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Monday, April 30, 2018

HDXCHANGE - One of the World's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Hdxhange, based on some of the following criteria:

About HDX

Find a better way in Crypto Currency

HDX will be one of the world's leading Cryptocurrency exchanges. Our goal is to provide maximum benefit to our customers by making our exchange flexible in terms of Cryptocurrency trading and also distributing a share of the profits among holders. We offer Peer to Peer Bitcoin purchases and sales through any payment mode. We also offer 40% of the exchange of earnings shares to our ICO investors. The most unique offer we provide is a referral commission as Bitcoin with an instant withdrawal facility.

We introduce HDX and are very confident that its value will reach the sky high in the near future. We are very excited to inform you that our ICO will soon be launched. With some unique and innovative features of our exchange, we hope to reach more customers and expand our operations. Our motto is to eliminate complexity through various agencies and exchanges by making HDX a comprehensive platform for traders and fans of cryptocurrency. We intend to make trading easy for you by reducing all intermediaries and charging 0% commissions. Now forget about dealing with different exchanges and take the opportunity to be part of revolutionary gateways and breakthroughs into the Marketplace.

Commission costs zero percent

Another trend to be set is the 0% trading commission. Previously, traders had to pay an elaborate amount of trading commissions to buy, sell crypto coins in most exchanges. HDX has deducted this commission fee to Zero and made the transaction free of charge for customers. Now you do not have to worry about an additional amount above your purchase and sale price and you can continue to trade in the hassle-free environments provided by HDX.

Peer to Peer Transactions

One outstanding feature is that we allow buyers and sellers to quote prices on our website and buy & sell directly without any third party interference. We have incorporated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple into our platforms, users can engage in buying and selling all these coins with Fiat currency through various modes of payment from any country online.

Share Exchange Revenue

Probably the most profitable deal we offer. We will share 40% of future exchange income exclusively to ICO investors on the basis of their HDX shares. This is solely done to increase our ICO investor confidence, we want to make sure that investors who contribute to HDX coins benefit in the future.

Commission BTC Instant Reference

This is the most innovative step taken by HDX in ICO history. Currently all ICOs use their own Crypto coins to be referred to others. HDX has put an end to this ongoing system and provides Bitcoin as it is the most widely used and accepted Cryptocurrency. We offer Bitcoin instead of our own Crypto to refer us to other individuals and also provide 8% of the total Bitcoin spent on HDX purchases. Even if you spend Ethereum, it can be converted into Bitcoin level and you get the same amount of commission. And this referral commission can be withdrawn at any time.

ICO will be held from April 20 th May 30 th 2018
The maximum quantity of ICO 10 500 000 HDX
Total Tokens: 60 Million HDX
Maximum ICO Amount: 33 Million HDX
Hardcap 23 Million USD
All unsold tokens will be burned

ICO schedule and benefits allocation

TOKEN Distribution



Our highly skilled team has combined all the resources together to achieve its goal. We are proud of the diligence and craftsmanship that they have put in making HDX possible. It is due to their efforts, that we have been able to create such a unique and innovative product. We hereby proclaim that we owe the commencement of HDX to them and heartfully thank them for their contribution. 

Don’t just read it, save the preferred launch date and act on it right now.

For More Information:

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MARGINLESS - Revolutionizing the Betting Industry

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Margines, based on some of the following criteria:

Marginless is revolutionizing the betting industry. Bet against anyone, anywhere and at any time, using our unique Unique Face Betting interface. Create your own betting market, unique, and at the same time earn a low 1% industry commission.


Marginless will bring a good past where individuals will have the opportunity to bet against others directly in almost any sport or other activity while maintaining their privacy and enjoying the industry's lowest commissions. New generation betting exchanges will allow friends, colleagues, and many other sports lovers to be able to regain control of their bets and place them against real people.


At Marginless we believe that your privacy should be yours. We will not store your personal data centrally and will provide you with simplified and easy-to-use registration.


