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Thursday, April 12, 2018

CARTOGRAPHEUM - Blockchain Multi-zone Runs On a Special Proof of Location System (Called Blockchain GPS)

Foto cartographeum.

Greetings Community,

Cartographeum is a multi-zone blockchain running on specialized Proof of Location system (called GPS blockchain) combined with GPS data from dApps. Specially dApps will be integrated in GPS devices to connecting and verifying data into the blockchain. The GPS blockchain is automatically and dynamically managed by proof of location automatism and geo-finding for load distribution, fraud detection and network operations. Cartographeum blockchain guarantees 100% verified transmission of any GPS signals (=blockchain proofed GPS).

Blockchain-proofed GPS data is a 100% verified and secure GPS signal from dApp integrated GPS device or vehicle. The blockchain data would store environmental information received from the GPS. It is designed to act as a failsafe to prevent planes, ships or driving vehicles to wrong GPS data (e.g. GPS spoofing). The system can be applied to any type of vehicle, both manned and unmanned.

GPS and blockchain will revolutionize GPS devices and any type of vehicles Increasing globalization means the proliferation of suppliers and channels used in the supply chains involved in producing products. Processes that once took place nearby or at least in a manufacturer’s home country are being displaced or moved overseas, and manufacturers are faced with complications in ensuring traceability and transparency.

When Blockchain is paired with any GPS system, a seamless and secure record of a products where abouts becomes possible. The solution is “Proof of Location” combined with Blockchain Technology (=GPS based Blockchain) A GPS linked to a Blockchain can be attached using dApps to a container or product. The coordinates of the item can be continuously written in to the Blockchain as transactions, documenting its journey chronologically and precisely

The problem weak points of GPS

GPS is the world´s leading and golabal GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) consisting of 31 satellites provided for commercial and civil purposes by US army. GPS has become a ubiquitous tool recently been described as „The technology that envelops our cities – and brains“ by the Sidewalk Labs. Over time GPS-Technology will function just as well in space, which is not immediately apparent. Each satelite contain a high-precision atomic clock, which is synchronized regularly with gorund control station. GPS-receiver, that are usually found in smartphones today, have to process time-stamped signal data at least of four overhead-satellites. By using timestamps for calculation of arrival time a GPS-receiver is able to charge a triangulate position.

The problem some explains

Geolocation is the geographic location identification of an object in the real world like mobile phones or Internet-connected computers. Internet and computer geolocation can be performed by associating a geographic location with the Internet Protocol (IP) address, RFID, Wi-Fi positioning system or device GPS coordinates. Geolocation works by automatically looking up an IP address and retrieving the registrant’s physical address.

What is GPS spoofing? 

GPS “spoofing” is a practice by which counterfeit signals are used to effectively trick other receivers. Such attacks can be used to confuse a GPS receiver about the actual location of other objects.

Solution “Proof of Location” combined with Blockchain-Technology

Proof of location – a new system for verification of places In order to etablish a reliable system, which is able to verify smart and innovative contracts of location, cartographeum developed a geographical protocol based on Ethereum-Blockchain. This system would give users the opportunity to verify real time positions through Blockchain and would be usefull in different application cases inclusively location-based games or loyalty programs, supply chains, IOT-devices, driverless cars, mapping functions and much, much more.

Historical GPS Data

The system maintains all historic event data. Vehicle locations and the date/time are recorded. Use event data to quickly clarify customer inquires and have more efficient and effective billing. 

GPS signal data protection secure safing of personal GPS data on blockchain.

Route Optimization

Improves fuel economy, scheduling, efficiency, increases your company’s revenue and will enhance your customer’s satisfaction level. Route optimization using Blockchain provides sophisticated yet robust reporting. Since GPS can be manipulated, cartogpraheum offers an opportunity to check positions in real-time, a commercially important added value for users. However GPS based blockchain is anxious to etablish the protocol as an open-source-log.

How it works?

Solution by GPS based blockchain In summary: Proof of Location disables Spoofing, i.e deceive a GPS receiver by broadcasting incorrect GPS signals.

ICO token sale

Current Rate: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO (+Early bird bonus)
Softcap: 1‘000 ETH
Hardcap: 8‘000 ETH
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Unsold Tokens: Will be burned
Max Supply: 77’480’000 CARTO
For Sale: 54’236’000 CARTO
ICO Token Period:
2018/03/01 at 08:00 (UTC) – 2018/09/01 at 14:00 (UTC)
CARTO token contract adress:

Token distribution & use of funds

The value of a token is set by reaching the hardcap from the ICO. The CARTO token on Ethereum network is used to finance the development of the cartographeum GPS blockchain. The token can also be sold after the ICO. We are in contact with numerous exchanges.

3 Years Concept


The goal of our team is to collect at least $1 million (~1000 ETH) for project development. This sum will be enough to finish all the developments and connect all market participants (GPS data providers) into a single so-called “ecosystem”, based on the cartogpraheum infrastructure. All the funds, raised above $1 million mark will be used to dominate the market in order to attract the maximum number of participants as soon as possible, and thus give no chance to possible competitors.


The company is composed by a young and dynamic team, always leaning to the creation of new projects and ready to develop new experiences through collaboration with customers and investors. We are based in Saxony-Anhalt, Harz, Germany. 

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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