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Friday, April 27, 2018

COSPLAY - Multi-Language Platform Supporting 12 Languages

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Cosplay, based on some of the following criteria:

Cure WorldCosplay has been operating as a community service for cosplayer and the people around them around the world. We are a multi-language platform that supports 12 languages ​​where over 720K members from over 180 countries post their quality work, 6.5 million images and counting.

720K Members
Community 720 thousand people and 6.5 million photos

From 180 countries
12 languages ​​supported for users around the world

430K SNS Followers
250K likes on Facebook, 170K followers on Weibo and 13K on Twitter.


Sustainable Economic Development of Cosplay

As the largest Cosplay platform in the world, we have a strong emphasis on providing community services that are characterized by sustainability and self-development.

The Cosplay economy has attracted attention as a market in recent years. However, cosplayer and those working near them have challenges, and for sustainable development of the Cosplay economy, we need steps to meet and resolve them.

We will take the challenge with the power of blockchain technology, the revolutionary technology since the advent of the Internet.

We announce ICO with the publication of our own "Cosplay Token" which became the de-facto currency of the Cosplay Economy.

Cosplay Token (COT) Token Sale 
  • Our token issuance and intended use of fund 
  • COT issuance limit 1,000,000,000 COT
  • COT sales price 1COT:0.0001 ETH 
  • # of COT on token sale 400,000,000 COT 

Token allocation and intended usage and funds

  • Operations
    We must gain more good friends from all over the world in our operation and global communication. Also, it is required for developing engineers.
    There are many values and cultures, so we will train people who can understand and share them.
  • Development(R&D)
    We will spend on platform development. (web frontend, web backend, native apps, blockchain, smart contract, infrastructure etc.)
  • PR, Marketing We will spend on user acquisition and promotion. 
  • Legal, Adviser
    Since ICO is a new endeavor, it will be paid to legal professionals and experts as fees.
  • Bounty Program/Reward
    As a measure to reward our community members, we will spend on our Bounty Program.

Token Sale Schedule 
Token Sale schedule Under adjustment (TBD)
Accepted currency Ethereum (ETH)


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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