Betting services without margin will run with the industry's lowest commissions ranging from 0 to 1 percent. We can really turn anyone into a winner!


Bet against your friends or other bidders directly by using our unique face-to-face betting interface and be assured that your winnings will be received at any time.


  1. Go to Marginless affiliate page, select reward type and generate unique affiliate link. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions from our affiliate partners that will include your password to affiliate system.
  2. When user clicks on your link, they will be brought into our ICO landing page and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate system partners.
  3. If these users register on our website, they will be marked with your affiliate ID.
  4. Users will receive extra 5% MRS Tokens if registered through affiliate link.
  5. With every amount of payments received from users you have brought to our website to take part in the Marginless ICO period, the who invited will be rewarded with a 15% in MRS Bonus tokens or 10% in Ethereum.
    Example: If a user clicks on your affiliate link and buys 1000 MRS Tokens, YOU will receive a 150 MRS commission or 10% equivalent in Ethereum! User that you have invited will receive extra 50 MRS Tokens on this purchase.
  6. You will be able to track your performance through our affiliate partners

Token Model

Token Distribution & Token Allocation


Meet The Team


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KACHINGCOIN - The Most Complete Investment Ecosystem In the world, Supported By Blockchain

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about KachingCoin project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Coin Kaching?

KACHET Coins (KAC) will be the sole mechanism for transferring values ​​in the life-respiratory ecosystem in all subsystems and micro-ecosystems by offering a complete investment and trading ecosystem - We create value for investors and KAC users. Kaching Coins is really the easiest token to use. With ready-made products ready to be tested by Pre-ICO investors, Kaching Coins is the most complete investment ecosystem in the world, supported by Blockchain.

The goal of the Kachingcoin project is to offer a complete ecosystem where the largest range of investments will be available to people. For beginners, the KachingCoin project provides an opportunity to monitor, invest, and copy transactions from other professional and experienced traders. For traders and professional funds, KachingCoin provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity to promote the largest selection of investors in the blockchain network to date.

KachingCoin is ready to provide friendly and efficient customer service with maximum processing speed and no commissions. Information will be freely transferred to the entire ecosystem through the exchange of messages, forums and P2P chat. Information will also be transmitted through other social media. In combination with a variety of educational tools, research and development laboratories, and even trade tournaments, the KachingCoin project offers the best trade and investment environment.

Solutions For Market Needs

1. Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust.
So how does Blockchain respond to Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust needs? To answer this question, let's look at the following diagram first:

2. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Faster and Easier.
Especially in developing countries, there is an inherent need for easy storage and withdrawal services. Using Token Kaching, Powered by Blockchain, and a combination of local deposits and other smart payment systems, deposits and withdrawals have never been easier. Safe, secure, traceable and fully transparent.

3. Client
Kaching has identified three key Client archetypes; Brokers, Investors, and Investment Managers (Traders) Understanding the needs of the Client Archetypes, we have skillfully tailored our services to address these important issues.


Brokers will be accepted to create their company profile on the Kaching Social Trading Platform. Here they will be able to reach larger markets and communicate easily to prospective traders and even IBs.


Every user of any Social Media Platform can advise you that the User Interface and Usage of the software are essential to the User Experience and Functional Platform. The ability to search (Info and Fund), Allocation (Info and Capital), and Share (Info and Experience) easily are some of the most important priorities when thinking of "Investor Experience".

Kaching Ecosystem

The Kaching ecosystem will be the most complete investment ecosystem supported by Blockchain, which provides exceptional value to each and every other participant. The Kaching Coin (KAC) will be the center and source of ecosystem strength. Each individual section will also contribute to the appreciation of KAC values.

