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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

AGE OF DRAGONS - The First Big-Scale Open Game World Based on Blockchain Technology

Greetings Community, in this new post I would like to introduce about the AgeOfDragons project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Age of Dragons, the world's first large-scale open game based on blockchain technology, will soon be released. This game has a very interesting dragon breeding system, abundant collection of content, fascinating warfare, great national war, and endless adventures.

Massive Open Game World — Age of Dragons


We are going to create a large themed game world with dragons as the main characters. This world will bring players an unprecedented new virtual community experience with openness and unlimited possibilities. We will divide the development of the entire world into four stages that will be presented to players one by one.
  • The Creation of the Dragon World
  • The Dragon Territory
  • The Civilization of Dragons
  • The Creation of Dragons

All stages of development of the entire world is linked through dragons. Every stage of development sets the foundation for the next stage. When a stage develops to a certain maturity, it will proceed to the next stage, with the fourth stage being the last. In the last stage, the whole world will have its own basic structure completed and a dynamic platform, allowing users and other developers to create more content. Everyone can get the experience and reward that the want. Finally this forms an ecosystem that will not stop moving forward and developing.

In a traditional gaming platform, a player is typically given a selfless mission to save everything in the great big world. Users follow the path set by designers, experience everything that has been written, and accomplish exactly the same goals as other players. Everything is repeatable and predictable; this is all that centralized games can bring you. In the game, you must follow a set of predetermined goals in order to move forward. The game's universe is also fixed and unchanging, you only follow and experience the path set by the designers. Regardless of whether you enter or leave the game's universe, nothing in that universe will be affected.

On the other hand, we are creating an unprecedented virtual world – one that is never silent, one that is truly open and free. In this world, any development cannot be predictable; all changes and evolutions are determined by the minute contribution of every single player that accumulates to drive the world forward. This game is also a platform for users to develop an enriched and perfect world, creating new modes and gameplay to open up new chapters in the game's universe.

Age of Dragons

With unlimited openness and convenience, this game brings a completely new and unprecedented virtual community experience to the players. The game development process will be divided into four stages, and will be present for players one by one.

Dragon is a key element of all world developments. Every stage of development in the world is the infrastructure of the next stage, and combining a certain stage of development of maturity, the world will move on to the next stage.

The fourth stage will be the last stage, and the world will build its own infrastructure, develop platform capabilities. Games and content will be created by users and developers. Everyone can accept the experience or the return of what they want, and finally, the world is formed into its own ecological system, developing and growing endlessly.

That word
The word begins, nagaikasi for life, players will collect various types of dragons and bring them into combat.

At this stage, the game will launch land, equipment and adventure. Based on a system of responsibility built on smart contracts, players can swap everything not just goods but also services. And finally, the game will generate society by players.

Dragon Wars
As the world progresses, players are used to build countries, governmental and military bodies. Expect the social community to the countries, and the policies, trade between countries, and everything that is determined by the players.

The final stage, the world will be open to all developers, and then they are used to create adventures and add to the never-ending world community.

The Core Team

Free NGT Package!

The game will use NGT (NEO Genesis Token)
First 200 users each can get 1000NGT;201 to 500 each can get 500NGT;501 to 1000 each can get 200NGT;1001 to 5000 each can get 100NGT.
Please hurry to share the invitation to friends, for each successful recommendation you can get another 100 NGT for free.

Allocation and Use

The Free NGT Package will be sent three days before NGT list on exchange.
Please Join us to get the Free NGT Package.

For more information and join the current AgeOfDragons social media please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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