Monday, April 9, 2018

CARATZ - First Cryptocurrency Transaction & Exchange Proxy

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Hello everyone, in this post I would like to introduce about Cross-Platform Wallet & Exchange Caratz project, And for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Bridging the gap between Cryptocurrency and Social Media

Caratz is the first transaction proxy & cryptocurrency exchange that allows cross-platform token transfer of ERC-20 directly through social media.
Integrated with a decentralized exchange, users can trade and interact within a cohesive ecosystem that allows for secure and convenient transactions. Caratz supports a number of ERC-20 tokens and allows users to create cryptocurrency transactions without leaving their social media platforms. Caratz is the solution to the lack of cryptocurrency access in third world countries and aims for mass adoption worldwide.


Tipping / Payment
Caratz allows easy tipping and payment, to friends and strangers, through your social media. Link or forward messages from friends to immediately send funds to their account.

The Caratz escrow system is one of the most important features. Users can create and conduct escrow transactions under their own terms, easily and conveniently, all through social media.

Distributed Exchange
Caratz offers a seamless experience for users through the integration of decentralized exchanges. Just by sending a message, users can buy and sell orders directly from their wallets.

Whitelisted post entries ranked in token allocation. Users can vote on their favorite groups, channels and markets; while advertisers can post their posts.


Caratz (CRTZ)
125 million CRTZ
New token will never be created.
1 CRTZ = 10 cents
Engineered for connected consumers.
Token ERC20
Powered by blockchain Ethereum


Q1 2018
Official Website Release
Alpha Platform Release
Token Sale

Q2 2018
Full ERC-20 Token Support
Full Language Support
Community Listing Voting

Q3 2018
Exchange Market Release
Subscription Trackers for Channels
In-House Bulletin Release

Q4 2018
Decentralized Exchange
Cross-Platform Transactions
Direct ERC-20 Wallet Support

H1 2019
WhatsApp Integration
Wechat Integration
Facebook Messenger Integration

H2 2019
Platform Decentralization
Loopring Protocol Implementation


To find more relevant details of the Caratz project please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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