Sales Token (KAC)

Every change in this company has a very special commercial value. Facilitating potential investors is one of the things that CryptoCurrency companies should classify in the world, but providing clear and detailed details and at the same time a roadmap that determines whether a company truly values ​​future investors. potency. If you are looking for a place to negotiate a market in the currency market, this is the solution you can take as one of the main options of cryptographic trading market based on the blockchain platform. It comes with the latest blockchain technology platform KACHING COINS Market is one of the great benefits for shareholder profits and is one of crypto exchanges through the market democracy system. Not only that KACHING COINS here, as a place to trade with cryptography,

Budget allocation

Most of the current Trading Platform will not be able to offer you the option to diversify your allocation of funds when it comes to investing in various trading instruments. With the kaching ecosystem, you will be able to allocate your capital into different investment flows so as to manage your risks better and not have all your capital in a proverbial egg basket. The diversity and adjustment of investments is part of what Kaching wants to offer to the market.

Tokenization and Bonus program
Token Standart - Ethereum ERC 20 Token
Token Name - Kaching Coin (KAC) Screenshot (36) .png
Decimal - 18 **

Number of tokens - 247 million

Kaching coin (KAC) functions as a mechanism for transferring values ​​in the Kaching Ecosystem. 50% of total tokens will be released in Pre-ICO and ICO Phase.


  • Stephan Roos - Director of Investor Relations
  • Simon Mark - Social Trading Expert / Co-founder
  • Derek Sandheinrich - Fintech Expert / Co-founder
  • Tahsin Haykal - Fintech Expert / Co-founder
  • Kevin Millien - Advisor / Broker Advisor
  • Tung Phan - Specialist / Human Resource Advisor
  • James Thai - Expert Technician / Advisor
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BINEURO - New Ecosystem Developed For Neuro Ads

Foto BiNeuro Partners.

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Bineuro project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Created by UTC World Corporation, BiNeuro is a new ecosystem developed for neuro ads. It is an AI system built using machine learning, large data, genetic algorithms and a single spectrum analysis. Basically, if you want a shortened version: BiNeuro makes advertising more effective.

Where does BiNeuro take so many parameters for tracking?

Google Experts have developed an effective, yet complex, system of artificial intelligence that has become superior to the human ability in its understanding:

Google Adwords targeting limits:

No more than 5 000 000 individual targeting elements in your account (e.g., keyword, placement, and user category listings).

No more than 1 000 000 campaign targeting elements in your account (e.g., Target locations and negative keywords at the campaign level).

No more than 10,000 locations are targeted or excluded in the campaign, including up to 500 target areas within a radius.

No more than 20 public placement exclusion lists in your account (maximum number of items in the list is 65,000).

No more than 65,000 excluded placements at the account level for each account (separate from ad group lists, campaigns and exclusions).

There are no more than 128,000 excluded placements in the ad group (this includes exceptions for your account, list, campaign, and ad group).

No more than 11,000 total budgets in your account. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6372658?hl=ru

Additionally, each target element in Google Adwords (as well as in other PPC advertising systems) matches the main hierarchical group system (MCC accounts, accounts, companies, groups, keywords, ADS), each of which includes 20 to 60 parameters, respectively - can take 2 to 150 values.

For example, when Google Adwords generates the ranking of an ad campaign for a single keyword word or phrase, it uses hundreds of parameters, not just general parameters like CTR, CPC, Avg.CPC, cost, Quality, Interaction, Quality Score, Conversions, PTR, Search lost IS (rank), mostly oriented to advertising agencies - professionals.

And, for example, even simple tasks like decoding important parameters such as CTR (clickthrough rate) for a passphrase may differ depending on other parameters and their correlations, and also have a unique temporary cycle for each ad. campaign.

Humans can not physically process a large number of parameters, especially if this should be done regularly.

At the bottom of BiNeuro's practical experience of 80,000 real advertising campaigns, the number of parameters calculated often reaches 300,000.

