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AUTO UNIT - Automated Platform That Unifies The Best Features Of The Payment System, Cashback Services And Partnership Programs

Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about the Auto Unit project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


IAC is an automated platform bringing together the best features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs.

In 2014, a small group of like-minded people set an ambitious goal to make the life of consumers better and easier by providing them with the best quality goods and
services at wholesale prices. The company is based on the idea of uniting people to jointly solve issues related to saving the family budget. As a result, the new corporation was established as International Auto Club. The website was launched.

It gradually began to be filled with suppliers providing privileges and users who use these privileges. Over three years, more than 70,000 partners have rallied around this idea. Over 600,000 users and over 12,000 enterprises have become IAC partners and agreed to provide discounts and special offers for participants. For ease of use, a mobile application was developed and launched. For theconvenience ofusers, a payment systemwas launched. The multi-level affiliate program demonstrated a particularly effective development, which made it possible to develop the platform with a minimum advertising budget in 250 cities of Russia and CIS countries. 

New technological trends require newapproaches tobusiness development, especially with regard to the platform as a payment system. For 3 years, our technology has proven its effectiveness. In fact, the first stage of company development has passed. IAC is not a start-up and it’s ready to develop business in other countries. The corporation transfers all internal payments to the blockchain using internal currency called AutoUnit. This is a system of mutual settlements that allows to increase the level of transparency and financial security of all registered users, to avoid system centralization and users dependency on the corporation, to accelerate development and to increase the turnover of enterprises that joined the platform.

What is International Auto Club?

International Auto Club (IAC) is an automated platform bringing together the best
features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs. At the moment platform already allows solving many of the problems. The blockchain technology will allow the platform to be brought to a new level, to meet new challenges and make the existing solution even more effective.

How it works

For consumers:

1. Consumer registers free-of-charge in the system and gets access toall valid discounts,promotions andoffers.
2. After registration, the customer has the opportunity to send a referral link to friends. Friends will also be able to make profitable purchases if register via that referral link.
3. The consumer receives percentage cashback of all purchases carried out by referrals and also to those to whom they submitted their referral link.
4. The consumer has the opportunity to withdraw the accumulated internal funds in fiat money in any convenient way.
5. You can pay more than 20 000 kinds of goods and services (state duty, credits, cellular service, TV, Internet, fines, withdrawal to plastic cards, to the account of any bank, etc.), pay for internal projects and upgrade the status within the system using internal currency.
6. You can recharge your internal account in any convenient way by simply clicking the button in your account: from card to card, through the card acquiring to the settlement account, through the cryptocurrency transfer to the company's wallet.

For businesses:

1. An enterprise registers free of charge on the IAC platform and has access to an ever-growing base of loyal participants.
2. After registration, the business offer (goods and services) is placed in a discount system. The percentage cashback paid by the business to the IAC platform is determined by the agreement.
3. The enterprises install the Autobonus program. It identifies and maintains a record of participants purchases.
4. The enterprise makes the payment in the cashback amount of all participants purchases specified in the contract.
5. The business employee has an opportunity to register new participants. At the same time, all new participants will be registered according to the business level in referral system. The business will get a part of the percentage cashback according
to the distribution cashback system when participants make purchases.
6. The business is given an opportunity to use paid services with a significant discount:
• advertising, internet marketing, SMM;
• placement on the platform resources in the section of special offers (banners, recommendation);
• participation in IAC projects;
• creation of websites and mobile applications.


Implement a payment service that accepts all the leading cryptocurrencies through the IAC platform. Payment for goods and services worldwide with cryptocurrency.

Growing user base from 60 000 to 60 000 000 in 4 years
Grow our base of goods and service suppliers from 12,000 to 1.2 million.
Increase trading volume x1000
Open 1 500 offices in 4 years
Expand IAC services to other developed countries
Implement a payment system for goods and services through an internal payment instrument called AutoUnit
Implement a system where all the benefits provided in the platform can only be accessed through AutoUnit
Set up the bank (NSCA)





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