we will provide a decentralized blockchain system for traffic or domain verification to prevent people from fraud.


No need to believe in central authority

Often, our information and money are entrusted to governments and companies. There are various scenarios in which the trust we have on a third party usually disappoints us. Trust in a variety of areas ranging from letting products to back up all your photos to allow startup to be bought or removed from business.

Misery from one point of failure

A single point of failure resulting from a blackout caused by a centralized website is rampant. Consider the scenario in which Gmail died causing the termination of productivity because you were prevented from accessing your email.

Less censorship

Governments have access to close citizen social media access whenever they want to censor internal internal events reports. If the government wants to stop operations on twitter, for example, they just need to stop traffic to the twitter data center. In the case of peer to peer networks, it is very difficult to censor traffic.

Industrial Domains & Websites

Domain marketing is the backbone of the domain industry.
Big sales bring popularity to the domain and offer liquidity to companies in this sector. Our business relies on sales of websites and domains that can also be resold in no time.
It is important to know the value of the domain and website industry because the volume ranges from $ 250 - 500 million per year. The act of determining the true value of domain sales for an entire industry can prove difficult because of personal sales and other forms of sales affected by NDA.

Most markets do not report their sales price. Figures from around the year domains will make up most of the annual sales, however, if ernic and Sedo are clearly around $ 1 million a week with regard to domain sales, this could be rounded to over $ 1 million per year. GoDaddy, SnapNames, and other auction houses also clean hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

This implies several million sales. It is important to know that most domain sales are already subject to NDA and they may have a policy of not disclosing their sales, while some may conclude that half a billion annual transactions are part of the industry, we think this is a very solid figure especially given the fact that there is less than 1,500 people are making a full life time of the domain industry and this does not include domain registrar employees.

Dynatiq Excellence

Never store your data in a centralized market
Protect your data with the highest security from blockchain
No more data breaches.
No username. Without a password.
Blockchain Technology.
Gifts for merchants.
No more chargebacks.
No need to trust third-party payment gateways.
API for customers & merchants.
The Technical White Book is available in Q3 2018.
Transactions in real time.
500+ Cryptocurrency accepted

Details of ICO

Name: Dynatiq
Ticker: DTQ
Total supply: 11,000,000
DTQ token sold: 10,000,000 DTQ
Currency received: BTC,
Standard ETH Token: ERC20
ICO start: April 25, 2018
ICO end: June 9, 2018
1 ETH = 2000 DTQ
50% BONUS: April 25, 2018 - May 9, 2018
25% BONUS: May 10, 2018 - May 17, 2018
10% BONUS: May 18, 2018 - May 25, 2018

Dynatiq ICO is not available to residents of the United States, China, or any country where laws or restrictions conflict with financial security or regulatory compliance rules.


Q1 2017: Research on domain & websites market.
Q2 2017: Team building.
Q3 2017: Development of marketplace.
Q4 2017: Legal elaboration of the service.
Q1 2018: ICO opens.
Android and iOS apps development.
Dynatiq will be added on altcoin exchanges.
Enhance online marketing campaign.
Q2 2018: Recruiting additional developers.
API for Merchants platform.
Optional escrow implementation.
Q3 2018: Strengthen the partnerships.
Q4 2018: Beta launch of our decentralized marketplace.


For more information and joining Dynatiq's social media, please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80