How does it work
  1. BiNeuro is artificial intelligence - a neural network that can learn and accumulate experiences. The system becomes "smarter" with every new Internet advertising campaign.
  2. Considering the fact that a high-quality expert in Internet promotion is able to do a maximum of 100 ad campaigns during the year, BiNeuro, which has conducted over 80,000 PPC advertising campaigns on Google since 2009, can by human standards become regarded as a digital expert with 800 years experience !
  3. During the campaign, BiNeuro takes into account 1,000 parameters for small customers and up to 300,000 for large online stores and reacts to changing situations in 24/7 mode. In comparison, an upscale digital expert can "remember" the best 40 parameters and devote an hour in a few days to separate campaigns.
  4. The parameter value at which the campaign provides maximum efficiency (achievement of campaign KPI parameters) is called Targeted Image (TI) of the campaign. BiNeuro corrects the values ​​and attempts to bring them to the Target Image by itself.
  5. BiNeuro not only contains the function of neuro optimization, but also the expert judgment system. The System stores the Target Images library of the most geographically successful and industry-linked campaigns, and when new clients arise, BiNeuro immediately switches to a similar experience.
  6. Using BiNeuro allows to improve the efficiency of PPC campaigns by at least 50% in 87% of cases and this parameter grows with system experience.

BiNeuro Token Sale

BiNeuro is currently planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the development of its blockchain, so this is the best opportunity to invest in the company. This project is already happening and the success of ICO will only affect the speed of change, not the project itself.

The tokens are ERC20 based and you can buy them for 0.0001 ETH each. However, there are certain discounts. Sales will occur from March 27 to June 4 and each week's discount, which will start at 20%, will be reduced by 2% to 0% in the last week.

Another way to get a discount is to buy in bulk:

  • 5-15 ETH: 2% discount;
  • 15-30 ETH: 5% discount;
  • 30-50 ETH: 8% discount;
  • 50+ ETH: 10% discount.
  • BiNeuro ICO Token Detail
  • Token Symbol: BNR
  • Sales Token Start: Marzo 27, 2018
  • Token Sales Ends: June 4, 2018
  • Token Price: 5 - 50 ETH, 1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH
  • Total Supply: 850 Million BNR
  • Standard Token: ERC 20
  • Hard Cap: 47 Million ETH


The BiNeuro Verdict

If a company has a partnership with Google, you know you should take it seriously. Currently not many people use BiNeuro but it all makes us believe that this number may increase in the near future.

Artificial intelligence is being used extensively in recent times and the effect has generated tremendous profits for many companies. Even if the company's expectations work with 340,000 agents and 12 million freelancers wrong and they only make up 50% of this goal, buying tokens will still be a very good and profitable idea.

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ZANCOIN - Consulting Firms That Hire Free Software Developers

Foto ZAN Coin.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called ZanCoin, based on some of the following criteria:

What is ZAN Coin?

They are a Consulting Firm that hires Freelance Software Developers to work on specific existing projects for them. In return, ZAN Coin pays their Freelance Software Developers for services rendered on each project. With various “Freelancers” abroad, located/living in different countries, it placed hurdles in the way for ZAN Coin to make timely affordable payments to their numerous “Freelancers”. So they wised up, put their heads together to create a solution for the various issues they were having with their successful existing business model, structure and procedures. As we know, for any company to remain successful, they must adapt to an ever-changing environment, create solutions for existing problems, and always reduce expenses of owning/running a business. To tackle the issues head on, they came together and created a solution to the issues they were having. Thus, creating ZAN Coin.

Foto ZAN Coin.

The Goals behind ZAN Coin:

Their ultimate goal is to grow and prosper as a legal and extremely successful Consulting Firm. They not only want growth for their business, but they want all of their current Freelance Developers and investors to prosper as well. With these important goals in place, the life-cycle of ZAN will make everyone involved successful. Investors will create more capital to boost project development. Developers will work more efficient, harder and faster to create an excellent product to boost sales. Thus, creating higher sales volumes and creating more profits for all ZAN Coin holders.

ZAN Coin Specs:

Ticker- ZAN
Contract Address- 0xbef51888af40d73db76a7716c98bdfe979040f8d
Decimals- 18

How to buy ZAN Coin?

