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Saturday, April 28, 2018

CRYPTONIA POKER - Unify the Poker Sensation With Transparency and Cryptocurrency Values

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Cryptonia Poker, based on some of the following criteria:


Play online poker with cryptocurrency. This blockchain-powered platform lets you play in a fair and secure environment.


Cryptonia Poker brings together poker sensations with transparency and cryptocurrency values in online poker rooms based on blockchain technology. You can now use Cryptonia, your own cryptocurrency poker, to play online poker in a flexible way.

Cryptonia Poker online poker room is accessible worldwide. You can join the poker room from anywhere, and play with your token, while ensuring the honesty in the game and the transparency and security of your funds.

Blockchain technology that strengthens our cryptocurrency will help you make easy transactions from anywhere in the world. This ensures that data on all transactions is decentralized to ensure complete transparency in all transactions.


Online Poker Market

The size of online gambling is expected to reach USD 51.96 billion dollars by 2018, and online poker is a big part of online gaming. The market is expected to reach USD 59.79 billion dollars by 2020.

Half a decade ago, the online poker industry is experiencing some slowdown due to regulatory control, but after efforts are made by online poker rooms to improve transparency and FairPlay, more and more gamers are encouraged to play online. There are also certain legislative reforms that make online poker more organized and appealing to the players.

Control of funds and withdrawals

Delays and rigidity in funding poker accounts and withdrawals make players reluctant to play online. Often there are various bank rules, payment processor requirements, and rules set by the poker room that reduce the player's control over their own funds. In extreme cases, funds are frozen or accounts are prohibited, and in some cases, transaction costs are very high.

Cryptocurrency is used in poker rooms

In Cryptonia Poker's room, gamers can play with Cryptonias, which is an etherum-based token. Cryptonia is a cryptocurrency that started for our poker room.

These can be bought and sold from anywhere in the world. However, Cryptonia can be used to play poker only from areas where online poker is legal, licensed, and not governed by local law.

With an easy money transfer system, people from different regions can play online poker, and eterum-based currency helps minimize transaction time, add player liquidity, and thereby make ecosystems more efficient.

About ICO

Cryptonia Poker is ready to launch. Cryptonia is the official currency on the platform. We started with ICO (Initial Cryptonia Offering), where players can buy 75% of our tokens.

In addition, 20% is provided for business promotions and tournaments that will add value to our customers' ownership, and 5% will be available to promoters, management and advisors to continue adding values to the platform.

10 - 30 April
price 1 ETH ~ 11,000 CPC
Soft Cap 45 000 000 BPK
Hard Cap 200 000 000 BPK

Stage 1
1 - 30 May
price 1 ETH ~ 7,000 CPC
Soft Cap 70 000 000 BPK ~
Hard Cap 275,000 000 BPK

Phase 2
1 June - 1 July
price 1 ETH ~ 5.800 CPC
Soft Cap 90 000 000 BPK ~
Hard Cap 275,000 000 BPK


Here is a brief launch and development of Cryptonia and platforms:

1. Cryptonia Pre-ICO April 10th
2. Launch of Beta Application May 2018
3. Cryptonia Poker ICO Phase 1 May 1st
4. Cryptonia Poker ICO Phase 2 1 June
5. Cryptonia is listed on the July Exchange
6. Launch Cryptonia in Cryptonia Poker July
7. Cryptonia Tournament The opening of July
8. Cryptonia's July referral program and partner
9. The solution generates a decentralized random number in August
10. Completion of a fair drama program from Cryptonia August.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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