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CARATZ - Main Token Which Will Be Used By Exchange Platform And Transaction

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Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about the Caratz Cross-Platform Wallet & Exchange project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Caratz is the primary token that will be utilized by the exchange and transaction platform. A permanent fixed quantity of 125MM Caratz tokens will be issued, with 20MM frozen until 2019. Caratz will be run natively on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

Token Use Case

The Caratz token is a vital component within the Caratz Ecosystem that opens up additional accessibility for a number of features.
Wallet Withdrawals
Users are able to deposit any ERC-20 token directly into their Caratz wallet. For withdrawals to an external wallet, users will be charged a default gas fee. For ERC-20 tokens other than Caratz, there will be an additional withdrawal fee.


For a minimum fee, users will be able to advertise on the in-house bulletin board system. The catalogs of listings will be separated into three categories:
Channels, Groups, and Marketplaces. The catalog will be organized based
on the volume of Caratz that users have allocated to each listing. Users can
individually reserve and subscribe Caratz funds to a group/channel to boost
ranking, without expending their tokens.

Public Giveaways, Pooling, and Lotteries

Users will need a minimum Caratz balance in their wallet in order to create giveaways, lotteries, and pooling requests. These are posts that can be forwarded and shared to public groups and channels. This allows for both crowdsourcing and crowd distribution directly from channels, along with a fair
system of escrows and lotteries.

Paid/Community Voting

Channels can setup a paid voting option under which users can pay with Caratz tokens to vote on polls. This, too, will require a minimum Caratz balance to set up. Caratz will also host community polls to prioritize future platform updates.

Trade Escrows

The Caratz ecosystem can create escrows and lock-in funds during potential trades. This allows both parties to agree to the terms of their trade before it is executed, protecting both parties and ensuring a successful exchange. This will require a minimum Caratz balance to execute as well. All of the associated costs of these additional features will be scaled relative to the average price of a Caratz token on a weekly basis. This is to prevent manipulation and allow costs to scale up organically.


125MM Caratz tokens will be created in total. Of these, 25MM will be locked until 2019 for developers, with another 5MM being reserved to cover operational costs and funding for development and promoters. 95MM Caratz tokens will be distributed for platform use in the following order: First, during the Private Sale, 20MM will be sold to private investors. Then, 25MM will be sold in the Pre-Token Sale, during which the referral program will be launched. Users will receive rewards for referring others to Caratz, encouraging user base growth. Following the PreToken Sale, 25MM tokens will be sold in the Token Sale, when users will be given the ability to trade Caratz tokens. Finally, 25MM tokens will be airdropped to Caratz account holders. Any tokens not purchased during the Token Sale will be directly sold OTC through the Caratz platform at double the Token Sale price.


  • Q1
  • Official Website Release
  • Alpha Platform Release (Wallet & Telegram Integration)
  • Pre-Token Sale
  • Beta Platform Release (No Fee Transactions)
  • Token Sale

  • Q2
  • Full ERC-20 Token Support
  • Escrows Enabled
  • Public Giveaways, Lotteries, Pools
  • Full Language Support (20+)
  • Caratz Polls Enabled
  • Community Listing Voting

  • Q3 
  • Marketplace Creation
  • Exchange Market Release
  • Subscription Trackers for Groups/Channels
  • In-House Bulletin Release

  • Q4 
  • Decentralized Exchange Implementation
  • Twitch Integration
  • Discord Integration
  • Cross-Platform Transactions
  • Direct ERC-20 Wallet Support

  • H1
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Wechat Integration
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Nep-5 Adoption

  • H2
  • Platform Decentralization Development
  • Loopring Protocol Implementation

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