Currently, the only way to purchase ZAN Coin will be through their ICO. The ICO begins May 15, 2018.
Presale: 1 ETH=1500 ZAN, Presale ends May 22, 2018
Round 1: 1 ETH=1200 ZAN, end time, TBD
Round 2: 1 ETH=900 ZAN, end time, TBD
5% Referral: Users are able to see their referral links on user profile pages.
ZAN Coin supply: 17,148,385

Distribution of ZAN Coin:

Investors- 70% allocation: 12,003,870 Coins
Affiliate and Bounty- 10% allocation: 1,714,838 Coins
Founders- 15% allocation: 2,572,257
Reserve- 5% allocation: 857,419



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The bitcointalk name: Aray80

BELOTTO - New Decentralization Standards For Lottery

Foto Belotto.

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Beloto project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

New decentralization standard for lottery

We bring transparency to the lottery business and combine our technological knowledge with amazing blockchain to make more money in the most honest way.


We give innovation, transparency, confidence and security to the most popular MUS gambling game of all times by Eliminating the risk of money False allocation, drawing or jackpot manipulation through a decentralized sweepstakes scheme supported by blockchain, and what's better, what you announced is what you get , not a few cents less. With Belotto, the house never won. Users do it.

Three major lotteries will boost this project:

  1. Belotto Ether Lottery
    Jackpots and transactions are arranged through Smart Contracts. Get WEALTH-ether!
  2. Belotto Bitcoin Lottery
    100% transparency for cryptocurrency is most searched all the time
  3. Belotto Express
    Fast Lotteries for those days when you feel too lucky to wait. Picture every 2 hours!
  4. BEL Token
    Get them to win more BEL, BTC or ETH, it will give you a discount so you can increase your chances of winning.

How it works
  1. Lottery users do not know where their money goes, if it really goes to the jackpot or if they hold real money at all.
  2. Beloto together with Smart Contract will automatically distribute money from ticket sales always in the same way as the jackpot is constantly fed with every new purchase.
  3. Money Jackpots are stored safely through escrow to prevent mismanagement and use of any money before anyone wins it.
  4. A new image is held every week, the winning number is taken from the Bitcoin Blockchain hash, ensuring no combination of numbers will be changed in any way.
  5. Whenever there is a winner, the Smart Tickets notify both parties, and they are used to release and transfer money to the winner's wallet.

BEL Tokens

BEL tokens are built over the Ethereum blockchain and a fundamental component of the Belotto ecosystem, integrally designed to be used within the platform giving a key value to its economy. Acquiring BEL in early stages entitles holders to benefits while providing the use of services at special prices. These tokens may be obtained through Pre-Sale, Sale and Second Sale stages by purchasing credits.


Users who purchase credits in early stages (Pre-Sale, Sale and Second Sale stages) will get discounts and be granted with BEL Tokens proportionally. These credits allow Smart Tickets acquisition that entitle lottery participation inside Belotto. Depending on the sale stage there will be discounts (bonuses) that will grant more credits for less money. Users will receive the same amount of Tokens as the amount of purchased credits.
After early sale stages and during regular operation of the platform, purchasing lottery tickets through BEL tokens will confer special prices that wont decrease the jackpot amounts as Belotto will cover the remaining costs. Distribution: 30% administrative expenses: payroll, marketing, technology, rewards - 70% Jackpot (60% current - 10% following).


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Sunday, April 29, 2018

BLOCKBROKER - Providing 100% Safe Environment for ICO Investors

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called BlockBroker, based on some of the following criteria:


In a world where a new ICO is popping up every second day, fraud has become a major issue. Research shows that 10% of ICO’s are fraudulent, however this number is rising.
Block Broker has set out to provide a 100% safe environment for ICO investors.
We are creating Block Broker – the first decentralized ICO broker service to
completely eliminate ICO fraud.
When an investor contributes funds to an ICO on the Block Broker platform they will be 100% confident that the funds are secure via the BKBK token smart contract escrow system.

