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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

XYO NETWORK - Deceptralized Location-based Cryptography Network

Greetings Community,

The XYO network is the first decentralized location-based cryptography network.

The XYO network allows smart contracts to access the real world using the XYO Network device ecosystem to find devices in XY coordinates. Thus, you can configure apps that make transactions in smart contracts.

For example eCommerce company. With the help of HMO Network, they will be able to offer their customer payment service upon delivery. To be able to offer this service, eCommerce will use the XYO Network (which uses the HUO Token) to write smart contracts.

The XYO Network can track the location of the goods delivered to the consumer at each stage of implementation: from warehouse to courier, from courier to consumer home and each place that will address the goods between the two. This can allow ecommerce retailers and websites to ensure with confidence that the product not only appears on the customer's doorstep, but is also stored securely in their homes.

After the goods arrive at the client's home (determined and checked by a certain xu coordinate) the delivery is deemed complete, and the payment is available to the goods producer. HMO Network Integration in eCommerce makes it possible to protect merchants from cheating and provide reliability for consumers who will only pay for goods arriving at their destination.

Details of ICO
Ticker: XYO Token
type: ERC20
Token price on ICO: 1 XYO = 0.0247 USD (0.00003 ETH) Register
white: Yes
Accepted: ETH


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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