Thursday, April 5, 2018

BUY&SELL - First International Online Classified Websites Using Blockchain Technology

Regards community, in this new postigan I would like to introduce about the Buy & Sell project as a Classification Platform, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


BUY&SELL is the first international online classified website the uses blockchain technology. Private and business ads for goods and services will be posted on the website in the near term. The total global market for classified websites is over $ 18 billion. 

Day-to-day goods will be placed on this platform, which can be purchased for internal tokens at the current market rate. Users all over the world will be able to change tokens for goods with the future delivery through the International services.
A distinctive feature of classified advertising is the high profit margin. According to the report by the Norwegian media group named Schibsted, the EBITDA margin is 68% for French classified advertising (, 51% for Sweden's, and 41% for the Norwegian

Trading tendency among people has become increasingly globalized due to the tension between states and the linguistic barriers have been cleared. That is why, courier services are efficient and effective since products are delivered globally within a time frame of few days. 

  1. The user accesses BUY & SELL and registers an account.
  2. During a new account regestration process , the system creates a user profile and an electronic wallet based on the existing crypto-currency in the system - BAS token.
  3. The user fills out the registration form in detail, including links to his profiles on social networks, it is necessary to complete the work of the analytical system in the BUY & SELL platform.
  4. Once the user has access to his account, he will be able to put the number of BAS tokens he needs on his created wallet. You need to use the system of account replenishment.
  5. The user will be able to use one of many appropriate ways of the account replenishment for the purchase of BAS tokens. Processing companies will be involved in payment. For example, you can buy BAS tokens simply using your credit card.
  6. If the user has some other crypto-currency, the system will instantly exchange the user`s tokens to BAS token using existing exchanges such as Coinbase and others.
  7. If you need to sell your product, the user should fill out a form, describing in detail the criteria and properties in the appropriate fields, set the price range and other terms of sale.
  8. By filling in all or the largest number of fields, the analytic mechanism of the BUY & SELL platform can recommend this product and this seller to other market participants-consumers who were interested in products of this category on the platform, as well as searching for them through social networks or other communication channels.
  9. If you need to purchase a product, the platform would help you to find the appropriate product on the basis of the level of the seller's trust and the product group.
  10. 10. The system will store the history transactions of each account, that would help to increase the level of trust to the buyer / seller, thereby providing the most reliable and verified information about goods that the parties need.
  11. The blockchain network will be used to store all information about the sale and purchase of goods and services. This should enable transparent, honest and secure transactions for the above-described classified website.
  12. For each transaction there is a commission of 1.5% of the total amount of the transaction. Most of this commission will be received by holders of BAS tokens following the results of each financial period. The rest of the commission will be charged by BUY & SELL. 

  • Free publicity of your goods and services
  • Low service costs through technological innovation
  • Interaction between sellers and buyers without intermediaries
  • Minimization of the time of recruitment and selection of staff
  • Procurement of goods and services directly



BUY&SELL Platform – is not only a social network for business, but also a rooted search system for goods. It includes automatic information and data collection from the Internet, free placement in the system and re-indexing data. One more benefit and a sign of developing of BUY&SELL Platform is the ability to compare the prices of goods in all stores directly on the product card.

Everyone will get a unique opportunity to find any goods presented by shops on the Internet, see all the stores, and compare prices to determine the choice. We believe and advocate that information about stores, prices, and price changes on the market should be transparent. You cannot trust commercial companies that have their own commercial interests. 

The BUY&SELL has all data about all price changes in all online stores around the world. Everyone will have access to the full analytics of the entire Internet market of trade. At the moment many investors and bankers are talking about blockchain technology as a technology of the future, which will affect the future of the world even more than the appearance of the Internet. These are not just words; more than a billion dollars had been invested in the projects based on the blockchain in 2016. Next, we will write about blockchain, about relation with bitcoin and about directions that are already used and will be used in the future. 


The American research center RAND Corporation released a report in January 2016 calling to resist both the cryptocurrencies and the technologies by which they function. The authors of the report argue that the public's interest in technologies like blockchain is a threat to US national security. In the meantime, over 40 of the largest banking institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Bank of America, JP Morgan, have joined the R3 consortium to jointly explore new technology. Credit organizations understand they haven't caught up yet with the latest technologies, and prefer to use them in their own interests, including reducing of costs. 

The Association of Professional Bankers is also looking at blockchain technology for payment solutions such as interbank payment system without a transfer through SWIFT. In addition, banking organizations need to exchange certain information (scammers, for instance). A software product based on a chain of blocks will allow information to enter for general use into a transparent public database.


After you have found the right product on the Internet, reviewed all the stores and offers of private buyers, compared prices, chose the appropriate terms of delivery, we ZRXOG provide \RX  an opportunity to purchase this product in an internal cryptocurrency (SHT). All users of our service will be able to use services for free. You can solve their problems in business independently without huge costs. This was based on technologies such as Big Data, AI, Data Mining, universal high-tech mechanism of direct response advertising. 



Based on the existing rules of the ICO campaign, on the final results of each financial year, 40% of the net operating profit is transferred to the ETH purse and in the future the profit is distributed among the holders of the BUY & SELL (BAS) tokens.


To find more relevant details and join the Buy & Sell social scene, please follow some resources for the following references:

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