The Initial Coin Offering Boom

Over the past few years, the number of ICO that are being offered has grown exponentially. The concept of the ICO was first carried out by Mastercoin in 2013, which paved the way for more companies to launch ICO after Mastercoin demonstrated that the concept was successful. 2014 saw the successful launch of the Ethereum platform, and following that, 2015 - 2016 saw the launch of about sixty-four different ICOs.
The current ICO market is seeing innovation that is aiming to solve a few current problems posed by Blockchain networks so far such as high transaction fees, slow transactions and wallet user interfaces that are not user friendly. 

Due to the success of the Ethereum ICO, a healthy atmosphere has evolved that has helped create the current ICO Market boom, with venture capitalists having put in over $550 million USD just last year.

The Problem

The ICO Boom has given birth to a dark underbelly of the crypto world: Scam ICO'S and scam ICO Investment Pools! With the rise of Initial Coin Offerings, there has also been a rise in scammers trying to take advantage of investors.
Large investment pool scams have been set up to collect funds from multiple investors and run off with the money.

The Solution

Completely eliminating risks associated with ICO's by using smart contracts as an escrow solution with Block Broker tokens as collateral. Block Broker not only eliminates the risks associated with ICO investing, it also insures a safe level playing field in ICO Investments. There is a huge opportunity now with the BOOM of Initial Coin Offerings. Block Broker is about to change the world of ICO investments forever!!!

The Opportunity

Initial Coin Offerings have become huge business over the past few years.
With the boom of ICO’s has also come a wave of opportunity seekers trying to take advantage of potential investors. This creates a huge opportunity for Block Broker to swoop in and restore investor confidence by offering 100% security and insurance for all selected ICO’s.

How it works?

When an investor signs up with Block Broker they will simply browse through the list of token sales that we are currently supporting. The investor will be able to see the difference between the public price and bonus and the price and bonus offered by Block Broker and choose the best fit for them.

When they make their contribution, our smart contract will instantly send BKBK tokens to the value of their contribution. This serves as escrow and insurance. As soon the chosen ICO is complete and the tokens are listed on exchanges, the BKBK tokens are returned and the tokens of the investor’s chosen ICO are sent to them and they are now free to hold or trade their tokens.

Block broker Token functionality

The Block Broker token is used in the smart contract between Block Broker and investors in ICO’s that we offer our investors. The smart contract is an automated escrow system that instantly transfers BKBK tokens to investors to the value of their investment.

Token Details
  • BKBK tokens are erc20 tokens based on Ethereum.
  • BKBK tokens will be sold during the pre-ico and during the main token sale.
  • The pre-sale begins May 11th 2018.
  • The main sale begins June 8th 2018 and ends July 20th 2018 or until we reach hard cap.
  • Bonuses and discounts are offered on a sliding scale.
Token Sale Details
  • Total Supply: 750,000,000 BKBK Tokens
  • ICO Supply: 150,000.000 BKBK Tokens
  • Price: $0.06
  • Pre-Sale Price: $0.03
  • Soft Cap: $300,000
  • Hard Cap: $5,000,000
  • Ticker: BKBK
  • Presale: May 11 – May 24 – Price $ 0.03


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

ZANTEPAY - Multibytype Cryptocurrency With Debit Card

Foto Zantepay.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Zantepay, based on some of the following criteria:


ZANTEPAY OÜ has been incorporated in 2017 in Estonia and is designed to become one of the fastest growing digital currency service providers worldwide. It aims to offer a broad range of services for the digital currency world - building a full digital assets multi currency wallet with debit card and payment services.

We are now raising funds to finance the development of multi wallet, acquire appropriate licenses in Europe and provide necessary marketing funds to attract users for the ZANTEPAY products and eco system.

What is that ZANTEPAY

ZANTEPAY is a multibytype cryptocurrency with debit card. It enables you to spend your digital assets anytime, anywhere.

