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ALLSTOCKS - Allows Users to Trade in Financial Assets (Like Currencies And Bonds) On Blockchain Technology

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Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about the Allstocks project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

The ALLSTOCKS Network is a distributed global stock exchange platform which aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers around the world. It also allows the trading of crypto tokens backed by real financial assets. The network will create a decentralized system, which will allow all stakeholders trade with its ERC20 standardcompatible token. These backing assets will be held in an escrow account. Moreover, the network will allow users trade in financial assets (such as currencies and bonds) on Blockchain technology.

Furthermore, ALLSTOCKS Network will expose generic API interface, giving developers greater capacity to develop their tools and apps for investing, hedging and carrying out transactions using ALLSTOCKS tokens. Well, decentralized organizations that are exposed to cryptocurrency can safeguard their funding through stable assets. While the network will enable investors manage diverse investment portfolios, it will also enable companies issue capitals with ease and flexibility. 


Achieving ALLSTOCKS system decentralization is the single most important thing that must be achieved. Well, the reason is that it is a unique feature of all cryptocurrencies - which makes them what they are. Converting physical assets to digital assets requires the undertaking some necessary off-chain actions of financial and legal due diligence. Furthermore, administrations will be needed to oversee to ensure full compliance with the necessary regulations. In the long run, regulations are expected to evolve, that will enable ALLSTOCKS system to become even more decentralized. On-chain Digital Identity: Today, there are many On-chain Identities, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), but there are regrettably not enough.

Therefore, there’s a need to implement advanced identification solution.
Remittances: ALLSTOCKS supports remittances by enabling fiat to fiat currency transfers. As a result, users can easily add and transfer funds, regardless of their locations in the world. Well, this operation, by design, is facilitated by the low fees charged by cryptocurrencies and also maintaining currency stability, safety and security. To participate in this system, users must own a wallet. Indeed, these wallets allow them to convert these currencies as well as transfer funds from one person to another, paying minimal fees in the course of carrying out such transactions. These payments and transfers may also be cross-border transactions.

API for the Currency: The ALLSTOCKS Network’s API currency enables wallet holders to convert from one currency to another effortlessly. Furthermore, ALLSTOCKS also provides users with a simple gateway that accepts all currencies and payouts in local currencies of the user. Moreover, the good thing is that this is done without incurring neither exchange nor transfer fees. The minute the network is established, users can setup agnostic payment gateways enabled by ALLSTOCKS Network’s API and libraries. 


Asset-backed tokens have a wide array of uses. Let’s discuss these uses briefly:
  • Traditional to digital exchange: They are capable of providing low-risk facilities but with high returns for investors through the wholesale of investment instruments to investors. This allows the traditional to digital exchange of assets
  • Platform for investment: Furthermore, commodities and money market instruments can be deposited ALLSTOCKS and sold.
  • Shielding Tokens: Organizations can buy money market CTTs and store them with full transparency.
  • Global transfers: ALLSTOCKS platform can also provide tokens that have all the desirable features: immutability, global adoption, reliability, stability, and ease of transfer. When such tokens from ALLSTOCKS Network have all these qualities, they will be able to offer services such as payment gateways, remittance channels and many more. 

Total tokens supply: 50,000,000 AST tokens.
In current sale AllStocks will allocate 25,000,000 AST tokens. Sale is split into three stages each with reduced exchange rate that represents an early investment bonus.
AST Token prices:
April 15 – April 30, Stage one: 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus)
May 1 – June 15, Stage two: 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus)
June 16 – June 30, Stage three: 500 AST = 1.00 ETH (No Bonus).


Obviously, we have been able to address some of the perennial challenges battling the current system by leveraging the existing technological infrastructure. ALLSTOCKS Network has a welldeveloped infrastructure which enables seamless trading of crypto tokens with real financial assets backing. Also, it is interfaced with major stock exchanges around the world, making it a profitable investment for all enthusiasts, financiers and investors. Furthermore, ALLSTOCKS tokens are already held in escrow account, And with a projected $20M Hardcap, ALLSTOCKS is definitely going to give existing cryptos a run for their money.

Noteworthy is that this procedure is holistic and tedious, but it must be done cautiously to boast platform stakeholders would love to invest in. Once these critical components work in harmony they will deliver a blockchain platform that can to make the revolution in global stocks and assets markets. Don’t just read it, save the preferred launch date and act on it right now.

For more information and join Allstocks social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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