Saturday, April 7, 2018

AWOKER - Creating New Opportunities For Job Hunting And Career Development

Greetings Community,

Aworker - a next-generation blockchain-based platform with ambitious goals to transform / disrupt the HR industry. We strive to create new opportunities for job hunting and career development. The appointment of employees is one of the most influential markets in the world, with a volume of $ 429 billion.

The core problem

To this day, there are three major difficulties in recruiting for business:
  1. It is difficult to hire good employees. There are two reasons for this: it's hard to find it and it's not always possible to judge them properly
  2. High cost of recruitment. The average cost for hiring new employees for middle-level jobs is about $ 8,000.
  3. Complications of candidate assessment. It is not always possible to evaluate the applicant's professionalism because the data is unreliable. One can write on a resume and tell in an interview about himself whatever he wants.

Common issues for job seekers:
  1. Finding a job is challenging because of the high competition. Even extraordinary and talented specialists sometimes do not get an offer because of the number of CVs that recruiters receive.
  2. Company uses data about professional skills of people for free. People are not paid for the information they share on social networks, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.


Aworker created to help:
  1. People get jobs faster and with preferred conditions
  2. Companies hire the best candidates and reduce costs per employee

Aworker uses Blockchain technology to create:
  • P2P platform for personnel recruitment. With the power of smart contracts, it is possible to change the rules of recruitment, when others recommend candidates and all critical stage participants receive prizes.
  • Reputation system, which will prove specialist qualifications.

Token WORK

WORK token is a coin of workers.

WORK token is tied to the hiring of employees in the company. The company will have to spend WORK tokens to find and hire an employee. The number of tokens is limited. The company will be able to buy tokens on the stock exchanges.

Companies will receive an application for hiring and communicating with candidates. HR managers will be able to create a vacancy, using the opportunities of smart contracts, and to check core information about the candidate in the blockchain: what are his verified skills, competencies, completed projects, etc. Blockchain will provide more reliable information about applicants, which is now lacking in companies.

We want to create the world where people are rewarded for their skills and achievements at work. And companies receive a reliable rating of specialists to facilitate the candidates’ selection process.

Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the brand new ecosystem. Each person will be able to show professionalism and develop a reputation of a reliable employee for a couple of clicks.

Investment Info

Receive ETH, BTC

Token Info
Token name: WORK
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Token Price 1WORK: 0.0004158ETH
Token Count: 213,778,675

  • Stage 1: Aworker Alpha. Termination of private cabinet users
  • Stage 2: Develop personal account for company and Marketplace Job
  • Stage 3: Integration into blockchain and audit security, Verification Skills
  • Stage 4: Development of Ethnic Ranking based on blockchain
  • Stage 5: Development of the company's advertising cabinet
  • Stage 6: Enterprise application development
  • Stage 7: Aw Awer API Development and mobile app
  • Stage 8: Development of a recommendation system.
  • Market Analysis and Aworker Business Model

Aworker Team
  1. Anton Cherkasov, CEO & Co-founder
  2. Michail Doshevskii, CTO & Co-founder
  3. Sergey Streltsov, CMO
  4. Mikhail Barkov, Director of Human Resources
  5. Svetlana Fomenkova, Director of Development
  6. Roman Ivantsov, Architect
  7. Evgeny Petukhov, backend developer
  8. Alexander Zachinalov, a front-end developer
  9. Pavel Levkovich, Leading
  10. Serafima Aleksandrova, PR đťanager
  11. Vasily Kuznetsov, Counselor
  12. Denis Polulyakhov, Counselor

To find relevant details of the Aworker project please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80