Zantecoin Most Valuable Coins

New major currency
BTC, ETH, LTC free conversion to ZNX
Mastercard - accepted everywhere
Can be used to cover the cost of services in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem
50% off for all services in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem when using ZANTECOIN
ERC Token 20.



The ZANTEPAY wallet is the core product that lays as the foundation to all existing feegenerating services. We will offer a hosted crypto multi wallet (BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX support, more crypto currencies will be added at the later stage) and integrated simple exchange services.


The ZANTEPAY pre-paid card is going to be launched in late 2018, to become one of the fastest penetrating digital currency cards on the market. It will allow any BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX crypto currency holder to spend their coins, online or otherwise, anywhere that accepts traditional payment cards. This, paired with the digital wallet, allows users to utilize their crypto currency in day-to-day life.

ZANTEPAY will act as an intermediary that links the card issuer, the ZANTEPAY wallet, compliance services and the crypto exchange.
ZANTEPAY allows users to have a single point of access to the complex
financial and technical infrastructure in a user-friendly way.
ZANTEPAY Marstercard ® is backed by private –owned bank in Estonia.


In order to provide best customer experience and low fees, we will be building ZANTEX exchange. The development start is scheduled for 2019 Q3. ZANTEX exchange will be also integrated with ZANTEPAY wallet.

Our ultimate goal is to build a system totally led by AI

The first step of AI integration is to automate ZANTEPAY customer support process. The cyber security protection and trading, powered by AI will follow.
1st step of automation – AI driven customer service.

Artificial intelligence at its core


An Initial Token Sale or Initial Coin Offering (hereinafter - "ICO") is the event at which a crypto currency project sells part of its crypto currency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. For the party offering the tokens for sale, this provides a proven methodology for raising funds and ensuring adoption of the tokens once they are in circulation and is a popular way to upscale an existing product or service. On the other hand, for the purchasers of tokens, ICO is an opportunity to participate in the early development of crypto currency business.


To implement ZANTEPAY vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue ZANTEPAY tokens on the public blockchain. The tokens called ZANTECOIN (ZNX) will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.

On the 15th of March 2018 at 19:00
Tallinn time, ZANTEPAY will launch its pre-ICO to distribute 30,000,000 ZNX (all unsold tokens will be kept by the company for future fundraising, min. 1 year after ICO is finalized). The price of a token during the pre-ICO 0.05€
(minimum purchase amount is 0.01ETH).
There will be total ZNX. There will be no further ZNX tokens created after the ICO - the amount will be capped as per this document. The price during the upcoming ICO parts can be changed by ZANTEPAY OÜ

During the ICO total of 600.000.000 tokens will be distributed to users.


30% of all ZNX tokens will be for sale to the public between the phases of the ICO pre-sale and the ICO sale to the general public. 30% of all ZNX tokens will be distributed for marketing purpose A further 40% of ZNX tokens will be retained by the Distributor, and will be used for various purposes, such as community initiatives, business development, academic research, education and market expansion or future token sales. The Distributor considers this as a testament to the fact that ZANTEPAY wants to be transparent and inclusive for the community at large, which ZANTEPAY perceives as its most valuable asset.

Each of the founders of ZANTEPAY will get 12,5% of ZNX during 3 years period of time. If one of the founders should leave the project, rest of the tokens will be burned. This is a warranty for the ZANTEPAY community to keep founders motivated and lead the project to ultimate success. No further ZNX will be issued after the ICO period is over.


More than 1 million people use ZANTEPAY debit cards by 2020
Initial ZANTECOIN pre-sale
March 15 th
Start pre-ordering Token Distribution Debit Card.
Pre-ICO - ICO III Section
March 15 th - July 15 th
Launch ZANTEPAY wallet
2018 Q3
Debit card launch. Integration of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zantecoin with Debit and Wallet cards.
Debit card launched
2018 Q4
Debit card launch. Integration of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zantecoin with Debit and Wallet cards.
The biggest cryptocurrency wallet in the world!
Become the world's largest cryptocurrency wallet! Join today!

Our Team

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The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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